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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 10 October 2005
I'm a huge Britney Spears fan and pre-ordered this book as there haven't been any decent biographies published about Britney. I was instantly gripped by this account of her eventful life so far. The author reveals fascinating details about her childhood and her relationship with her mother as well as with the various men in her life - with much more sensitivity and insight than the usual tabloid tales. His explanation of what led her to that notorious Vegas wedding is particularly thought-provoking.
I was intrigued by the detail about the southern bible-belt environment in which she grew up and the conflict between her strict religious upbringing and her raunchy public image. This is a thread which runs throughout the book and explains a great deal about Britney.
Finally, a mention for the picture section which is outstanding.
Highly recommended!
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on 29 January 2006
Sean Smith has definitely produced a well researched and thoughtful analysis. He does a very good job of seperating out and studying both 'the' Britney Spears as we see her in public and the down home Britney behind the image.
Being a Britney fan I thought I knew it all, so I was very impressed to read a few things I hadn't been aware of - he talks to a lot of people from her hometown, and very interestingly her first boyfriend Reg Jones. You definitely get a sense of how Britney's upbringing has always coloured everything she does, and I hadn't realised just how much work Britney had done even before she landed the Mickey Mouse Club.
He's also very fair about weighing up the public perception of events against what actually happened, looking at everything in context (eg. the idea that Crossroads was a flop when actually it recouped its entire costs and made profit within its first week, which I didn't know!). He's very neutral - some biographies are so gushing and full of praise it's nauseating, but what's great about him is that he shows both sides. He's very fair to Britney and obviously tries not to make assumptions, but at the same time he's not afraid to be critical either.
My only criticisms would be a few factual mistakes I picked up - mainly dates - which to be fair could very well just be typos, and he doesn't stick strictly to the chronological timeline so occasionally he gets a little ahead of himself. It's pretty minor and doesn't detract from overall quality, but it is something I noticed.
My biggest bugbear though - and what made me give him four instead of five stars - was the fact that he spends too much time talking about things to do with Justin Timberlake that don't really relate to Britney. Obviously you can't study Britney without looking at Justin, but I think the fact that he'd previously written a Justin biography made him go OTT when talking about him. Some sections read more like Justin is his subject than she is; there was a lot of irrelevant detail on him that I thought detracted from the actual topic of the book, which is of course Britney.
It's still well worth a read for any Britney fan though, or even anybody who's just interested in the nature of celebrity and the way they get put up on the pedestal so they can be knocked down. As far as pop culture phenomenons go, they don't get much bigger than Britney and few inspire as much love and hate as she does, so it's well worth looking at this book because Sean Smith does a very good job of looking behind the facade and coming up with a more rounded view of her
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on 21 December 2005
This book is a joy to read from beginning to end, providing a comprehensive look at Britney's life so far. My only problem is that there were some typing errors which I picked up on, but otherwise if you're a Britney fan or just love celebrity biographies, then this is for you!
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on 7 November 2011
This is an updated version of the Sean Smith 'Britney The Biography' that came out in 2005 and it ends with her 'Circus tour' O2 performance in june 2009.

I like this book very much. I am a Britney fan so I would say I know a whole lot about her already but this book provides bits and pieces that I did not know before. For once it's a book written by someone that actually seems to be on Britney's side (although it is not over praising her, it shows both sides) unlike others I have read that are mainly just gossip and appears to have the sole purpose of bashing on Britney.

This author goes beyond the usual 'what the eye see and the media print' and seems to have put genuine effort in finding out who Britney really is and why she has done the things she have. His take on the 55-hour wedding and hair-shaving e.g actually makes a lot of sense and it feels like I understand Britney more and my heart goes out to her.

Britney is pictured as the hard working, talented and sweet person with a lot of input in her own work that she really is and definitely not as some puppet as is often believed. Without her talent and strive she would not be he pop queen she is, thats her doing not the record company or managers.

I would recommend this book to both fans and others. It is interesting and gives you a look behind the facade. It might actually change your view on Britney a bit to a more positive one, especially haters and skeptics.

I'm looking forward to the new updated version of this book since with Britney the story never ends! What would his take be on this Femme fatale era? All the bashing 'fans' and critics not satisfied with her dancing and or stage presence? What's the 411 on Jason Trawick?

I'll end with one of my favorite Britney quotes in the book 'I see my imperfections. I see my flaws. I just don't care.'
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on 11 July 2009
This is a 2009 updated version of Sean Smith's book titled THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY. Having both editions I find this one to have some improvements as well as updated tweaks worth purchasing. As compared to other numerous biographies it is stunning how this one does not copy the pack but rather leads it. Sean Smith is bold, confident, and insightful. And from page to page it becomes apparent: passionate about getting the facts about Britney.

The time-line spans from Britney's childhood and beginning to her Circus Tour. Unfortunately, it did not have much information on Jason Trawick like I had read on a more current release biography titled, BRITNEY SPEARS: LITTLE GIRL LOST by Christopher Heard. And this book also did not mention the following: current things such as Britney's Candies Promotion, in depth look behind Sam Lutfi [such as Lynn's account in her book THROUGH THE STORM], Kevin's romp with a stripper as described on the DVD UNBREAKABLE and in the book BRITNEY SPEARS: LITTLE GIRL LOST, how Wade Robson became a threat to Justin's relationship to Britney with respects to the source who gave Justin the heads up, Jamie's demons found on THROUGH THE STORM and BRITNEY INSIDE THE DREAM by Steve Dennis, Reg Jones hang-ups I read on INSIDE THE DREAM, not much on Adnan I had read before, and other not as relevant data. It can be noted, he contacted many close people but missed key players. Kevin Federline and acquaintances of his are key players because they reveal information Britney gave to Kevin that Kevin spilled to them; the stripper he hung out with from the club [also interviewed on UNBREAKABLE] would be just one example.

This tell all book gives a story of a down-to-earth girl-next-door Super Star who has traveled through storms, obstacles, and pitfalls but has somehow managed to get up fall after fall. Sean Smith brings these moments to the spotlight in easy to read accounts non tiring nor tedious, he presents the facts in a compelling matter wanting to know what comes next or when he will release the next more updated version. This truly was a fascinating read and owning both diverse editions was the right choice. Just in the number of pages 342 in this one and 327 on the other [2005 release] it is obvious more work was put into this one. The covers are both beautiful and classy as well. The basics are the same but the opinions and material are not 100% the same. He ends in this version with this sentence: "The final piece in the book is entitled "Last Impressions" but really I should have called it "Last Impressions for the moment", because I am convinced, I will have much more to write about Britney Spears in the future." In the 2005 edition he ends with, "Her own words sum it up better than mines: 'When you are in the public eye, people think you're different.'" In short, a most enjoyable read on both accounts released!

Aside, the historical background, photos, discography, and relationships there are a few quotes from Britney; her words, her personality, and her persona. One would be the following: "Britney was so excited she could not wait to phone home with the news: 'I've just gotten to beat Leonardo Di Caprio at ping pong,' she shrieked." On the downside, I feel not enough quotes were put that thus could have added to the enjoyment. After all, Britney does have many excellent sayings to learn from and life-lessons to pass on to others.

The parts on the talk shows was a bit too briefly glossed up and thus didn't quite satisfy me. On the Frank Skinner Show though, Sean Smith did an excellent job in relaying the facts; Having the DVD of the Interview I was able to confirm the facts and they were dead on! More of these type of appearances and interviews would have added to the enjoyment.

To much appeal, it has beautiful glossy colored photos, a Life and Times Section, UK Discography, and Index. On the back in the Discography it has the UK singles/albums release dates, sales, Highest UK Chart positions, and so forth. This is a must have book for already fans and new ones. Be sure to buy this before it sells out and experience getting to know more about who is Britney Spears.
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VINE VOICEon 13 October 2008
Barcode: 9780330440776

From the outset of this biography, the author, Sean Smith, sets out an interesting idea. That when it comes to Britney, there in fact two distinct 'Britney's', two personas. There is the worldwide superstar and media sensation who has sold millions of records, yet at the same time also there is still the little girl from Louisiana.

I'm a massive fan of Britney and i found this an immensely enjoyable read. Whereas some unnoficial biographies present a very straight-forward account of someone's life - a list-like series of facts and quotations - Sean Smith colours this book with his own opinion at points, giving it more the feel of an extended newspaper feature.

And so, looking to that twin-nature of the Britney persona, this book presents a fascinating look into Britney, not only as a masterclass in marketing a pop star, but also how a young girl has come to cope with endless paparazzi intrusion into her life and high-profile relationships in media spotlight.

This perhaps presents the reason why Britney's life is so fascinating - how she came from such small beginnings in her hometown of Kentwood, her love for music and dancing driving her onwards through The Mickey Mouse Club and then to her career as a popstar. Thankfully, the balance between music and relationships is kept just right, something that many musicians' biographies get wrong.

Put simply, this is a light, enjoyable read - perfect for holidays or just relaxing on an afternoon. It keeps things simple, but precise, rarely drags and if you're a Britney fan then this is well worth reading.
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on 12 December 2012
the words in this book are difficult to read but it very well written it shows what briteny is really like on the inside and also on the out as well. not much to look at but i was ok after the first 2 pages.
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on 9 October 2009
Nothing new in this book and it now needs updating as a lot has happened since 2005. Is easy to read, maybe too easy, but I don't think I'm the tweeny market that the book is aimed at. Obviously written for the UK market as it makes comparisons to other pop stars which, coincidentally, the author has also written biographies on.
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on 15 February 2009
the britney biorgaphy was a xmas prezzi for my daughter
she was over the moon with the book and said she had been looking for it
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on 13 November 2009
I adore Britney and this was just the latest in a long line of bio's I've read on her. She is a fascinating woman and I recommend this book.
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