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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 2013
I bought this book as I had read (or rather devoured) the entire set of Amy A. Bartol's 'Premonition Series'. I follow Amy on facebook and she was recommending it. I'm pleased I took her advice as it was a fantastic read; literally a page-turner and I plan on buying the rest of the series. If you enjoy a bit of fantasy fiction, you will love this! Personally I'd recommend this to anyone from the age of 15 as some scenes could be viewed as a little graphic.
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on 27 November 2016
I found the writing style very easy to read; I loved the premise; the fact that things were revealed to the reader as our main character, Ruby, learned them; the twist & turns in the plot and I enjoyed Ruby's character development/growth through this book.

I will be looking out for book 2 "Haunted"
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on 7 May 2012
This is the first book I've read by this author and it won't be the last.

Ruby, the main character is not your average stereotypical character. She's sarcastic, irritable, not always likeable and has, it must be said, appalling judgement at times but this just makes her a bit more realistic given everything she has already experienced by the time the story begins. You will sit reading, thinking don't do it but she will anyway.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Ruby develops in the following books which is why I've held back and given this book 4 stars.

A great start to the series
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on 5 August 2014
I did like this book the writing style was very good in my opinion but there were parts I really didn't enjoy such as the fact that nothing really interesting happens until your a third of the way through the book and that first third mainly talks about clothing which I found myself skimming over. I do have to concede that it was a good build up for the character and a nice gentle dip into the supernatural element to make the werewolf introduction very natural.
My only other problem was a fairly big flaw with the main character's basic instincts in which she basically falls for any good looking guy even if he is an abusive prick and seems to brush off things like sexual assault and rape fairly easily although there's no actual description of those events it's implied when she admits she's relieved she gets her period in the end.
It's a bit of a mixed bag in my opinion but I will be reading the next one to see where this is all going. I can't help but be curious.
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on 26 December 2012
Really enjoyed reading this book, I loved the fast pace of the storyline and the originality (I've read my fair share of Werewolf books), it sucked me right in and had me up quite late due to me not being able to put it down. I have now purchased the entire series and cannot wait to find out where Ruby, Sean and Coopers lives go next.......
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on 24 July 2014
Horror Story

I started reading this series and reach the beginning of book three when I stopped and considered the series so far. These books are not in any sense romantic, so if you are looking for that aspect, I cannot recommend them. The writing is very good and these books more along at a cracking pace but they are more of a horror story with some quite graphic violence.
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on 25 May 2015
Contains spoilers
I got this because it was free and reviews weren't bad, boy was I wrong. The character is in her 30's and dumb as a post. I persevered to the end just in case it got better but no chance. The constant misinterpretations of Sean's actions just to try to give some angst, Ruby's weirdly timed giggling, hysterical screaming and total uninterest in her implied rapes is just unbelievable. This feels like it was written as clichés strung together with no real character creation; traumatic event, handsome hero, misinterpret hero, fall in with bad guy, imply rapes and other abuse but write character as if it never happened, more stupid misinterpretation, last minute realisation of how foolish you are and we can't be together set up for next book. Maybe the other books by this author are better but after this I'm not willing to try them.
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on 11 December 2014
This is, well it's pretty bad. For a start the 'heroine' appears to be incredibly dim, she seems to have absolutely no sense at all and the clumsy thing was done to death with Twilight. The excuse of a sheltered, blind upbringing only goes so far to excuse her utter stupidity.
Take out all the yawnsome rubbish about fashion and labels and how 'quirky' and 'original' her fashion sense is and you've probably lost half the book. I mean, for goodness' sake, in the middle of running for her life, after shredding a few enemies, apparently it's perfectly reasonable to be lusting after a topless companion and to then admire him in a form fitting Ed Hardy (again with the labels) tee... seriously?
The love interests are boring and annoying, and treat her like a child (although having said that, she acts like one most of the time) and I have no idea why she hangs out with Sean at all, he is boring and mostly a complete d**kbag to her ,or why she seems to want to jump into bed with Eric almost instantly. And even when her instincts are good, she ignores them.
The whole thing just made me wish I had a physical copy of the book just so I could throw it across the room in frustration.
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on 10 July 2016
I've only rated this book 3 stars as the jury is still out for me on this book. I'm a fan of supernatural reads and always on the look out for new authors with a good story to tell and so I found Amber Lynn Natusch and the Caged series.

Being the first book in the series Caged focuses on setting the scene and starting the story of Ruby and her journey of discovering her heritage. I'm not going to describe the plot line more as I think the description given for the book is pretty good as a summary for that.

The story is not something that is completely new to the world of supernatural though it does have some alternative ideas that I hope are developed more throughout the rest of the series.

In parts I was left a bit frustrated with Ruby who seemed a bit meek and a bit too accepting of people and situations and not following through with questions she asked to make sure she got a full understanding of things that were happening to her. Yet at other times I wanted to give her a high 5 for her sharp wit and sarcastic dialogue which came out more as the book progressed.

As I say the jury is still out for me on Caged, I have downloaded the next book in the series, Haunted, and am hoping that Ruby continues gaining in strength as a character and by continuing with her story the series will win me over.
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on 23 September 2012
I have never been so emotional, so moved and captivated by a story that was completely unusual and original like nothing I have read before. Ruby's story began ordinarily as it would in chick-lit but then as her past and flashbacks revealed hidden secrets, her story became more fascinating with every page hence I began to loose myself within her tale. Wanting to find out more about why she had lost her eyesight for so many years and the accident with her parents, I also then became curious as to the mystery man who supposedly saved her life and whom she regarded as her `guardian angel'. Vulnerable and alone, parentless and friendless Ruby then encounters two individuals who are the catalyst for change, in the form of secretive Sean who evades any questioning about himself and so remains a mystery and the hunky Eric who Ruby is fatally attracted to. As the plot becomes ever increasingly peculiar with so many twists and turns, you begin to seek out answers to the list of questions that continues to get longer with each chapter. Who is Sean and why does Ruby know so little about him? Is Eric safe or is he evil? What I did not expect at all was to find out the truth of the mystery, which was not about either characters but the main character of Ruby who completely shocks and surprises you.
Oh my goodness! The `twist' in the tale was one that I did not see coming hence I highly commend the author for her imagination, her creativity and her inspired idea that turned this book from what I perceived to be a fictional/ chick-lit tale into something fantastical. But who should one trust is the question that forever lingers, as both Sean's character and Eric are questionable as one minute you feel as if you know them and then the next you don't. I especially loved the quote "...the man who saved me and the man who made me need to be saved from myself". As I then take a break and think about what I knew about the character of Ruby before and then after the truth is revealed, you suddenly are aware of how all the subtle clues do then add up. Why she has a connection with other animals, her desire for another male in the form of Eric that is purely instinctive, her blindness and the blackouts that keep occurring and her ring. Rouge et blanc is an extremely rare, powerful and deadly being that even confuses PC Sean at first. A the assassins of the brotherhood plot to kill her and she places her trust in another, once more you find yourself gasping in disbelief as the one person whom you thought could be trusted turns out to be the deceiver. Trapped in a cage Ruby's true friend saves the day but at an alarming price, where questions once again arise as to trust issues when danger is afoot.
I have never felt so many emotions all at once whilst reading this book, from crying tears of pain to laughter, confusion and shock as I was astonished by how many times the truth of a person's character was revealed. When you just think that you know whom is honest and what is about to happen, then something else comes to pass that sends chills down your spine as you can almost feel the electric tension between the characters.

This story was about love and finding true love, loss, heartache as you search deep within the depths of your soul. Thought-provoking to the core, truth-drawing and utterly gripping I was sat in suspense throughout not knowing what was going to happen. I felt as a consequence so deflated when the ending left on a cliffhanger as I was so keen to find out the truth underneath all the secrecy, and yet it still did not happen but left you wondering instead. I do hope that there is a sequel to Caged as this is a remarkable, astonishing tale that really should continue, as I truly blown away by Amber Lynn Natusch's skill as a writer whose work is extraordinary. The detail on the characters lives goes into such depth that you are able to connect with them in such an intimate and personal way, as you understand Ruby's feelings and thoughts as her life is turned upside down. With a touch of `Twilight' by Stephanie Myer I was almost imagining the conflicting personalities between Sean and Eric to be like that of Edward Cullen and Jacob, although one being the werewolf and the other being the hunter. Clever and genius this incredible tale is so breathtaking, spellbinding and poignant that I found myself unable to put it down for even a minute. For those readers who love this genre then I cannot highly recommend it enough, and I concider myself to be so lucky as to have won this book through a blog giveaway as it certainly has exceeded and surpassed all expectations.
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