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on 25 March 2014
My wife has gone through 2 ixus cameras now, not that they are flimsy; it's from excessive use because she loves them. This new one is no exception, now with longer zoom (eq to 25-300mm, f3.6-7.0), uprated processor (Digic4+), 16 Mp CMOS sensor, image stabilised, and very quick. Low light photos come out nicely, and flash free indoor exposures show little noise. This camera is up there with some of the older Powershot G series for image quality, albeit without the controls, but the Ixus doesn't need them, it sorts out exposure so well automatically.

Occasionally the speed is slow, deciding whether to turn the flash on or not, but not excessively so; the outcome is a reliable and well exposed image.

Canon camera window is an app for iPhone and iPad that connects instantly with the camera, it's so fast at photo sharing its as though the photos were taken on the Apple device.

Takes HD movie footage, has many scene and creative modes to compete with the Instagram apps.

I struggled to find exact battery replacements, but the lower capacity B-11L works perfectly and less than £20.
There's no paper manual, I guess in a world of sustainability, this is the done thing, but perhaps onboard help could be improved.

All in all, this is an excellent buy, my wife won't leave the house without it, and if you're an Ixus owner, there's enough new stuff to feel like a proper upgrade. If you're new to Ixus, perhaps a Lumix or Coolpix owner, the Ixus is going to impress with image quality.

In summary, for point and shoot, Ixus is unbeatable. exposure and speed is great, and matches SLR shots in good conditions. It's handbag/pocket size, and my wife loves the pink, it's a tad paler than the photo so not bad looking.
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on 21 August 2014
I bought this camera for my Girlfriend on her travels to South America, and im completely blown away with it!

The picture quality is extremely good with so much colour and detail! 16mp photos and 1080 HD recording. cant ask for anything better of the price really!

Battery life is very acceptable, storage size of photos is very good considering the quality of the photos. Bought a 32gb memory card for her to take with it, she took something stupid like 1200 photos and loads of videos. Used under 10GB of memory, photos look amazing blown up on a tele or big display. Haven't reviewed the videos properly, but still very crisp!

Only issue my girlfriend found on her travels, was the auto focus when trying to take up close photos of plants/insects/small animals. It would tend to focus on background images rather than what was in the centre. BUT she wasn't prepared to look at settings etc and mess about, so she does take some responsibility for it. But she said it was frustrating trying to picture a certain thing and always being blurry.. Looked into it since she got back, and functionality throughout is very simple and found the correct way to take certain photos in less than 5 minutes.

Overall, for a compact digital camera, i couldnt believe what we got for the money.. I spent £100 on a previous sony cyber shot or whatever they are called and it was absolutely terrible! Poor low light photos etc.. Literally not a bad word to say for this Canon, okay its was £70 more expensive or something.. But personally a £70 well spent! Huge difference between the two camera's.

Finally, great zoom and digi zoom with 'anti-shake' technology on the camera, which gave my GF the advantage at zoo's/national parks etc getting some awesome upclose photo's.

Overall, 9/10 for the camera! i think the settings are a little basic personally, i'd like to adjust more.. But for my Girlfriend to use as a simple point and shoot 10/10, for sure! Awesome camera, very happy with our purchase!

I hope this review helps. But if you are stuck with what to buy, find the big yearly technival reviews.. Thats what i did, and this was the was 8th, but considering all above were SLR camera's etc, this was #1 for compacts!
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on 9 July 2014
I have been without a camera for a while as I tend to use my smartphone but decided to go back to a dedicated camera. My last camera was the superb Sony Cybershot HX9 and was always going to be a hard act to follow. So far the Ixus has performed well. The wifi function is a welcome addition as it makes it oh so easy to transfer pictures to my iPad on the move. The NFC function is a little disappointing as you still need to change the wifi connection on your smartphone before it'll connect. In no way is this a deal breaker, I just thought it'd be a one-touch affair. The pictures I've taken are mostly outdoors and are of a very high quality. Even at maximum (optical) zoom the clarity is top notch. The menu system is easy to use and the start up time is quick. The LCD display is nice and clear and not too bad in direct sunlight although I would of liked a viewfinder as well. It is certainly a small camera and easily slipped into a pocket or bag. Battery life is good as well and has lasted the whole day on a trip to London with the kids. The range of features that the Canon has are enough for me as I do tend to take "normal shots" rather than tinker about. Saying that, the Creative Shot mode is very good. It takes the shot as normal but adds 5 other shots taken in different formats and angles such and sepia, black and white, tilted etc. You never know what your going to get and this makes it great for uploading to social media as a break from the norm. It has full HD video capability and works extremely well with one touch recording. The results are very good. Overall I am very impressed with my Canon Ixus 265. Yes there are some features missing that other compacts offer but it also adds a few that others don't have. It's all down to personal choice. I would definitely recommend this little compact.
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on 21 March 2015
I previously had the IXUS 100 which I loved, as it took absolutely brilliant images, but was so small that it fitted into any pocket or the palm of my hand, but it only had a 5x optical zoom and no image stability. This IXUS 265 is slightly larger than the 100, but still fits into a pocket or the palm of your hand. It has a superb 12x optical zoom with image stability and takes really superb images, as good as many DSLR's. It is not supplied with a memory card, so you cannot use it straight out of the box, so buy the super fast "Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera 32GB SD SDHC High Speed Zectron Digital Camera Memory Card" to go with it and you will be more than happy with the results. I do have an SLR, but rarely take it out with me because it is too bulky to carry around, so end up with the IXUS 265 comfortably in my pocket. It does not come with a handbook. The quick start guide tells you to go online and download it, which I did, but it is absolutely useless and doesn't give any information on the workings of this camera. The IXUS 100 had a manual mode, which I used often in tricky conditions, but so far, I have not been able to determine if the IXUS 265 has a manual mode and going through the camera menus, doesn't give a clue. If you like to do time exposures, then go for a DSLR, as compact cameras do NOT have this facility. So far though, this IXUS 265 has not let me down in its basic automatic exposure mode and I am very happy with it.
review image
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on 24 August 2014
As the title I have given it suggests, this review is in two parts. The IXUS 265 HS is a lovely camera - it feels solid and expensive, it fits nicely in the pocket (you need to buy a "case4life" from Amazon to keep it scratch-free) and takes excellent photos. The (up to x48 zoom is superb. I absolutely love it - I have owned quite a few cameras, and this is by far my favourite - with the flash turned off it still takes excellent indoor photos. So far so good. need to buy a memory card for it - these are available almost everywhere for less than £10, but this is still annoying. You need to buy the carrying case for it (Case4life, as mentioned above) which is also annoying. You need to download software from the internet in order to download your photos and store them on your PC/laptop/device. This proved impossible with my Windows XP netbook, which, theoretically compatible, apparently didn't have a screen of sufficient resolution and the Canon sotware refused to install, no matter what I did. There was nothing that I could do about this, but on return from my holiday I found that my larger PC (Windows 7) could download the software OK. Alas, try as I might, the photos couldn't be downloaded using the wi-fi. The Canon website was no help, and the vast downloadable instruction manual is not well-written and simply annoying. Fortunately I found that I owned a cable from another device which I was able to use to connect the camera to my PC, and I was able to download all the photos in the traditional manner. So after many frustrating hours of sorting things out, all was well, and it will be easy for me to download photos in the future (via the cable).

So I have a dilemma - I'd hate you all to miss out on what is simply a superb little camera which takes great pictures, but on the other hand I can't in all honesty recommend this (or any any other Canon camera) whilst their software is so flaky, their website so feeble, and the camera comes with memory card, carrying case or the necessary cable in case you (like me) can't get the wi-fi to work.
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on 15 March 2015
Have had an Ixus 90 for many years which is excellent. This buy was an upgrade and was certainly no disappointment. Absolutely brilliant.
I belong to a photographic society and have a Canon 7D and a 5D MkII however can carry this in a pocket for grab shots and like the Ixus 90 reckon it will provide more than a fair share of winning images
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on 27 August 2014
I sold my Ixus HS 230 to a relative who fancied a decent point and shoot. I fancied the wi-fi feature on this so it sounded a good deal.
As a camera I'm pretty pleased with it. Picture quality, so long as you don't want huge enlargements, is very good. Colours bright, zoom effective, though using the rear screen in full daylight can be problematic.

I've dropped one star because of the limited nature of the wireless function. I expected it to connect to my router so I could upload pictures to an attached hard drive, something my smartphone does automatically (well, it uploads to Dropbox but even so). The Ixus connects to the router but will then only transfer to a limited selection of places, like Gmail or my smartphone. Not as useful and far from automatic
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on 21 March 2014
I bought this to replace a Canon Powershot AS4000, which I was good in most aspects but one - it could be very slow to decide what to focus on (if anything). As I take 1000's of photos a month, I found this a bit frustrating at times.

Picture quality is good - and the 12x optical zoom lens is great.

Build quality doesn't feel a patch on the Powershot - plastic body versus the Powershot's aluminium but, as I found to my cost, if you drop the Powershot it's the lens mechanism that fails, not the camera body. Also my first IXUS 265 arrived with the clock not working, which I didn't realise for a couple of days. This was more than slightly annoying as I need to date-stamp my photos.

So, great little camera, does everything I need (plus a lot that I don't), I'd have given this 5 stars if the build quality were better.

Thought I'd update this review after a couple of years of ownership.
I've taken over 32,000 photos in that time and only a few have been poor - mainly due to my impatience, or trying to get a shot at maximum zoom in poor light. Most of the photos taken have been good, or better.
The camera has been easy to use and more rugged than I first thought - I've dropped it a couple of times, despite wearing it on a lanyard.
It's fast to take a shot, single handed, from drawing from my shirt pocket, switching on and shooting.
I've always downloaded by taking the SD card out and sticking it in a USB3 card reader, so haven't been worried by lack of leads.
The battery life has been excellent, never running flat even after 500 photos.
I don't use it for video, so no idea how it performs that task.
The 12x optical zoom is amazing, I really rely on this feature to get detail of distant objects (there is no way any mobile-phone camera can do this).
So now I've given it 5 stars.
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on 2 January 2015
Daughter bought this - and loves it. The WiFi connectivity App isn't the best, but, the camera seems fine, and being able to transfer files without needing cables is really convenient. So much so I also bought one for my wife. She loves the camera and I have to say the initial pictures I've seen from it are excellent - shared onto AppleTV on a 47" screen they still look crisp and focused.
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on 1 August 2014
Good camera that takes good quality photos and video. However it is not that sturdy and the screen on mine broke within a few months. So it need to be treated carefully which sometimes is not always possible. Would recommend purchasing a hard case to keep it in.
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