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on 6 March 2017
The movie is OK and Fine for those that like and understand that what type of film this is IT IS NOT FOR KIDS OR YOUNG ADULTS, IT NEVER WAS. IT HAS GRAPHIC NUDITY, SEX, AND VIOLENCE. It took a long time to make this film because of the many production problems as it was filmed entirely in ITALY. The Blu-Ray it self is loaded with commentaries,and extras, as for the Film on Blu-Ray I found it Great tho it was filmed in
late 1979 to early 1980's. The one problem I have is with ARROW Films NOT PROVIDING THE BOOKLET WITH THIS PARTICULAR RELEASE.
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on 5 September 2017
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on 9 February 2010
Really weird movie. Quite entertaining for about half the time and then just sleazy and repetitive. The major cast list (Malcolm McDOwell, Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole, Ralph Richardson et al) claim they had no idea what they were getting in to and the salacious parts were cut in afterwards. Doesn't look like that to me. This is not soft porn -- it's real porn. Send the kids upstairs to bed before you watch.
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2 blurays??? No. 1 Bluray and 1 DVD.
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on 4 December 2010
Very good value for money. There's no doubt about it. I remember when the film came out and I went to see it. At the time, Tinto Brass appeared as director in the credits, before the litigation between him, Vidal and Guccione. The film was withdrawn after a couple of week for obscenity, it was said at the time (ahahah!).
What can one say: the film in itself is no too bad, though Gucicone filled it with unnecessary sex scenes that little or nothing have to do with the story. One can tell that somebody else has tried to 'improve' the product. As it was originally conceived, the film was quite shocking but one would accept it, somehow. The uncut version can be excessive and... quite boring at times.
How about historical accuracy, the one Guccione and Malcom McDowell proudly talk about in the commentary. Well, I would strongly suggest they reread the very few sources we a have about Caligula. I heard someone mentioning Tacitus. They probably ignore the fact that what the allegedly greatest historian of Rome wrote about this emperor has gone lost.
Also, I do not understand why there was no visual attempt to focus on Claigula's bisexuality (if this term is allowed when talking about ancient Rome). Among all the 'perversions', a scene with Caligula being buggered by Valerius Catullus (Suet. C. Caligula 36), is greatly missed if one wanted to give a real portrait of this emperor.
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on 29 August 2016
CALIGULA, extremely controversial for it's extreme violence and sex back in the day 1979 to be exact
originally suppose to be a straight mainstream Erotic Drama film based on real life Roman emperor Caligula
who was infact emperor of Rome many centuries ago
screenplay written by Gore vidal & Directed by Erotic film director Tinto Brass
but the Producer of the film Bob Guccione had other ideas, Bob was also magazine producer of Penthouse back in the 70's
Bob got his own film crew & 2 of his own penthouse pets one of them is Lori wagner
and filmed an incredible lesbian scene, plus other hardcore sex scenes very controversial back in 1978-79
anyway when the scenes were shot Bob went behind Tinto brass and inserted them into the Theatrical cut
making the runtime of the film 156mins known as the Unrated cut version
so the film ended up being shown in mainstream cinemas with the hardcore sex scenes
so the film was pulled from cinema release straight away, of course Tinto brass was extremely angry
and tried to submit a law suit on Bob Guccione which went on for years on end
Tinto brass ended up going back to the film taking out all the Graphic sex scenes known as the Alternate cut version
so there's 2 versions of the film the Alternate cut which runs for about 2hrs was released to home rental VHS tape back in the 80's
the Alternate cut is focused more on the story/characters
and the longer Unrated cut which ended up on bootleg VHS tape
Arrowfilms got the rights to CALIGULA for U.K. release which is ALL REGIONS
i have the 2013 blu-ray reissue which doesn't specify the actual ratio just says 16:9
so i played the film
and Disc 1 156min Unrated cut version is 2:00:1 ratio with both master audio 5.0 & 2.0 mix
looks like Arrow used the same HD transfer as the U.S. IMAGE ENT' blu-ray
but Arrow didn't carry over the Alternate cut version & didn't carry over the Macolm McDowell audio commentary from the U.S. blu-ray
the 2:00:1 HD transfer does have 1inch thick top & bottom black bars on the screen so it's not 1:85:1 ratio
nethertheless the picture looks very Good very nice sharp & clear much better than the bootleg VHS quality
Disc 1 has extras aswell but they're Deleted & alternate scenes, North american bonus footage
& behind the scenes Documentary which has been dubbed with classical music for some reason
and the original Theatrical trailer of the film
Disc 2 is DVD which has the rest of the special features
making of Caligula Documentary 60mins in 1:33:1 ratio & the alternate 10min featurette
also new indepth interviews with
Actor John steiner 24mins, Lori wagner-28mins & Tinto brass 35minsTinto explains the big arguments him & Bob Guggione had on-set
and has basically the same extras content as the arrow blu-ray
but Disc 1 has both the 156 Unrated cut & new alternate release version aswell
both versions are in 2:00:1 ratio the same as the Arrow blu-ray
the sound quality is 5.0 master mix & 2.0 master stereo mix
the 5.0 mix is much better sound quality than the 2.0, but it's a matter of opinion
the extras on Disc 1 is new audio commentary with Malcolm McDowell & Helen mirren only on the Alternate version
there's also Deleted scenes, theatrical trailers
Disc 2 is DVD which has the same extras content as the Arrow films blu-ray DVD
Arrow did include a thick booklet which has text interview with Malcolm McDowell about Caligula
but Caligula is only briefly talked about, Clockwork orange was also mentioned aswell
so full 3 stars for the Arrow blu-ray mainly cause arrow didn't include the Alternate version of the film aswell
and didn't include the Malcolm McDowell audio commentary either
5 stars for the U.S. Image blu-ray
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Following some of the other reviews reprinted beneath this new Caligula DVD I foolishly thought I would be getting 2/3 different cuts of the same movie: sort of, 1) Oh My!, 2) Goodness Gracious Me!, and 3) Fetch my Smelling Salts!!!

What you get is just the one. CALIGULA UNCUT, Tinto Brass directing with pornographic inserts directed by B. Guccione. Penthouse Films International, no less.

Penthouse Films International, people. So no more pretence of dismay or sneering disregard for the hardcore bits. You're watching it because it's a film about carnality, about the body being abused, raped, tortured, tantalized and tossed out again. I can't decide now having sat through all 2.5 hrs, with only a very slight use of the FF button, whether this film could be used to wean someone off of an addiction to pornography, or to wean them on to it.

Other reviewers complain of hardcore 'drivel' (should that be 'dribble'?) but it is the scenes of lascivious torture and murder which really sicken the soul. The murder of Tiberius (Peter O'Toole, playing older than Sir John Gielgud) by Macro; the execution of Macro by Caligula (a killing contraption worthy of Clive Barker); the rape and the later torture and murder of the young officer, accused of treason in so far as he is an honest Roman when the population is made up of crooks. Alongside all of this and the rather garish and typically Tinto Brass vulgarity, those late night scenes of sex shot by Guccione at least have honest intent, and being 'filmed' as part of a major movie production, by porn standards they're almost beautiful.

Does such a point of view make you recoil? Then ask yourself: why is this notorious movie now available uncut and over the counter with a standard 18 certificate? Because we have changed. For better or worse, we don't shock so easily anymore.

Gielgud and O'Toole at least have the good fortune to get out early. Helen Mirren also manages to come out smelling of roses, despite playing the Emperor's tart. McDowell throws himself into the quagmire with perfect abandon, and in truth any weaknesses to the performances can only be attributed to the shallowness and emptiness of the whole enterprise.

Who would have guessed such a cock and ball(s) story could be so boring?
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on 30 January 2017
Very disappointed - this was sold as the unrated edition, which I assumed was the same as the unedited edition. I'm old enough to remember the unedited version from before videos were required to carry certification, I also purchased an unedited version from Amazon previously (unfortunately stolen), this version was so heavily edited you could almost see the marks left by the scissor blades.
I don't know when or if this film might be rereleased in its original format so this copy will do to remember it by - but I do wish the advertising had been clearer.
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on 3 September 2010
The most sexually explicit film I have seen, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. However, if you are looking for a great roman feature film with a memorable storyline along with great directing then sadly, despite some top class actors this is undoubtedly at the botton of the barrel. It is simply a pure porn film with a roman theme.
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on 7 June 2009
What can one say, was not expecting, shall we say "the detail" in this uncut version. Quick delivery though.
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