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on 12 July 2017
Product advertised as 76x46cm, has fit my bin perfectly for months. Suddenly, the latest version ships with the same labelling, size marker, colour & barcode but is mysteriously now 70x40cm and won't fit my bin.
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on 26 December 2017
I too have found that they have reduced the width of the bin liners - they don't fit easily and are difficult to remove without damaging them. The older bin liners I used to buy were white, and the package showed a bin with a white hinge. Whereas the recent (narrower) ones I got have a slight green tinge and are in a package showing a bin with a black hinge. To add further confusion I notice in the Amazon product description it now gives the width of those in the 40-pack size G as 41cm wide, but those in the 20-pack size G as 46cm wide but I've only ever bought the 40-pack. So yes something strange is going on which Brabantia are not very clear about. "Snug fit", hmm, not if you can't use it easily.

I find all this very annoying so I have put up some pictures to illustrate!!
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on 15 May 2016
Perfect fit and good value. Much better than buying generic bags.

Update: This is about my 4th purchase, great product and best price on here but they have reduced the circumference considerably (probably by about 2 inches at least). So although a very tight fit for me now, I can see how some people are struggling........

This is the second purchase of these now and I thought that as I found it hard the first time to make sure I had the correct size, I would try to help you if you are in the same position. You will see from the pictures that these really are a perfect fit so here are the dimensions of the bin.
Height is 67cm and diameter is 29cm (there is also an inside, plastic container that the bag sits in)

When you receive the pack, you just open the perforation on the side and take out the first bag then every one after that leaves the next ready to be picked. So leave in a drawer and there when needed. I find that the drawstring is pefect for when the bag is full and in addition, these do no rip unlike the cheaper variety that are available. Sometimes paying to get the right thing is really worth it, especially when they are as good a value as these are!
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on 27 December 2017
These used to fit my tall 30L cylindrical bin perfectly. However they seem to have changed the width by about 2cm which is jus enough to make them not fit properly and tear!! Why on earth have they done this? Does anyone know?

Update: I tried the Simple Human size G bin bags. Perfect. Until Brabantia sort their sizing out I shall be using an alternative brand for my Brabantia bin from now on.
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on 29 December 2017
I have used these bags for years but, like many others it seems, I am now finding that they no longer fit my Brabantia size G tall bin! They are not wide enough and will not fold over the top of the inner bin, and therefore simply slide down inside the bin. Useless. Please sort it out Brabantia! Meanwhile I will have to try the SimpleHuman size H bin liners instead.

Edit to say: The SimpleHuman size H bin liners fit perfectly and are exactly as these Brabantia liners used to be - the proper size!
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on 25 July 2017
I've had same problem as the other lady. My bags always fit my bin. I have them automatically sent every month. I have same bin, same size G bags only thing is they won't fit!!!!!!

Can someone from branantia please contact me!
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on 9 September 2017
I have been buying these bags for years for my Brabantia bin. They always fitted perfectly. Suddenly, the last pack I got are considerably smaller, they are a real struggle to get over the rim of the bin. A quick look at the latest reviews here shows I'm not the only victim, and it seems that one reviewer contacted Brabantia, who confirmed they have changed the size/design.
Why, oh why do companies faff about with something that is perfectly fine, and then ruin it? I shan't be buying these again. Still struggling to get my head around the fact that someone was probably paid a lot of money to ruin a completely decent product by 'redesigning' it until it became not fit for purpose.
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on 31 August 2017
This is the third batch of size G Brabantia bin liners I've bought.
The 1st were a little on the large size which allowed additions to the bag after removal, they were rolled as bin bags usually are in supermarkets.
The 2nd were noticeably smaller, fitting the inner bin well, but had little room to add waste after removal, again supplied rolled up.
The 3rd, (this purchase), are considerably smaller, they are difficult to fit, three bags fitted, second bag split whilst fitting and was disposed of in the third bag, they need to be stretched over the inner bin top rim with some effort. The packaging suggests they are genuine bags, but the fit suggests inferior copies. They are delivered flat packed in a plastic bag a first for me.
As I suspect these may not be genuine it's unlikely I will purchase again, finally, they are made in China where counterfeit seems the norm.
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on 31 December 2017
Brabantia have changed the size of these bin liners so that the top does not fit over the rim of the Brabantia bin. I bought a roll of size G last week and returned thinking it was a one off. Just received delivery of this pack and the same problem happens. I have been using size G for over a year and cannot understand why they would change the neck of the bin liner without testing on their bins!
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on 26 November 2017
Very disappointed with these. When I bought them in the past they fit my bin perfectly, and this time they are too narrow so they don't fit the same bin. The attached image is a screengrab of both orders, and you can see that the description for both items is exactly the same (Brabantia Bin Liners, Size G, 23-30 L - 40 Bags). Yet the ones ordered on 16 September are much narrower than the ones ordered on April 3.

I've noticed that many other reviewers have observed the same problem, and like others have commented I'll now probably have to buy my bin liners elsewhere.

EDIT: In case this is useful to others, I've measured the width of my bin and it's about 28.5cm. Looking at how much smaller the bags are now I don't think it will work with anything wider than 25cm (perhaps 26 at the most).
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