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on 17 May 2016
Bought this as we moved the smaller single tier hutch we had out of the garage ( were it sat on a table ) to the back garden on the floor. We wanted to raise it up and we also thought they needed some more space. Seamed a good price. On arrival it became obvious that the materials used were not the best certainly not as good as a shop bought one. The instructions were very small and hard to read/follow. Needed to study the various Panels to make sure I got it right as being very thin you would not get a second chance. It did stiffened a bit once finished. I wont be leaving it outside in the winder as I think it would blow over and I'm not sure the wood would last the winter. one the area for the ladder is taken into consideration there is only about 3/4 of what it would appear from the outset. The ladder is very steep and the GPs couldn't get up so like others here I added lengths of would and they can. The hinge for the ramp was on the wrong side and it needed more bolts to keep the doors from moving
If you can afford to - buy something from a pet shop, but it will do us a couple of years
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on 24 January 2018
I purchased this rabbit hutch Monday morning as our old rabbit hutch got extremely damaged in the weather this weekend so we were in desperate need to have a new one delivered and put up ready for the rabbits.
Being a 'Bunny Business" you would like to think that the product would be good and mind you not cheap either.
The product was delivered yesterday and we assembled it together following all instructions and the quality is just awful, really awful to the point where we have had to put another 20 screws in to just ensure that our rabbits are going to be safe.
I will be going out to purchase another hutch today because its just awful and already damaged over night because its just not a stable product.
It was really easy to assemble with the instructions don't get me wrong but its just rubbish and i am so disappointed and extremely frustrated that I am going to have to go and spend more money on purchasing another hutch today just for my rabbits to be safe.
I couldn't write this directly to bunny business as it hasn't given me an option to do so I would like to hope that you will respond to me but I would also not ever recommend this product.

Kelly Anderson
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on 12 September 2016
I bought this because it looked well made, but was I wrong! It's badly constructed with wafer thin wood and cheap fittings. The plastic coated floors bubbled and buckled after one week, the back panel that looks like solid plywood is in fact two very thin layers of ply on a frame and it had a hole in my one side, the partition for the sleeping compartment is 2 mm ply, did not fit well and there is an inch gap at the bottom. The ladder to the upper floor is the same thin wood and one of the rungs come off within 2 days. The whole hutch flexes if you try to move it. Its tiny inside absolutely unsuitable for a rabbit - do not waste your money!
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on 30 June 2015
I bought this 10 months ago and have used it for my guineas through an average winter in a sheltered spot outside. The hutch is in reasonably good condition, apart from the hinges at the top of the ladder snapping. Shouldn't be too difficult to repair, but they have not been treated roughly, so I don't think they can be quite strong enough. I like the fact that it has plastic floors - I feel more confident I can clean it properly, although there are a lot of nooks and crannies which are virtually impossible to clean - around the sides on the top floor and in the edges of the doors where the mesh is embedded. Overall, despite the ladder, I think the hutch itself is fine. Its held up well to guinea pig wear & tear, with only the doorway through to the sleeping area particularly chewed.
My big problem though is the quality of the cover. It is fractionally small so opening the doors when the cover is on is very difficult, when you're trying to clean the doors get pulled shut on your head etc - not a good design. Also, one winter (in a sheltered spot remember, so no frost) has left us with cracked and brittle fabric, a broken zip, and the clear plastic windows are in a terrible state and are no longer clear.
So in summary, buy the hutch but avoid the cover - get a different one or plan on replacing it annually.
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on 9 August 2013
Bought this item 2 years ago and just realised I'd never left a review so here we go...

Assembled the hutch by myself with no real problems, a few people saying bolts were on upside down and holes not in the right place? more likely they just had the component upside down (like i did) as with any flat pack read the instructions before you start.

Yes the woods a bit soft but most bunnies would chew through any hutch, solution just screw a couple sacrificial bits of wood where your bunny chooses to chew and replace when necessary. Protects the hutch and good for the rabbits teeth.

The ramp is too steep, easy solution staple an old tea towel to it. plenty of grip for the rabbit and far easier than cutting and glueing bits of wood as some other buyers have recomended.

We didnt buy the recomended hutch cover but one slightly bigger from a different supplier, single plastic front rather then 4 zip doors much easier/quicker to open and close and the extra space allowed us to insulate under the cover during the winter.

2 years on the hutch is still standing looking as good as the first day it arrived (surviving 2 house moves!) All i would say is that it's a bit small for our 2 netherland dwarf rabbits, not a problem for us as they've got permenant acces to a 12' grass run but if this was all they had i'd have replaced it with something bigger.
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on 1 September 2015
This is absolutely awful....
First of all, its not 41". I measured the living space and the tray itself is 32". I was expecting it, but a whole of ten inches?! Its actually smaller than my previous hutch.
Secondly, the quality is unbelievable. The pack weights 20kg and the delivery man was kind enough to actually take it to the place where I would assemble it.... Turns out the roof contributes to the third of the weight and the rest is just terrible quality wood, I wasn't expecting oak but this is something new altogether.... Soft and flimsy. I cant even lay it an angle because im certain it will split in half. Not to mention that the edges are rough and full of splinters.
When it comes to assembly, IKEA is your new best friend. You'll be alright if you can do flat pack, but they really could have done with more than an A4 pages. I mean, how expensive could it be to print a instruction manual?!
There are no holes for the screws on the smaller parts, like the trays. I started screwing it together by hand, it split. Tried with an electric screwdriver, it split even more. Tried supporting one side just to get a better grip.... Tray cracked.
Now, I have a damaged product I cannot send back, which I cannot even say is falsely advertised, £70 less in my account, *less* living space for my rabbits.... Not to mention that the trays don't come out, and although my babies are two dwarf crosses, they will probably chew through it in less than a month.
Oh, also, the locks are awful. My dwarf lionlop has already figured out that if she puts pressure on the top of the doors, they bend out and she can try to escape. Or get stuck and suffocate.
But I imagine the rabbits will settle in just fine.
Seriously, do not buy into this. Go to a pet store, have a look, pay twice the price and at least it will be worth it.
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on 29 September 2016
Nice but being made from soft wood it's being chewed on by bunnies.
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on 6 February 2015
I have never written a poor online review, however felt that my recent experience with Bunny Business and this hutch design would be of interest and use to others. We purchased the hutch in December as were buying 3 Guinea pigs for our daughters for Christmas. The hutch was ok to put together , but the issue Is with the poor design. We realised that one of our new guinea pigs was pregnant so put her in the top section of the hutch on her own. One night something squeezed through the wire, killed her and squeezed back out.....we don't know if it was a weasel, stoat, rat or some other aggressive small rodent, but I am thankful that it was my husband that made the awful discovery the next morning and not my daughters. The wire spacing on this hutch is far too large and does not protect your pet,......our poor Guine pig was a sitting target, we have added new strong wire over the top which now means the cage is safe......I don't want to scare anyone who owns this hutch but in strongly advise you to add some better smaller wire. In contacted "Bunny Business", and explained what had happened, assuming they would be interested , however she simply said that once the hutch was on my property not their responsibility, and that if I had purchased the plastic hutch cover this wouldn't have happened.!!! .....not one word of sympathy, or desire to reconsider the cage design
A plastic cover, open at the bottom would really not have stopped what killed our pet. I am merely suggesting that a company whom manufactures children's pets hutches should make sure they are predator proof......their web site says,"why are we so cheap"?........ they seem to pride themselves more about being "cheap" than safe.
Don't take the risk.......buy a safe cage with small spaced strong wire, Bunny Business are more interested in the "Business" than the "Bunny"
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on 23 August 2017
Our 2 guinea pigs struggled with the slope. I've had to do a lot of adjustments to make it better for them. The plastic floor feels very flimsy, and slippery. Access is good to the hutch, but everything ends up on the floor below as there is nothing stopping it all being sprayed out by the guinea pigs through the wire.
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on 13 December 2015
Not worth the money!!!!! My last cage cost less & was much better quality unfortunately after 5 years the shop is no longer open to get a replacement therefore I choose this one!!! Big mistake.

Bought this for my rabbit as thought it would be decent with the cover included for the winter. The cover is ill fitting, very disappointed. Trouble opening the doors with it the cover on and it Doesn't reach the bottom of th cage.

When assembling it, the instructions aren't the best but it's not rocket science. However I did have to purchase additional screws as the ones provided weren't deep enough to put the screwdriver in (bad manufacturing).

The wood splits easily which happened many times.

Doesn't fit together perfectly gaps at one side of the lid.

I would honestly save your money & look else where.

The cage itself is smaller than my last one & the rabbit struggles to fit up the ramp gap & he isn't the biggest of rabbits (he's a lop). May be suitable for Guinea pigs??

Very disappointed & regret purchasing this product.
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