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Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:£13.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 17 November 2017
It is rare in life for a game to have a high quality, replayable longevity that this game provides. Even now, years after the release, the online game and zombies of Black Ops is years ahead in quality of games that have followed since. Its simplicity and also incredibly clever at the same time. Activision had the art of game making brilliantly in this game and shamefully did not carry this on in the other games that shared the same name as this brilliant one. The others do not do justice to the original. Call of Duty lost itself trying to compete with Titanfall and other massive multiplayer games that have done well but in reality the best games in the series have not been boastful or copy cats. They have quietly been revolutions in their own way: Modern Warfare, Modern Wafare 2 and Black Ops were the greatest installments in the series so far and have yet to be surpassed.
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on 16 June 2016
Having played this game on the PS3, I way extremely excited to be able to play this game on the Xbox One with backwards compatibility. Even though there is no difference from the original graphics, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to play and is an absolute classic! The multiplayer and campaign modes are extremely satisfying to play, with the immersive Cold War storyline and the general gameplay being fantastic.
I was initially sceptical about buying this product second hand, though upon receiving it, I was pleasantly surprised by the good quality of the packaging and the disc. This experience means that I will likely be purchasing second hand products from Music Magpie again, as they are quite reasonably priced.
Overall I would thoroughly recommend this product, whether you intend to play on the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One with the same disc, it's is still a fantastic game which I would definitely recommend buying (especially if you don't like the new futuristic style of COD)
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on 17 May 2013
I wasn't sure what to expect when I got this for my new (to me) Xbox in 2013, since it has been out for a while, and my PC gamer friends had derided it as 'codblops'... However, you are soon immersed in the campaign storyline, which tells of an American special agent, who fights in Cuba, is captured, and has to escape from a soviet labour camp, and then leads you on a merry tale of covert American espionage and sabotage around the world. As well as the usual high standard of CoD gameplay, you get a cut scene in between missions, of Mason (your character) being interrogated by a mysterious voice, narrating the story as you go. Little touches like the 'redacting' of the mission titles, save from a few key words each time you start a level, add to the cold war ambience. The weapons are also interesting, with variants of the ubiquitous 'bad guy AK47' appearing, such as 'extended mag / double mag / scoped etc etc. A great game for anyone like myself who finished CoD:WAW, and thought 'what next?', or who thinks that James Bond is too cheesey! :D
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on 17 June 2013
Thank you to the seller. My game turned up fast and it was as perfect as a freshly cut coin! shining like a mirror without one scratch on its face and the strange thing is it was from the used like new section....

I ghess they were bang on the money then hay :D. I play it mainly for the zombies game which is as addictive to me as coke was sheen back in the day when he was hooked onto it like my machine is to its outlet when i engage. It is so compelling, to me it is the best arcade game ever created on crack times 20 mixed with 007 for the 64 and all the others we loved to play growing up...

It brings me back to those older games in someways when it comes to the level of its game play. But on the other side of that coin lies a fantasticly deep and detailed game which is just amazing to be a part of solo or with friends! With so many sides to it and has such a great storyline running through it...

But one twist to the tail is this i can hear the zombies even if i sit in a dark room with no TV or Radeo on "just silence" I think i may have played it to much this head of mine is spinning O.0...

Thanks amozon and thanks to the seller :D...
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on 7 March 2016
I ordered this game for a friend who sold it with his Xbox 360 when he upgraded to Xbox One as this game was the most requested game on the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list. BLOPS was one of our favourite Call Of Duty games for online gameplay as the maps were all extremely well laid out!
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on 21 January 2012
Initially, and compared to the terrible Gears Of War series, I really liked this game. It was a breath of fresh air to actually feel I had some degree of control over my on screen character, and could actually engage other players on equal terms. After playing for a while though, that illusion soon vanished. Black Ops suffers from poor hit box detection, and the usual lag issues associated with peer to peer gaming. On top of the actual issues with the game mechanics, the game suffers from a limited number of maps that soon become dull, and not sure if there is map rotation issue, but some maps seem to appear time and time again. Expect to play a lot of WMD and Array. I think it says a lot about the quality of the maps, that when presented with the two possible choices, players will always vote for a random map, anything other than the ones they have been presented with. The only maps that players do seem to vote on are Nuke Town and Firing Range. The maps are also pretty small, so the sniper class seems redundant. This is little more than a gun and run game.

Gun selection in this game is pretty much all eye candy, and really makes no difference at all. You can still shoot someone point blank with a shotgun any number of times and they will not go down, and firing on a person first is no sure guarantee that they will be killed. I particularly like the way as well that 50% of the time, enemy players can stroll past your claymore, which will then detonate well after you have been killed by said player. Oh, and watch out too for the poorly animated dog attacks. The blurb says a well timed knife attack can kill a dog, however, there are so few frames of animation on the dogs attacks, that one minute it is on the floor, the next it is on you! Oh, and speaking of knives, expect to be knifed by another player a few feet past them.

Whack Ops may be fun if you have come from an even poorer game, in my case, the Gears Of War series, but at the end of the day, get ready for BS and WTF moments aplenty.
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on 10 September 2015
Even years after its release Call of duty black ops still holds up and is an absolute classic. After the success of MW2 I wasn't expecting the next installation in the series to live up to it and it did. But comparing the two games is daft as they're very different, Black ops provides one of the best co-op experiences available in the form of zombies.

Another great feature introduced in this was online split screen which is something I've been wanting since Call of duty 2. Even though there have been plenty more Call of Duty games since this one I don't think they've come anywhere near this.

You need to add this to your collection.
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on 28 July 2012
Most people who like Black Ops now probably didn't when it arrived back in November '10. I myself hated it and didn't play it for months, returning directly to MW2. But after having spent hundreds of hours on Zombies and hundreds in wager matches I can honestly say this is some serious value for money.

The multiplayer isn't up to the standards of MW2, it's slower and clunkier but when you think about the pro's such as:

Weaker noob tubes, no drop shots, no quick scopes, no commando, no danger close, no stopping power, wager matches.

Overall the game is well worth the money and time. Throw in a single player campaign and you're laughing. MW3 was a pile of crap so the franchise kind of ended with this one, we'll see what direction BLOPS2 takes us.
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on 21 September 2014
The first in the black ops franchise. I find that Black Ops has a very clear story line to it as it allows you to see the cold war in a different way. Playing as Alex Mason you are part of the MAC-V SOG team. You also play as Reznov. Reznov is a russian hero who survived WW2 and you can play his part of the cold war. The main objective for this game is to kill 3 "Scientists" 2 of which are Russian generals whereas the last is a German doctor who specializes in Biological weapons. Nova 6 is a threat to the world and you have been tasked to neutralize that threat by any means necessary before it can launched. Because of this story line i find that it is a really good game if you are looking for a Cold War/WW2 action game.
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on 16 June 2016
Brought this for my sister for my old xbox 360 she seems to like it!

A few days later, comes out on backwards compatibility.
I brought this for 3-4 quid on here. Before, cheapest was 20 after.
Had to buy another copy for my xbox one!
11pound god dammit! haha.

Anyways, its a blast playing this game again. Zombies is also brillant. May even revisit the campaign!
Worth a purchase!
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