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on 17 November 2013
Homebrew Hendricks is clearly something of an authority on this subject, and like his other books on Brewing Beer this one is very well written and laid out so the novice can follow the process without any difficulty. He makes the point that Beer Brewing (and drinking) should be fun, so the book doesn't baffle you with science, but explains each process so that you understand it's importance, and it's effect on the finished product. The book also explains how to use everyday objects in place of expensive specialised kit, and there are plenty of illustrations to make sure you're seeing what you should be seeing along the way. The recipes (forty of them) are are great bonus to what is a very clear and explanatory instruction manual for the brewing beginner. Highly recommended (hic) Cheers !
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on 24 January 2013
This book is generally very good, straight forwards and jam-packed full of useful information and details. Obviously written by a keen home brewer, not some one who's just done some research and thrown a book together. The author is American which makes some of the terminology different to the UK so you sometimes have to do a quick web search to find out what something being referred to is. My only real gripe about this book is that the majority of weights, measures and temperatures in the instructions section are entirely imperial. A few do have the metric equivalents in brackets after which is great but most do not. It was the temperatures in Fahrenheits that really flummoxed me! It would be nice to have consistency and include bracketed metric values throughout. Thankfully all of the recipes in the recipes section do. Highly recommended as long as you keep an imperial to metric conversion chart next to you! I'm looking forwards to reading the other books in this series.
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on 28 October 2013
If you are interested in brewing your own beer, or already enjoy this hobby and want to get even better at brewing beer, this guide by `Homebrew Hendricks' provides you with all you need to know. All the areas are covered, including legalities, equipment, ingredients, health and safety, recipes and checklists.

Included are 40 simple straight forward recipes that show you step-by-step how to make delicious brews from Real American Ale to Irish Red Ale to German Schwarzbier Larger.

Overall an excellent guide to brewing beer.
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on 4 October 2014
Mmmm beer....
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on 12 April 2013
Was not overly impressed, long winded and full of nonsense. A few good tips but written for the American market. Avoid!
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on 27 November 2013
This is an essential how-to-brew guide for anyone who is thinking about homebrewing for the first time. And it's also useful for those who already have some experience. The book includes all the information you need, to make a great batch of beer the first time you try and to have a lot of fun doing it.

"Brewing Beer" tells you all you need to know about the equipment and ingredients you need and where to get them. And it walks you through the whole process, from shopping for that stuff to how to pour your finished beer.

That part of the book is clear and easy to understand, but it also goes into some depth and detail when explaining the four steps to beer brewing. So I really appreciate the "bare bones directions - step by step checklist". It's a handy guide, to refer to on brewing day, in which the detailed explanations have been stripped away.
I also like all the advice about how to experiment to create your own recipes. And the 40 delicious recipes that are included provide great starting recipes to tweak and make your own.

I also recommend the companion books in this series:
Brewing Beer: Problems (Troubleshooting Your Homebrew) answers the most Frequently Asked Questions about brewing beer. It's a troubleshooting guide that helps you diagnose, fix, and prevent the most common problems you may experience, when a batch of beer does not quite measure up to your expectations.

Brewing Beer: Tips (300 Helpful Homebrew Tips, Tricks & Secrets) is a collection of well over 300 brewing tips. "Brewing Beer" gives you all the ESSENTIAL info you need to brew, but these additional tips can make the experience easier and more fun. They include the little, clever tricks that you usually learn only by experience. The many cartoons and jokes that are sprinkled throughout are great fun too.
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on 29 December 2014
An absolute must read for novice brewers, "Brewing Beer" also has some information that I suspect many experienced beer makers would find of interest. The author covers all aspects of the process: cost, equipment, ingredients, and even describes the variations in taste that water can cause. I am a novice, and found that very interesting. He answers all of questions that I had and includes the answers to some that I wouldn't have thought to ask, like his mention of some of the laws for making, selling and/or shipping home brewed beer. The book also contains some helpful reference sites. Overall, I found this easy to read book of directions and descriptions extremely helpful. It is likely the only book on the subject that I'll need.
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on 17 November 2013
Brew your own beer - a lot of people want to do this. And I was one of them too - but after reading this well detailed guide about brewing your own I have doubts now as to whether or not I would ever go to the trouble of doing it myself. But that's a good thing because without all the details listed here I might have gone ahead and tried it unsuccessfully because I didn't have all the facts. Maybe I'll try it when I retire and have more time. Either way, if you're thinking of trying it yourself, do yourself a favor and read this book because it is very well done!
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on 23 November 2013
The easy to follow detailed instructions, check lists and recipes in Brewing Beer have given me the confidence needed to try my hand at brewing. This how to book is well researched and written. And appears to be professionally edited and formatted. Highly recommended for the novice beer brewer.
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on 26 December 2014
Fun and informative book to read. It contains a lot of information on brewing beer. The author does a great job explaining the steps in a very simple to understand approach. I highly recommend this best selling book.
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