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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2015
Great TV, this series. Sit back and be entertained by the best crime series ever televised.
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on 4 March 2004
The first series of Csi was a programme trying to find its feet and develop fans. The second series is a kick-ass programme that shows us fans that its feet were found. There isn't a single episode that doesn't leave you wanting more and with 23 episodes in the set, the next series doesn't seem close enough. With this you feel the benefit of watching on DVD as there are so many special features to keep you buzy. There are many interviews with cast and crew but there are also music videos and trailers. Even without all the special features I would say to everyone; You will not be disapointed with this series on DVD. It is a must have.
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on 10 November 2003
I bought this amazon exclusive box set as soon as it came out. As a big fan of CSI, I jumped at the chance of getting a full series at this price.
The episodes themselves are of a consistantly high standard and I especially liked the CSI Miami crossover (which introduces the spin off) that some have commented was "ham fisted" and "contrived".
Series Two delves more into the characters of CSI. The first season was very case oriented but now we have a better glimpse of the people themselves which makes for more compelling viewing. Personal relationships are explored, hissy fits thrown (well, maybe just the one) and Greg the lab tech becomes more and more of a punk rock loving enigma. I must say, for me, one of the high points of this series was the hint of sexual tension between Grissom and, I thought, a rather unlikely team mate.
The epsiodes are exactly what we've come to expect - mostly stand alones that are breathtaking in their diversity. We have the murder of Buddist monks, a man that lives in the loft of his victim's house and idolises Nick, a bus crash that kills nine people, a road rage turned to murder, a bent policeman... this list goes on.
If you're a fan of crime drama, CSI is a must see. To all those that loved the first series, this second won't disappoint.
The only thing that I can complain about is the DVD menus. It takes what seems like forever to get through the trailers at the start ("Don't copy this", "This is from Momentum", "This is from CBS", "This is CSI" etc) and it has a rather intrusive game preview.
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VINE VOICEon 25 April 2004
I bought series one and series 2 on a whim after seeing the odd episode onTV. I was not disappointed! Season two is more involved than season one,we see more of the character’s personal feelings and the crimes range fromthe humorous (diver up a tree) to the disturbing (Nick being ‘stalked’). The benefit (and possible disadvantage!) of DVD is that you can watch theprograms when you want to, this can lead to an almost “dependency”. Nowthat I have finished the box set, I have nothing to fill in those 45minute gaps in my evenings :-). I guess I will have to buy season threeand CSI:Miami!
This season also ties up some loose ends from the first season (perhaps abit too quickly for my liking!) but does not seem to introduce any newrecurring “ones that get away” characters. Perhaps I will be pleasantlysurprised when I watch season three!
There are a few stand out episode that’s make the whole series worthwatching (I won’t say which ones!), if you enjoyed the first season thenthis is essential viewing.
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on 8 April 2005
CSI is simply the best US police procedural drama (which, given how many there are, is saying quite a lot).
The stories are strong and there is a cast of interesting characters. For me, the central character, Gil Grissom (brilliantly played by William Peterson) is the reason it works so well. Grissom is wonderful character - an introverted and rather unemotional man, a serious scientist who happens to be a criminologist. As such he is free for most of the traditional TV cop baggage, giving the whole series a fresh and interesting perspective. In this series, the CSI team gets on with investigating crime scenes and solving mysteries attempting, but not always succeeding, to do this without bias or preconceptions. They leave the police work to others. The rest of the cast is also very, very good bringing complex and interesting characters to life.
Danny Boyle directs most of the episodes with great style, even his habit of focussing in at a microscopic level (e.g. looking at blood vessels etc) works well. Setting the series in Las Vegas works well - the city, the desert, the mountains - they all provide great backdrops and look fantastic.
This is the season where CSI really got going, it is even better than the very good season 1. The characters are more fully realised (we start to get glimpses of their life outside work) and there is a very interesting group dynamic. Combined with the excellent story lines and some interesting forensic science this makes for an excellent season of an excellent series.
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on 20 June 2004
This has to be one of the most rewarding boxsets I've ever bought. Having gotten completely addicted to CSI in a matter of weeks from seeing episodes on TV in December 2003, I wasted no time in catching up with the DVD sets. I was thrilled with this set, because you basically get the whole season in a neat little box with the 8 person cast on the cover - what can be better.
Anyway, Season 2 of CSI is brilliant; and finally we get the WHO ARE YOU music on the credits instead of the warped Survivor-esque 'music' on the season 1 DVDs.
My favourite episode has to be 'Chasing the Bus,' though if you really want to get your non-CSI friends addicted to the show as much as you are, simply have them watch 'Stalker' with the lights down; it's worked every time so far.
With so many twists and turns in the series you never get bored; and being able to watch the episodes back again and again is actually less of a deterent on the appeal of the show than you think; I watched Season 1 about 6 months ago, and have started watching it back again this week, and have already watched 7 episodes. Even though you know what's happening, you can't help but enjoy seeing it all over again, and you do pick something up each time that you missed the first.
Overall, a totally justifiable set - buy it and you won't go unsatisfied.
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on 8 June 2015
CSI is in my top ten favourite shows. It has everything, thrilling, dramatic and elements of comedy here and there. I've always been interested in Crime shows and CSI is one of the best.
It follows Grissom and his team covering the graveyard shift at the Las Vegas crime lab. We see the CSI's examine different crime scenes and then back to the lab or morgue. One of the best things about the show is, although it's about Forensic Science, you don't feel overwhelmed by Science and left feeling confused. This is a perfect balance of Forensic Science and Crime thriller. You also get insights to the CSI's lives and backgrounds and they are some great characters. I've watched a couple of episodes from the spin-off series, Miami and New york, but they weren't half as good. This is the original and the best.
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on 17 December 2016
I came to this late in life. I loved Season 1 and Season 2. However, the labelling of the 6 discs is awful. They are labelled 1-3 twice but I cannot find any way to tell between either set. This was very annoying as the discs were loose in the box. So I had to load each of the discs to find out the content if I wanted to watch them in order. I have seen one other person complain about this. Maybe it only occurs with some boxsets or other people do not care in which order they watch the discs. I have just opened season 3-it looks like the same problem. Have I missed something? Is there any way to tell between the first set of discs labelled 1-3 and the second set labelled 1-3?
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on 18 June 2012
I've seen all the vegas CSI, and I think this may be the best. I'm trying to think of any of the countless US crime dramas I've seen (and loved) that come close to being as good as this. And my memory goes back to Columbo and Hawaii 50 etc :)

In the first half we find so many of the stories that have stuck in my memory. Then, commencing with the return of Milander in "Identity Crisis", there are a string of stories that are pure class: "The Finger", "Primum Non Nocere", and "Stalker" are outstanding.

The usual CSI political-correctness is there to a degree, but the stories are so good I forgive them :)
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on 3 March 2013
When you have seen seasons 1-9 and beyond, looking back to an early series shows you how the characters have developed from the embryo stage. It also reminds you that even Holywood/TV stars age, along with the rest of us. Some of them are still gorgeous, despite the path of time.
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