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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
Style: Body Only|Change
Price:£949.00 - £1,199.00

on 9 June 2017
Camera has focus issues. Canon don't acknowledge the problem. Hundreds of reviews by others with same soft focus problem. Not good at all.
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on 24 May 2017
This older model from Canon was in mint condition and took the place of a 5d mark iii that I had dropped. It provided a very usable camera with professional style controls similar to the 5d mark iii. This is an APC camera but it took excellent pictures. Again this camera from Amazon and a 3rd party was truly in MINT condition.
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on 5 March 2015
It's a beautiful camera, incredibly fast and as far as settings go for filmmakers you'll without a doubt fall in love with it, it makes your old 60D look like a toy, that been said the 7D doesn't have a rotatable LCD screen which is an absolute pain when you're a one man crew or don't have your own monitor!
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on 28 April 2017
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on 4 September 2016
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on 5 April 2011
The 7d Rocks. Buy one.

Here's some more words to justify those 2 short sentences.

I'd been looking to upgrade for a while and it came down to the 5d MkII and the 7d. Budget played a part and whilst I would have loved the 5d's monstrous resolution I wasn't keen on its archaic autofocus system which was essentially lifted from the original 5d with little improvement. I own the original 5d and love the image quality but have found the autofocus wanting on many an occasion. My 5d also feels really slow compared to my 40d so I figured the 7d would give me even more responsiveness and was therefore the better choice for what I actually need it for (weddings, fashion, sport)

Anyway, I've used my new 7d and am very, very happy indeed. It has made my 5d feel like a clunky old brick but it's a hell of an upgrade!

The body feels solid and if you've had a Canon camera before you'll be right at home finding your way around the buttons. The camera is highly customisable and there are some amazing features in there. One of my favourites was the way you could turn on a grid in the viewfinder to aid composition. It's some kind of LCD overlay that is only visible when the camera is on but what an aid to composition! It removes the need to change the mirror in the camera and is a great function. Also, the individual AF points can be turned on or off in the viewfinder. Talking of AF there are now 19 points - any of which are selectable. The AF system has been updated and the AF points can work in small groups to aid accuracy. It's certainly given given me great hit rates so far.

We all know about the 8 fps shooting speed so there's not much to say there other than it's a great sports / wildlife camera with a feature like that. I have also found that speed useful on street fashion shoots. The camera is capable of filling even an 8gb card in no time at all when firing bursts so make sure you have pockets full of spares!

I think what's always the most important with any camera is simple image quality and again the 7d doesn't disappoint in the least. The 18mp resolution is a large and very noticeable jump from a 40d. The extra detail is immense and allows for a much higher degree of enlargement without pixelation occurring. The overall look of the images is very similar to the 40d so it's a testament to the 40d that its PQ is of a similar level to the 7d, it just lacks the outright resolution. With good lenses the camera is simply amazing.

The high resolution screen on the 7d is also a huge upgrade from what I'm used to. I can't honestly use the screens on my older camera bodies to make a fully informed judgement on whether an image is sharp or not as the screens just aren't up to it but the 7d's screen is infinitely better.

Battery life is superb. One time I fired around 650 shots through the camera with plenty of screen viewing thrown in and only used around 45% of the battery's power.

The RAW files from the 7d are big - averaging around 23mb. Compared to my 5d which are around 13mb this is again a huge leap. One reason for this is that the 7d captures 14-bits of information per pixel. So every pixel can have one of a possible 16 odd thousand values as opposed to the 12 bit capture of a 5d at 4 thousand odd values per pixel. What this means is on the newer camera there is more scope to pull back blown highlights and eke out extra shadow detail with smoother graduations.

I've been using Adobe's DNG converter to change the 7d's CR2 files into DNG's so I can open them in CS3. The latest version doesn't work on Vista so I had to downgrade to version 5.6.

High ISO operation is also good given how dense the sensor is with pixels. The original 5d still beats it at the higher values but it's usable at 3200 and goes all the way to 12,800.

The video modes are one area I've not delved into much being a stills person but the camera can capture full 1080p HD video. It can also do 720 and there are several frame rates including the cinematic 24fps. This is something I will explore in the coming weeks.

If you're a Canon user and have been trying to decide between the 7d and the 5d I think you have to ask what it is you need the most. If it's outright resolution and you don't want the crop factor the 7d's sensor will impose on you then the 5d mkii is the one to get. If you need more responsiveness and 8 frames a second then the 7d is the one. Yes the 5d will technically give you more pixels but unless you regularly enlarge prints to monstrous sizes or simply love pixel peeping the 7d will provide more than enough detail and pq for any assignment.

There are many features I've not covered but they are realistically standard on cameras these days such as live view and custom slots on the mode dial. Needless to say they're all here and are well implemented.

I have to chuck in my two pence worth over the quite common use of the term 'semi-pro' when referring to this camera. The term itself gets thrown around like people actually know what they're saying but really its a back handed swipe or way of looking down their nose at this camera because it's not a 1D - if you consider gear, or the photographer themselves, 'professional' purely on the basis that their camera shoots the highest frame rate and resolution then you're missing the point - and features will absolutely not make you a 'better' photographer simply because your camera has them. Yes, professionals tend to have top of the line gear most often because they have the most broad ranging capabilities, but if a camera does what YOU need it to that's all that matters; Let's not forget Cartier Bresson would still kick all our butts with a Leica rangefinder and some grainy B&W film, or simple 3mp point and shoot digicam for that matter, in terms of creating meaningful images. The 7d is (as is any camera) as 'professional' as YOU are - not the other way around. Rant over.

The camera gets an easy 5 star rating.
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on 8 September 2014
Had to say something about this camera that its great I have a 550d which is a great little camera, but this 7D is much better and has faster shooting, good for sport or wildlife I am not into sport so wont be using this camera for sport.

But will use it for Wildlife, so far only shot pigeons, crows, ducks and swans and it’s been very good only down side was the battery charger would not charge the battery, I had it on charge for 5 hours and the battery was still dead. Switched the charger off and tried again and this time the battery did charge.

It took a bit longer to work out how to set up the camera, menu and set up is different from the 550d, but did not take to long to get use to it.

Only had this for a few days and I am loving it I use canon EF 24-105 f/4 IS USM and canon EF 70-200 f/4 IS UM and loving the crop sensor magnification my 70-200 becomes 112-320 looking forward to getting ether the 100-400 canon zoom or the canon 400 prime which would become 640 to give me further reach.

Well worth the money
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HALL OF FAMETOP 100 REVIEWERon 9 February 2014
First of all I would like to compliment Canon for continuing firmware updates on this 5 year old camera. Firmware version 2 has upped the already rich specs. The last firmware version 2.0.5 was posted just a couple of months ago. Other camera manufacturers (sorry Nikon) would make a camera redundant by producing an upgraded camera.
I have had this camera since it's release date, way back in 2009. My previous digital EOS camera was the D60 released in 2002, sporting a 6.3 megapixel crop sensor.

Through the years I was looking for a worthy upgrade to the D60, and after trying several models, I still found that none could beat it as regards IQ.

That all changed with the introduction of the EOS7D. Finally I had found the perfect camera to suit my needs:

Key Features:

✓ Zippy auto focus with 0 shutter lag
✓ "Phase detection" which has now been implemented in modern cameras. Firmware update 2 has really enhanced this feature. The EOS 7D was the first camera using phase rather than contrast detection
✓ Outstanding image quality
✓ Robust magnesium weatherproof body

.... the list is endless.

Many Amazon reviewers have gone through the specs years ago, so I will not bore you with repetition, however the new firmware update (which I have installed and can confirm Canon's statements are 100% true) has improved the following: (Quoted from Canon's website)

"The next evolution of the EOS 7D has arrived! Firmware Version 2.0.X brings the EOS 7D up to speed with the best technologies Canon has to offer, delivering performance and features befitting the flagship APS-C EOS DSLR. Firmware Version 2.0.X keeps the EOS 7D on the cutting edge of technological innovation by adding user-requested innovations developed for Canon's high-end EOS cameras: A higher maximum burst rate for continuous shooting, definable maximum limit for ISO Auto, compatibility with the Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2, and manual audio level adjustment. Additional enhanced features include faster scrolling of magnified images, quick control during playback, in-camera RAW image processing, JPEG image resizing and ratings, plus customization of file names and time zone settings. A significant upgrade, Firmware Version 2.0.X raises the performance on one of the most popular Canon EOS DSLRs ever created. Prepare to experience the power of the EOS 7D on a whole new level.

This equates to increased capability of shooting up to 130 JPEG and 25 RAW images at 8.0 frames per second, from 126 JPEG and 15 RAW images at 8.0 fps. That means nearly double RAW picture capture prior to filling up the buffer.
Just do a search on wiki or other camera related sites if you want to know the specifications of this gem of a camera (keeping in mind the new firmware). I usually use specs as a guide, as after all nothing beats a hands on experience. The previous versions had great specs too yet I returned every camera prior to the EOS 7D.

I really like crop factor cameras, as they do offer around 30% more reach on the zoom front. So a 400mm lens would actually offer around 600mm.

Even though this camera could be perceived as "old", it still is the best bang for your buck, and the new firmware makes this camera even more compelling.

Firmware update site usa.canon.com/cusa/support/professional/professional_cameras/eos_digital_slr_cameras/eos_7d#DriversAndSoftware

Unless you really want video capability (where the 70D shines), I highly recommend this camera for enthusiasts and pro's alike.
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on 28 June 2015
Brilliant quality but went for 7Dii instead!
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on 19 July 2014
Bought this as an upgrade to the T2i/Rebel which was very good but lacking the frames-per-second speed I want. I also have a 5D MKII for full frame shots but tend to use the 7D most of the time. I shoot in RAW only which gives me greater post processing control than JPEG and any softness (and there isn't that much) can be sorted easily with Adobe Lightroom or whatever is your preferred software.
Super camera, no problems and an unbeatable range of lenses available however Canon lenses tend to be very expensive, I happen to like Sigma glass which for me is almost as good yet vastly cheaper. There is talk of a new version of the 7D but as yet it's not materialised and may never do so.
I can fully recommend this DSLR.
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