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on 7 January 2016
Good sturdy car seat. My 4 year old loves his new seat and looks very comfortable in it. Good value for money especially if you don't need it as a group 1 car seat so no need to pay extra for the Evlova 123 Plus version.

I actually phoned Britax to ask about the difference between the Evolva 123 and the Evolva 123 Plus cos we didn't realise there was a Plus version until after we have received our car seat and wanted to make sure we got the safest model, also cos Amazon implies that this is an older model that's been replaced by the newer Plus version. Couldn't find info on the non Plus version on the Britax website so had to phone their customer service and the lady was so helpful and informative. She told me there are 3 main differences. 1) the Plus version has the click and safe which makes a clicking noise when the harness is tightened enough 2) easy remove cover so u don't need to remove harness to remove cover for washing 3) width adjustment where the inside width of the Plus model could come in a bit to better hug a smaller/thinner child, particularly useful if you are using as a group 1 car seat.

Since we only need it as a group 2/3 car seat and won't be using the harness (as you switch to the car's adult seatbelt once the child reaches 18kg) so the click and safe function and the easy remove cover doesn't affect us and our child is average size not small/thin so also don't need the width adjustment so the lady from Britax assured me that the Evolva 123 non Plus model is perfectly fine for us. The reason the Evolva 123 isn't listed on their website is not because they no longer make it. They are still producing this model but it's just more for the hyper market and specifications could be found under the Evolva 123 Plus (apart from the above 3 differences). So like us if you only need it as a group 2/3 car seat there's no reason to pay extra for the Plus version as all the additional features won't really be needed.
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on 13 March 2017
As a first stage seat this seat is very good. Comfortable and I particularly like the side head support/ protection.
A couple of drawbacks over the years of using it.
If your child throws up in the car, it's a royal pain trying to clean it mid journey (the chest straps for the seat belt covers are great cavities for the offending puke). This can thankfully be removed once home and the cover can be washed but why does this happen in the early part of the journey? The fact that the main straps are not removable calls for some creative laundering.
I wish I'd paid more attention to whether it had an isofix for the stage two part. Although not necessary (and of course some cars lack this so thankfully it isn't a problem for them), it would be a nice extra.
The cup/snack holders are kind of useless and redundant. I have yet to find a bottle that sits in them without falling over. It might be fine for a snack container though but have never bothered to use it.
The little holders on the sides for the buckles was actually quite useful in the Summer during hot temperatures to keep them out of the direct heat.
We have changed over to the Stage 2/3 so we will see how we get on with the seat in it's new capacity. I loved how the straps tucked away. I tried reading the instruction book as to how to do that, but thank god for You Tube demo videos - much faster at explaining it.
Since purchasing this, I would now beg all car seat companies to offer a set of car seat covers as an optional extra buy - not just the Summer covers but an actual padded set. I looked into getting a pee/ puke pad, but it wasn't going to protect the whole seat area. If you discover your child is a regular puker, then this would have been fantastic to invest in.
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on 15 February 2016
It's been comfortable for my older child, even if absolutely huge and heavy to heave around as it was only used occasionally. This would probably have been a 4 star review if we hadn't needed to use it for a second child. BUT when we switched to using it as a booster, we removed the (removable) crotch strap for comfort. Over the intervening couple of years to the next child, we've lost the strap. Britax won't sell a spare - because it needs to be tested with the other parts of the harness to ensure the clip holds in an accident. And it needs to go back to them for a full harness service because the rest of the straps aren't removable/replaceable. So we're looking at £50 to get this seat back to a usable condition.

So don't buy this if you are planning on using for more than one child - not unless you can keep that strap safe.

It's also extremely wide in the car - takes up a seat and more of space - forget squeezing an adult between two of these for a quick journey.

The positives - it is comfortable - and the head height is easily adjustable.
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on 21 October 2017
I have bought many of these. Every child should have one. Recommend to friends
review image
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on 4 December 2014
Came in frustration free packaging from Amazon.

Item itself not really what I would call excellent and value for money. Padding is less than expected, especially on the seat base and headrest sides (important for side impact protection for the head). But what frustrated me initially was the lack of clarity in instructions. Once I unpacked the seat, I found it a bit difficult to adjust the shoulder straps to the max height as the mechanism was stuck for some reason. It was probably because it was new, but with a little bit of effort, I was finally able to set it. But then, try as I might, I could not adjust the headrest height. The instruction booklet mentions the following in the section on setting shoulder strap height (section 4.1),

"Caution! Make sure that the headrest adjuster is in its lowest position".

Turns out the headrest height CANNOT BE ADJUSTED independently of the shoulder strap height without detaching and stowing away the shoulder straps (group 2,3 mode). Above line in booklet does not actually make this clear. Took me some time to figure this out, but finally realized this after noticing that the section for group 1 mode adjustments does not anywhere mention headrest height adjustment. So I removed the shoulder straps and tried again and the headrest slid up and down easily after that. Since the shoulder strap mechanism was stuck initially, I thought the same may be the case with the head rest too and tried some force initially. Could easily have damaged the seat in the process. Not happy with the lack of detail in instructions Britax !

Also noticed some questions on the difference between evolva 123 and evolva 123 plus. Notice from the info booklet that aside from the click and safe feature, the 123 plus also has adjustable backrest width.

Haven't used the seat much so far. Our nearly 4 year old sat in it once for ride to school and seems to be ok in it. All in all, only ok and not excellent value for money I feel, as already mentioned. Had expected more for the price. Near about a 100GBP is not cheap. One can easily find seats with similar padding and safety features for lesser. Would have been much better with better seat and headrest padding and better instructions. But hopefully it will last us till our son outgrows car seats. Still early days to comment on that, but hope so from all the positive reviews.
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on 18 July 2015
Please note this review is based only on the initial seat configuration suitable for a 2 year old.

I got this seat to replace a rear facing one which half way through serving its second child became too and head to be replaced.

Safety is of paramount importance to me (surely if you are reading car seat reviews you too!) and the blanket rating of child car seats means that you sort of have to guess and take the manufacturers word over the relative benefits each design has.

I was drawn to this model due to the additional head safety elements and it's ability to grow with my child. The head rest is excellent and is snug enough to allow my child to fall asleep without getting the dreaded head slumps. The build quality is also very good.

Fitting the seat is fairly easy but gets trickier in a smaller the car due to the need to get directly in front of the seat pushing down with you knee on the seat to tighten the seatbelt to ensure a secure fit.

It is worth noting at this point if the seatbelt does not run correctly round the back of the seat it can impeded the harness straps making it very difficult to tighten them. The harness straps are very well padded though the clasp can be a little fiddle with a hook and eye system, I was also a bit shocked that the clasp was plastic though it does seem very tough.

The extras on this seat are a couple of cup holders which are fine and some eyelets which are meant to be used to hold the straps out of the way but in reality rarely do.

All in all I am very pleased with this seat and will update when I proceed to the next configuration.
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on 14 July 2016
Great car seat for those moving from a forward facing bucket seat to a high back booster. Chose this for my almost 3 year old as it also had the 3 point harness, just untill he gets a little taller and I feel comfortable with him only having the seatbelt across it. He is prone to still falling asleep on longer journeys so I didnt want his head falling forward and these great side supports mean he can still sleep and be secure but at the same time feel like a big boy in his new seat. Bonus is that they can then climb in themselves rather than having to lift in to the bucket style seat when they become heavier.
A little bit of a faf to install but we just watched a you tube video from Britax and it made it much easier.
This was 6 months ago so almost ready to start using just the seatbelt now.
Only downside was that I could not get the cover off to wash it!!
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on 13 August 2015
I bought a car seat for my friend in China, but it is a defective product, no width modulator. Just like in the picture. Now the seat has been returned to China, after the box found the problem, I am very angry, and do you think should be how to deal with this issue
review image
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on 16 March 2016
We purchased this seat for my sturdy 2 year old last year. This week, it was put to the test that you never want it to be: my husband was in a car accident and my son was in his seat. He came out with bumps and bruises, but all in the right spots because the seat protected him from worse injuries. I'm so thankful for the side wing head supports. He has a bump and abrasion on his head from impact with that side wing, which is great because it means that his head didn't hit the window and his neck was well supported.

Basically, I'm thrilled that I'm here buying another seat for him.

On the more mundane details, we were already extremely happy with this seat. Day to day use has been easy and comfortable. It sat well in our Honda Jazz, is easy to install, and we can swap it to other cars without much trouble if needed. The cover comes off easily and can be washed, which is great as he's prone to travel sickness. Yes, it's a bit fiddly that you have to remove the seat to recline it, but we just leave it reclined and he can doze off when needed. It also appears quite comfortable for naps!

Great seat.
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on 7 March 2016
This car seat is fit for purpose but has a few drawbacks - that said, having read reviews of other car seats, it seems these problems occur for every single group 1 car seat.
At times our daughter can remove her arms from the straps even when tightened correctly. She needs to be sternly told to keep her arms in. When she keeps them in (most of the time!!) she is safe, secure and comfortable.
The straps are difficult to loosen or tighten so getting my daughters arms in can be difficult at times since the straps are set to the tightness needed for travel.
Fitting the car seat in the car is more fiddly than the video implies. However once done it is secure.

In the upright position, sleeping looks very uncomfortable so we leave it in the reclined position to allow our daughter to snooze if she wants. Much more comfortable looking that way!

So all in all, all the straps are a faff but it is safe and comfortable once fitted.
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