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on 30 November 2016
I have updated this review after receiving a replacement cable from the seller.

The first cable I received would happily handle 1080P but gave me a black screen with higher resolutions such as 2560 x 1440 x 60hz for my monitor. However, the replacement cable handles both 1080P and these higher resolutions perfectly.

I also want to mention the great service from CSL themselves.
After reading my initial review, where I discussed issues with higher resolutions they sent me a replacement that works perfectly.

This cable is well made and white is an ideal colour for a long cable if you want to route it around walls and skirting.
For a 12.5m cable of this quality this item is great value for money.
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on 24 October 2016
Using the supplied Sky hdmi cable worked fine with the Sky HD box set to 1080i output and our Samsung full HD tv set to match this,we were perfectly happy with the picture quality using this combination until i then i decided to look into buying a new 4K tv, after reading up lots online about the latest hdmi standards required to get the full advantage from 4K tv's i wondered if a better cable might make a difference to our current setup

Enter the CSL Ultra HD HDMI cable, i looked at many of the ones on offer here and settled on the CSL because of it's amazing price and good reviews, it was delivered less than 24 hrs after ordering and as soon as it arrived i had it unpacked and the tv swivelled round ready to fit it

we had no idea that simply fitting a different cable could make such a difference, i am guessing that the one supplied by Sky is just a basic version and i have to be honest and say that it did it's job well but it is no match for this CSL one,the picture quality has improved with the Sky HD channels even more lifelike than before, likewise the audio has improved massively as well, using the previous cable the tv would be set at 25 on the audio scale,now it is back to 10 and is still just as loud as before

i cannot recommend this cable highly enough, it has made a marked difference to our tv setup for such a small outlay.
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on 22 May 2017
This is a great HDMI cable, which performs as it should for a fraction of the price of its competitors.

The cable came packaged in a clear plastic material bag, with the safety logos printed on.

The price varies depending on the length of the cable you buy. Each size is extremely cheap for the product you're getting, with no drop in quality.

I personally use this cable to mirror my laptop screen to my HDTV. It does the job perfectly, and at the highest resolution my TV supports (1080p @ 60 Hz). However there are infinite uses for this cable as it can be linked from any device with a HDMI port to any other device with an HDMI port, something which most modern day monitoring devices include.

Overall I would highly recommend this HDMI cable as it provides a high quality signal for a very low price. Do not be put off by the cost of this cable, as it does not mirror any lack of quality compared to other higher quality cables I have purchased and used in the past.
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on 1 March 2018
I have always been advised by experts in the Hi-Fi/AV business not to spend too much on HDMI cables because the difference between a £5 cable and a £100 cable is negligible to nothing. I therefore sought out this cable primarily on its excellent value. The description was thorough enough for me to see it met my requirements for UHD 4K HDR audio and visual signal transfer. I am using it as the output cable from my Receiver Amp so it carries signals from my UHD Blu-Ray and Sky Q box, both of which are connected to my Amp with UHD HDMI cables that were supplied with those units. Whilst waiting for the cable to arrive I used an old HDMI cable as the output from my Amp to my UHD TV. The picture quality was very good so I was interested to see if this cable made any difference. It did and the picture quality looks even better. I wasn't sure if the old cable was to the spec I required and as this cable was such good value, I bought it to try it. Definitely a good buy.
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on 29 November 2016
Neat beautifully made device that fits firmly into connectors . Good clear pictures in the amazon online description which is a huge help in getting these things right. Also supplied with an appropriate level of packaging and very promptly. What more could you ask other that someone actually configures the connections for you? CSL even supply some of their items in ziplock bags which is very handy and helpful if you choose to store the cables.

The cables are fairly thick and, therefore stiff. I am not using the cable for ethernet but all my monitors are working fine (up to 1920x1200 but I suspect it could go all the way). I have not maxed this out but I think it could go a lot further.
review image
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on 4 April 2017
These cables are a nice tight fit. They feel well made and of good solid construction but yet flexible to hide out of site. The picture in 4K is fantastic. The night sky is black just as it should be. When I think back I paid £60 for a Soundstrom cable when I bought my television at Curry`s after being conned by the salesman. It clearly wasn`t to carry 4K, it was to boost his commission. The only difference between this £6 CSL cable and the Soundstrom cable is £54. I fully agree with other buyers, don`t pay a ridiculous price for an HDMI cable, buy these and you won`t be disappointed.
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on 22 July 2016
Update - I now have this cable connected to a Splitter and My 50" Smart HD TV. Imaging and audio is excellent and the picture is clearer than the picture on my 27" Touchscreen Monitor. The cable is doing exactly as I expected and copes well with HD technology. As I will most likely be upgrading to 4K UHD next year this cable is likely to struggle a little but for now it is excellent and works with HD well. As my 1st review said, "I recommend it" I still do recommend it for excellent value. This is ideal for those wanting a bargain or on a tight budget but you do get top quality for little cost. As it's a 10m cable i would certainly compare it with some of the top Brand names of which some would not perform as well over such length.

Top quality cable at a low price. Similar cables cost over £100 at Curry's / PC World and £200 at Maplins. I would definitely recommend this 10 Metre HDMI cable as it is strong and of a quality that should last a long time. Sadly I haven't used my cable yet as I need a HDMI Splitter as I will be enabling the "dual monitor support" in both my Hardware and Software so that I can use my 50" HD TV as a 2nd monitor. From close inspection, I know this cable is far more than adequate for my needs so I can recommend it.
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on 8 December 2017
I originally had a lot of reservations about a 15m HDMI lead being able to deliver a quality digital signal from my PC to my 55" HD 4K Samsung TV for presentation purposes.

So I did a lot of researching and read numerous product reviews about how some of the more lengthier HDMI leads lost their signal integrity, and decided to go back to the the supplier that I had bought a 5m HDMI cable from for further assistance.

I cannot thank Heinkel enough for all the help I received and needless to say, the their 15m HDMI cable worked excellently. There was absolutely no loss of the digital signal, both audio and visual.

But, apart from that, the customer service that I received from this company was absolutely fantastic, first rate, brilliant.
This company is most definitely customer focused so I would thoroughly recommend this company and their products.

Well done CSL - Keep up the good work, especially your customer service!
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on 10 December 2016
Purchased to augment my Panasonic 4K HDR TV. The cables worked as expected passing FULL 1080p signal and also ARC return works perfectly too. I'm still waiting to try HDR 4K 2160p service via satellite but I'm expecting that these cable will do this too!? So far 4K imaging via You Tube demo videos and BBC Iplayer HDR trial (Planet Earth clip) worked fine with outstanding picture and audio quality.
Recommend cables.
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on 31 January 2016
Had this for a few months now. Sometimes the tv screen just blacks out mid film. Have to unplug and plug in again cable. Normally works after that. Not sure if its the connections or the cable that's at fault, but can unplug it either end and on re-plugging it works, so think it's the cable.

Feb 2016 UPDATE CSL saw my initial 3 start post and contacted me expressing concern about the above problem. They have been incredibly helpful - totally brilliant customer service - couldn't fault it. Now have a replacement HDML cable from them which works perfectly.
Would definitely buy from CSL again.
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