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VINE VOICEon 18 February 2016
At the time of writing, this game cost less than £3. You really aren't going to go wrong for that amount of money, but so far I'm finding this game totally enjoyable.

I was never a fan of this type of game in the past, until I picked up a copy of Black Ops on Xbox when it came out. That turned me, and although I'm still unable to maintain a positive kill/death ratio, I'll keep coming back for more. There are some small maps included here, and some really quite big ones. The level of detail is great for both, and if I ever see you in a multiplayer game of this; you can bet your life I'll be the one walking casually through the middle of the map without any care for my own personal saf...oh great, killed again.

There are some reviews of this game that imply this game is just for the campers; the ones who like to lie in wait with a sniper rifle and pick you off when you haven't even finished respawning from the last death. My experience hasn't been the same; some of these maps offer that kind of experience, the large outdoor areas such as the Scotland map are perfect for this, but there are also several close-quarters maps, where you need to keep moving before being trodden on. And then knifed in the back before you've even registered there was anybody there.

As part of the COD franchise, and for this price point - this is a great game. The story mode is full of cut-scenes, but plays well, there's the option to play multiplayer games against bots; ideal for idiots like me who really have no clue how to be good at this game, and there's also an extra game type: Extinction, where you pit your wits against some alien scum.

Overall, this is well worth getting, and in my opinion is better than others in the franchise. Go get this, and I'll see you online. Okay, I probably won't see you online, but you'll undoubtedly see me, and I'll feel your bullets.
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on 20 January 2016
The game arrived before the estimated delivery which was great

The game itself is a bit troubling to me. Firstly, the graphics are terrible with weak colours and contrast. The multiplayer is a confused mess, and half the time i had no idea what was going on. To to add to the multiplayer thing, why is everyone just sitting in one spot? Should be called Camp of Duty i think! The Story mode is interesting especially with the dog in your team to give a different angle in the Battlefield. This is not the first shooter i have played and certainly not my first Call of Duty game, but this is not of the same quality of World at War, Modern Warfare series and Black Ops 1. i am a Battlefield player now as it has a far wider imagination to multiplayer, but i wanted to see what it was like with a newer COD game since the previous i listed above. Why are there so many screaming kids playing this game?? Children's Online Daycare is what it has become and i really think this aspect has ruined the enjoyment for both new and veteran players.
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on 19 May 2018
It's just OK, very linear and no strategy, you just blow shit up. Not a thinkers game or needs any strategy. Guess playing games like Far Cry in an open context are way more interesting as you can approach from different angles. COD is very very simple to play. At least with BattleField there is some strategy, but COD seems to just lead you down a path and you blow shit up, but it was cheap, just zero thinking or strategy, and the weapons are all so similar and amo is too plentiful.
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on 14 December 2016
I think this is a brilliant game. I've played all CODs up to this and really enjoyed the gameplay. There are a few bugs (trawling through a wreck before the sharks) where I had to reboot the ps3 but that aside some of the missions (the dog, the tanks) are great. I thought the underwater and space scenes would be hard but these turned out fine. The train scene at the end is the most challenging though. 10/10 and only £2.98 with Amazon prime. Absolute steal
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on 30 September 2014
A very good game, ill leave the long rambling reviews to the 15 year old COD geeks, its not as good as MW 1 & 2 but better than Black ops, very similar style but thats a good thing, the main game is very short, and I was very disappointed there were no missions, I think that's made way for more online content but as A: I have crap internet and B: I hate other people that isn't for me. In Modern warfare 2 I loved the missions , that kept me interested in the game for months but as it was I played this for about two weeks, a good game if you pick it up for £15 but anymore is a waste unless you want to go on-line and shout at American Children!
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on 27 January 2016
i don't know if other people have a fully developed brain or not but this game is completely worth your time, i loved it! yes it took me 2 days to complete which to others is "too short" but considering the amount of detail and action put into this game id say the developers did their best to make this wonderful game which to me, the campaign, beats both cod 1 and 2. graphics on the other side aren't the best but with so much going on in the game its barely noticeable, however i got this game really cheap here and it looks brand new, maybe it is, who cares, i loved it lol.
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on 1 January 2014
The game has is pros and cons. It has a great campaign and a changed multiplayer. Now you can customize your characters appearance in multiplayer which i like. The campaign is decent with some great action sequences and a large variety of different missions. Now in campaign you can take control of a dog named Riley. It's a nice touch but it seems a little unnecessary and adds little to the gameplay experience.

I went into the game excepting it to be awful because of the reviews i read but enjoyed it. I've been playing it lots recently.What I hate about the game is that there's only 2 player split-screen! I usually play call of duty with my friends, theres usually 3 of us but now i can't play the newest call of duty with them.

The multiplayer is as fun as ever with new guns and game modes. I would recommend this game to any gamer,
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on 7 July 2014
Having bought every COD religiously since number 4 and max prestiging every multi player, I'm a bit of a fan boy. Or was. The fact I haven't prestiged once in 8 months is very telling. I just am not interested anymore. There is such a push for micro transactions it's completely embarrassing. Buy this paint, voice, gun etc etc etc. I really hope no-one is encouraging this design, hate it especially from a full priced game. COD has lost my interest big style. P.S there's no Headquarters either?!
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on 24 May 2014
I started playing this straight after playing Black Ops 2 for ages and was dissapointed. For me the storyline was good but its not what I buy COD for, it is the online play. I have learnt a lesson now that some might understand. It seems that there are 2 major producers of COD, Activision and Tryarch. If you find you like some COD online play but not others then do some research and you'll probably find you prefer one or the other, for me its Tryarch. At least I now know, hopefully it will help you.
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on 18 November 2014
What is with people camping on this game?!?!?! I've experienced nothing like this on other releases/franchises. Maps are crap and not a lot of thought has really gone into this game. The weapons are terrible and there's barely any of them unlike previous cod's. What maybe 10 at the most and the majority are s***. Step backwards for cod. Saying that though at least its not as bad as advanced warfare!
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