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on 18 May 2017
I installed this one week ago.
My nuisance calls have reduced from at least five per day to one (which I blocked immediately) during the whole week.
It could not be simpler to install, and worked immediately, and there is a video on YouTube showing exactly how to do it. The only confusion was that I thought the blue light round the "block now" button should be on permanently, but it only illuminates during an active call.
The unit is about 125mm wide diameter and 25mm deep, so unobtrusive. We have a 4 phone hands free system with a base station and three remotes. The Shield must be connected to the base station. However, unwanted calls can be blocked from any handset by pressing #2 to add the blocked number to the memory. Generic unwanted calls such as "International" or "Withheld" can be blocked by entering a code using the base station handset. If you block all "Withheld" numbers you will need to tell genuine callers such as doctor's surgeries so they can enter a prefix to allow their call through. It is all covered in the instructions.
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on 19 May 2017
I have been using the Call Blocker for a couple of weeks and we have received no "Out of Area" or "Number Witheld" calls during that time. Previously I had been getting four or five per week. When I check on the numbers that have called us on our DECT phone it indicates the time and date of the latest "Out of Area" and "Number Witheld" calls, but the phone never rings for them and we are not troubled. We have had two nuicence callers that required the #2 treatment and pressing those buttons was quite satisfying.
The only negative is that the white lead with the red plug was missing from our pack and the suppliers were initially resistant to supplying it as, apparently, they do not consider it important that all items listed in the instructions are in every pack.
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on 22 October 2015
Great product and well worth the value in first day of use, I was plagued with up to 4+ nuisance marketing & fraudulent calls a day including weekends and at night's....i.e ( PPI, Accident claims, People's opinion survey, computer error reports, caller hangs up, list goes on and ON ), after registering with 3 different on line companies to try stop these nuisance calls ( harassment and breach of my human and personal rights by calling my home phone ), with no results and even after asking to have my number removed from their calling list...LOL, they call back with the same number just add another digit or a different number, we all know how frustrating it is and being disabled I go through physical pain to get up and down to answer the phone...I decided to buy this CPR 1200 and try it, it arrived and took a minute to install simple and easy, it works instantly, it took me over an hour to enter in all 228 nuisance call numbers I had saved on my home phone spam list into the CPR blocker unit which is a simple process just had a lot of numbers to enter, have had this for couple of weeks now and have had total of 3 calls come through which were numbers I had previously entered but they now called with extra 0 in front of number and with a press of a button no more, a GREAT product and well worth the money and for the peace, a SAD situation that we have to spend extra money and go to these extremes to have control back of our personal phones.....10 stars for this product, worth the value in the first day I plugged it in.....
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on 26 September 2017
When I first installed the blocker I was a little disconcerted "NO RED LIGHTS". But pressed to make a call and all work. It only works when
connecting to an incoming call or you make an out going call. I then used the table to switch on international call blocking and so on. i.e. ##7 switch on or ##7* switch off.
My normal phone as a call blocker on it, but due to the devious and ever changing marketing and sales people, it became full of blocked calls. So I bought this blocker so I could block even more.
A few tips on stopping unwanted calls and injury carpet baggers.And unwanted emails.
1. .when buying a product from currys, pc world, argos, tesco or any business that ask for your email, mobile, or home phone number. SAY NO! All these clowns sell on your numbers and contact details, to there friends and other business. AND WATCH THE FLOOD OF EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS! I THINK THIS IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL!
2. I logged a car accident with the cooperative insurance company. Even though the person was honest and paid for my damage I just logged it, in case they did not pay for the damage. And the calls started to flood in! The ambulance chasers. They had got my number WHO FROM I HEAR YOU ASK? The Cooperative insurance company its self! They passed my information on to other vendors. HOW DO I KNOW THIS? When the calls came in, they knew the time and date of the accident. This could have only come from the Cooperative insurance company because they were the only people I contacted. It's a black market of massive proportions, and the perpetrators are the mutie nationals!
3. If a call does come in that you have not managed to catch.MY BIG ADVICE IS THIS!!! keep them talking for as long as you can. I tell the about my disabled cat. "THAT I DON'T HAVE!" "WHAT I'M COOKING FOR TEA" and how to make it! Just imagine how many nuisance calls you have prevented by one act of kindness to us all.
4. If a PPI call comes in and as passed our blockers! Give the a load of phony credit card and bank loans and let the chase figment of your imagination.
5. You could resort to blaspheming! And cursing! But remember the longer you keep them on the phone is so many less calls for the rest of us.
Hope you find this interesting and funny!!!!!!!
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on 8 October 2016
Price paid £38.83
This is a review of the 106 but the information is still relevant for the 108.

2 months update
Between 22nd September and 14th November I have received just one nuisance call - from the attic insulation company - showing a mobile number which I have blocked - very happy with this device :-D


If you have decided to consider getting a call blocker then you are potentially already not thinking clearly. By that I mean you may already have be receiving loads of unwanted calls, causing you worry, stress and anger - not the best starting point. But this is often where you are and certainly where I was - after giving one individual at a call centre the run around after getting multiple calls about attic insulation. I went from getting a call 2-3 times a week to getting 3 or more a day including actual messages left.

Like many people I misunderstood how call blockers work and so to start with I didn't think it was working and considered getting the TrueCall system. Instead of the £38.83 I paid for the CPR it would have cost me £99.99 for the TrueCall device and then, after 12 months, an ongoing multi-year subscription for access to their online management software.

How call blockers work
The CPR works by using your phones Caller ID function to read the number, then stops it from making your phone ring. The TrueCall has this built in - so it can take actions that you have set before engaging with your phone. This is why the CPR is cheaper.
In use this means that you will see the blocked numbers as missed calls, or if you have caller waiting service (i.e. "The person you are calling knows you are waiting") then this will show up when you are already on a phone call.

In my case after installing the CPR the number of nuisance calls escalated. As I mentioned I was being targeted by an individual. Looking back I can see know this was a good thing because it showed that the caller could see that the original number was being blocked (0203) and then the same number was used but with increasing numbers of zeros at the beginning (00203, 000203, 000203 etc.). So I simply programmed in the expected range up to 6 leading zeros for any number that I received a nuisance call from.

Programming the phone was a little different to the manual. You are told to get a dial tone.
First dial **7# (beep)
Then dial in number
Lastly dial # (Beep x1 success x3 if already entered)

In fact with a lot of cordless phones you don't get a dial tone before you start dialling. But you can enter the whole sequence in one go then press the dial/make call button and the result will be the same.
i.e. **7#, the number you want to block, #
Also the manual states 3 beeps for a number already stored but it was actually 2 beeps.

I received it on the 9th September
12th 7 calls
13th 3 calls
15th 2 calls
21st 1 call
No calls in last 16 days

The sockets Line1, Line 2 & Tel1, Tel2 also could have been explained in the manual but aren't.
The Line 1 & Tel 1 combination is for older phone cables that only have two wires.
The Line 2 & Tel 2 combination is for modern cables that have 4 wires.
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VINE VOICEon 1 August 2016
Been using this for a month now and I'm totally happy with it. It's a doddle to install and within the first week I noticed an 80% reduction in nuisance calls *without* pressing the block button (or # then 2 on a cordless phone), and over the next couple of weeks I noticed closer to 95% reduction as I blocked numbers and blanket-blocked certain types of numbers that seemed to always be irritating.

I don't think you can ever totally get rid of pestering calls but when you now only get 2-3 week it's much more tolerable than around 10 a day.

The unit won't win any awards for design (though it's light and straightforward) but for peace of mind it's faultless. I've only blocked about 15 numbers and with space for 985 more I think they're more likely to give up before me. There's a certain satisfaction from blocking a pest.

If you think your landline needs a break from ringing just get this, you won't regret it.
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on 7 March 2017
We were getting unwanted calls every day, I plugged the call blocker in and in 5 day we have had none!!!
absolutely fantastic, however, probably 6 week on and the calls have started again!! I answer the phone and press the button but invariably the next day at the same time the phone rings again!!!
the problem is we don't know if the machine is doing what it claims!!!!!!
so we are now back to 2 nuisance calls a day
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on 4 September 2017
It seems to work well!

I've only had it two weeks but it has blocked instantly all "International" calls and the "Unavailable" calls. Now I seem only to receive calls with a 'genuine' number which is a vast improvement. And I'm able to block those too if they're unwanted. (I bought the 'used' version at a reduced rate and it seems to be like new.)

Some of the calls with a genuine number are still nuisance calls and they tend to change their numbers every day, which I can block too but it's a bit tiresome (I get a lot of calls for an "Ed Case", who possibly used to have this number over 10 year's ago and certainly didn't live at this address, and quite possibly is a made up name anyway!).

The only thing I'm uncertain about is whether it may be blocking important calls from, for example, my hospital or any other useful organisation that may use VOIP to save money. I'll upgrade to 5 stars if I find this is not the case.

But overall I'm very happy and it's cut down on the nuisance calls by I reckon 80% -- no more dashing out of the shower to get a pointless call!
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on 12 April 2015
After doing some online research, I bought this to install on my elderly mother's phone line. She has been driven nearly insane by cold callers, silent callers, scammers, PPI/Boiler replacement hopefuls and random wrong numbers for years. Registering with the TPS was worse than useless. Only someone with an elderly or vulnerable relative themselves could understand the distress and upset these unwanted calls caused.
The unit was delivered this morning (a Sunday!) and I have already installed and programmed it with a dozen or so 'trusted numbers'. It's small and very unobtrusive. It took less than 10 minutes to set up, and works brilliantly.
The peace of mind this will bring is, in my view, priceless.
Thank you so much to whoever invented it and to CPR for marketing it. I only wish I had heard of it sooner!
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on 29 July 2017
The main problem I have is the device requires a dial tone for certain issues (eg entering numbers currently blocked by phone) but as my phone only has a dial tone when dialling and automatically hangs up if full number not entered by the time I have entered the code plus nuisance number it has hung up and there appears to be no way of checking if the V108 has registered number (or indeed if you keyed it in correctly). An LED display of entered number and an OK button would be much neater. The other problem for reviewing this device is of course the nature of nuisance calls as they are not by nature regular so difficult to know how long to wait before you can say it is working. Touch wood those I have blocked have not as yet resurfaced. The unit itself is small neat and unobtrusive and very simple to install. I would recommend and maybe in six months highly recommend if nothing resurfaces
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