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After testing the IXUS 150 I was keen to try out this model as it's the "next one up" in the IXUS range of compact which have been mostly pretty good or at least the ones I had tried out to date.

The IXUS 155 is very similar to the 150 model with the main differences being the larger 10x zoom range (35 mm equivalent: 24 - 240 mm) and the change from a 16mp CCD sensor to a 20mp one. The first move being a good one as the wider 24mm field of view is genuinely useful esp for landscape or group shots, however I'm not quite as keen on the image quality.

A quick summary of the stronger and weaker points of the model

+ Handy zoom range 24-240mm is good both at the wide end and a decent telephoto reach
+ Build is quite good with a metal body
+ Fairly simple and easy to use but with some intelligent modes which work quite well and longer night shooting is possible with a max of 15 seconds exposure
+ White balance and autofocus are quite consistent with few issues noted
+ Video mode is fine with 720p rather than full HD but acceptable at this price point (AF works fairly well in video too and you can zoom)
+ Good "1cm" macro mode at the wide angle end allows some reasonable macro capabilities
+ Has an external battery charger (becoming increasingly less common on many lower priced compacts)

Not so good:
- Image quality, lots of processing on the images and honestly I prefer the IXUS 150's sensor which delivers better results to my eyes. Images are over-processed even at lower ISO levels with lots of noise reduction and sharpening artefacts above ISO 400 things take a very significant dive, you'll get perfectly fine A4 prints at lower ISO, once you get to ISO 800 only very small prints will look reasonable and even ISO 200/400 isn't as good as expected for a modern camera
- Dynamic range is more limited than other compacts I've tested esp prone to clipping highlights you can dial the exposure back a bit which helps, head to head the 20mp CCD isn't as good as the 16mp CCD in the lower model
- Lens is rather slow at the telephoto end a mere f6.9 which means your ISO levels will be pushed up in less than bright conditions you can use the image stabilisation to help a bit
- Rather slow 0.8fps continuous shooting mode for full resolution images

Other notes:
Box contents are basic with a simple user guide (not the full one) hand strap, external wall charger/with battery.
Rear LCD is 2.7" and 230k dots which is about average for a camera like this but perfectly fine in most conditions though like many compacts very harsh lighting can make it harder to see.
Battery life is about 200-210 shots a little more at times about average there are a few "eco" modes to stretch the power out a tad longer, you'll get a bit more if you're not taking flash photos or not as many

You get your usual smattering of scene modes, intelligent auto and "smart flash exposures" which are quite good though red eye can be an issue (there is a red eye flash mode and software removal it doesn't always catch some red-eye)

So far everything is very much like the IXUS 150 but the problem is the rather "brave" claims by Canon that you'll get A3 prints off the camera (you can print at any size with any camera but if it's good or not is the question) you can get good A4 prints and somewhat larger, but A3 clearly shows problems with image processing and smeared details at such large print sizes. Reality is (at least for small sensor compacts like this) they really are fine for "most people's print" needs (if you ever print that is) but honestly you'll have to look at bigger sensors (compacts or other cameras) to really get a decent jump up to making very good bigger prints. I got good A4 prints off 4 megapixel cameras many of the newer cameras have larger, softer more heavily processed images that really are not any better than models years ago (some areas have improved though features, video modes and performance)

It's not that the IXUS 155 is a bad camera it's not just don't expect too much from it and ignore the megapixel number. It's fairly easy to use and responsive enough, but I can't help but feel the IXUS 150 is a better camera (and a bit cheaper) or try the PowerShot SX600 HS which is more expensive but a better camera overall (bigger zoom range)

Not bad, but the move to 20mp on this model wasn't a great one.
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on 23 April 2014
At the price just amazing, much better than I expected and small enough to fit in most pockets even with a matching Canon case. Because of the high pixel count the extended range electronic zoom and the image stabilisation works well enough to hand hold even at more than 20X zoom and produce good clear detailed pictures. The wider than usual field of view suits landscape and building photography very well, battery life is good too, but haven't yet found a suitably cheap source of spare batteries.
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on 4 June 2014
Camera itself is all I expected it to be with excellent photos being achieved. However was disappointed that the camera came with a charger that had a continental plug which was incompatible with the british standard 2 pin adaptor. Fortunately this is my 2nd Canon Ixus so I was able to use the old charger lead with a 3 pin plug.
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on 5 March 2015
This is a little doozie. I think the reviewers commenting on poor image quality must have damaged or faulty ones, because mine really is giving proper 20mp images in most conditions. It is pretty poor light sensitivity, but as a shirt pocket cam for 80 quid I am very happy with it.
Seriously, I think too many reviewers expect to be te next Clarkson with their hyperbole.
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on 8 August 2014
Really shocked by poor image quality. Even at low ISO levels images were horribly grainy. Not a camera snob by any means, but both my iPhone and 7 year old DSLR take much better quality images.
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on 10 October 2015
Great quality camera, excellent photo quality for price but prone to dust ingress and maybe not suitable for use in dusty environments.
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on 12 November 2015
Very pleased with the camera. Easy to use with good results. And a great price
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on 19 July 2014
A great little camera with top quality, I will take on holiday, the SLR will stay at home.
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on 25 August 2014
tried to find spare battery but no luck. have written to Canon to ask where I can buy but still waiting a reply.
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on 30 September 2014
Firstly I need to say I purchased and returned this camera from a competitor.. it was cheaper -.sorry Amazon.
My poor old Samsung has broken and was looking for a replacement and based on reviews seen thought this would be ideal, but alas in my opinion it is a bag of Bob. I am a novice photographer like to just point and shoot so what I say might not be worth much.
1 - it does not feel particularly robust, rather plasticy in fact
2- when zoomed in on subject it takes an age to take the picture, must have took 4 shaky blurry pics before got the one, no good if you are photographing a one off pic of a lifetime.
3- each time the shutter is pressed it makes a beeping sound, very annoying only way I found to remove it was to mute the sound, but that then does not allow sounds to recorded in video mode
4 - in auto mode the focus frame on screen seems to dance about and be off set however you try to get the subject in the centre it keeps moving, but one assumes that it should be in the centre of frame.
5 - photos not using zoom, appear to be so far away despite not being actually that far just spots on the landscape, shame if you need to use the zoom constantly
6 - no internal memory so need a SD card to get started
7 - no cable to transfer pics to computer etc...so unless you have a card reader you would need to buy one of them
Good points - separate battery and charger so could buy extra battery for long trips out etc (more seem to charge via USB these days) . Uses standard SD card so could use my own without extra purchase.
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