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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 May 2016
I really enjoyed this book, I loved how the characters blended together and the fact that you can understand who the story was about throughout the book.
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on 5 April 2017
Very enjoyable book
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I love cowboy tales, and this was amongst the best I've read. It reminded me of 80's/90's Diana Palmer/Linda Howard/Annette Broadrick tales, though it wasn't quite as old-fashioned as those. Unlike most novels that I tend to read, this was more about the tale, about feelings, and didn't even have a love scene until around 82% of the tale, but the timing of the scene, and the way the author wrote it, were perfect.

Yes, the blurb pretty much covers what happens, but I did find myself wondering for ages why there wasn't much interviewing and writing going on on Lacy's part - it seemed as if she and Cade simply spent time getting to know each other as people, her 'job' becoming an aside.

The author did introduce a couple of characters and a bit of a plot that did make me think that I knew what was going to happen - that there'd be some unnecessary misunderstanding, followed by a fight, a parting of ways, etc., but I was mistaken, happily so. This tale didn't have anything outlandish about it - it was a simple tale of real folk, with real feelings, no ulterior motives, none of the I've-been-hurt-in-the-past-so-I'll-never-love/trust-again stuff, despite Cade's loss - which I found totally refreshing. It could have had a few more sex scenes, as there were a couple of times the leads nearly got together, but the lack of sex didn't spoil the tale.

I liked that the ending and the epilogue weren't unnecessarily drawn out and convoluted, as with so many formulaic romances.
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on 8 February 2012
I really enjoyed this read. I am a complete sap for a romance and enjoyed the fact this book didn't play on a situation that in any other book would have been twisted to overly-challenge such a new relationship. Instead it was used to actually make a real foundation for the two main characters.

Both were sexy, interesting, characters you enjoy reading about. The secondary characters were brilliant and I enjyoed them immensely.

It was a really fun read and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys cowboys, a little excitment, a lot of romance and chemistry!

Who would like a pond? Me!
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on 12 March 2014
A nice light and fun read. Was a kindle freebie.

Lacy Dalton, is the reporter who needs to interview reporter hating Cade Tyler so she can gain a promotion to help look after her Grandma.

Cade is struggling, both financially (due to certain mishaps that keep happening around his ranch) and emotionally, due to the loss of his wife, and almost complete shut down of his emotions.

Enter his best friend Burke (who I adored) who pretends to be Cade to get Lacy to the Ranch. Then sits back and watched the sparks fly.

I loved the relationship between Burke and Cade.

Overall, it had good banter between characters, a lovely friendship between Cade and Burke, a little mystery and drama and made you care about the characters.

A good fun 4 star read for me, and I will be checking out some other Lindsey Brookes books.
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on 29 April 2014
Lacy needs to earn money to support her sick grandmother so as a reporter she agrees to write a story about a retired rodeo champion, Cade, who is now raising bulls for rodeos. When she phones Cade to ask for an interview, his best friend, Burk, answers and pretends to be Cade. He agrees to the interview but when Lacy arrives and tells Cade she is there for the interview, he says he didn't agree to it and tries to get rid of her. They finally make a deal that he will do the interview and she will work as a ranch hand for a couple of weeks.

The characters in this story were well done. Lacy was pretty desperate to get the interview and write the story so she could get a permanent job with the magazine but she did some pretty dumb things on the ranch. She came across as a city girl who had no idea about country life. Cade was pretty grumpy since he had to quit the rodeo after getting injured, he lost his wife a couple of years earlier and he was having really bad luck on his ranch putting him in financial trouble. Cade's friend, Burk, added humor to this story. He tried to help people but usually made matters worse instead. The attraction between Cade and Lacy grew but Cade fought it, mainly because of his dead wife.

As a whole this was an enjoyable read that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. There was romance and mystery in a western setting making this book awesome.
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on 31 December 2016
Goes down as the last one off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A Western. Well not quite a western but its got a cowboy on a ranch with horses so I’m counting it.

So Lacy is thinking this interview with ex-rodeo star Cade might help her move up in her career, even get her a column in the magazine. Which is great but what she is really looking at is if it goes well she will get a pay increase to help with her Grandmothers care. Full of confidence she doesn’t expect to be shot down the moment she gets there, after a whole day of travelling mind you, at the set interview time. Cade is nothing but a hotheaded – drool worthy – rude man who makes her feel like an idiot the minute she speaks to him. Seems there was a bit of a misunderstanding with the interview, or more like Burk Cade’s best friend was just trying to help out. Both famous rodeo rides in their day but now they raise bulls for the games on the ranch.

It seems the Flying T ranch is loosing money though and he thought it would be a good opportunity to drum up business. So this interview was kind of a sneak attack on him. Shame Cade has no intention of doing said interview so sends her away even after the offer she makes. Seems Burk and his dog are good at making people feel like crap though as Cade soon changes his mind, mainly due to the way he treated her, and goes to track her down. Seems he is now prepared to agree to her terms. He will give her an interview if she helps out on the ranch while there. I think he just wanted to put her to hard work so she would leave on her own and he wouldn’t feel guilty about it. From the moment she appeared she caused feelings to come to the surface again. Feelings and urges he thought never to have again after the death of his wife two years before. He feels guilty for having them and does everything he can think of to push them aside – shame Lacy isn’t easily removed though.

Tempers definitely rise to the occasion when Cade and Lacy are together, mainly due to passion brewing just below the surface. First comes to ahead when he has to rush into a field to save her. One that just so happens to contain his prize bull. Fear that she would be harmed and then frustrated anger that she went in to save a kitten (a farm one that knows what its doing) leads to the first of many heated kisses. Seems the longer she is in his presence to more intense his feelings become, hers also but as he keeps reminding her she’s there to do a job. She just happens to have the one job he hates, a reporter. She starts to bring out a jokey, carefree side to him. Funny when Burk and Cade create some mischief in regards to the hot water tank not working. A joke that just so happens to backfire on them quite quickly and turns out very hot between Cade and Lacy. Lets just be glad they had somewhere to cool off. Passion aside though, trouble is brewing at the ranch with someone from Cade’s past wanting to ruin him and get revenge. Can they ever work together without arguing? Though sometimes the passion that follows is worth the fight. Happiness can come around a second time but you have to grab it with both hands when it does.

The story did get a little predicable with who might be causing trouble on the ranch so didn’t create too much intrigue but it was good to just focus back on the romance brewing up a storm. Burk was a funny character that brought a great bit of a laugh throughout also so he was a good distraction at times.
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on 13 October 2014
Such a lovely read, loved every minute of it.. My heart broke for Cade, losing his wife.. It made him bitter and withdrawn, he doesn't want to like Lacy, but his body reacts to her.. Not wanting to betray his feelings for his late wife, he pushes Lacy away...
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on 24 March 2014
This was a great book and It was free Despite the fact that Cade has more mood swings than a woman, I really loved this. The connection between Lacy and Cade is great and for the most part realistic.
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on 30 December 2013
This book was
written wonderfully I could not put it down I enjoy the too main character and there stubbornness. This book is a beautiful love story in which love over comes everything.
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