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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2011
I am a Uni student and ALWAYS tight on money. Have done a lot of research before deciding.I have had the AE2 for about 6 months now and I can say that they have exceeded my expectations! I wanted a decent pair of headphones around [] quid. Options were beats or the ae2. The main reason why I didn't go for beats was cause of the extra bass it offers. Bass takes away from the vocals and the lyrics of a song. Also the build quality of the beats solo is a bit dodgy.

Important points:
1) The ae2 are not meant to be noise-cancelling. However considering the size of the cans(they cover your ear completely), its hard to hear anything but the song. Vast improvement over the original AE.

2) The cushioning on the cans is AMAZING! Very comfortable and soothing.

3) Material used is sturdy and overall build quality is excellent.

4) Sound is crisp and clear with the right amount of bass. Bose have been in the headphones market for years unlike the relatively new beats. If I was more in hip-hop, I would go for beats. However if rock or trance is your thing, definitely ae2.

5) Get a nice carry pouch as well. Cans can be folded in.

6) Works in planes without any additional wires. I travel a lot!

I love my headphones. Definitely one of my good investments. I would recommend this product to everyone looking in the 100-150 range. Do check out video reviews on youtube as well(always helps).
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on 23 March 2014
I had to dither over whether I needed noise cancelling or wireless. Wireless won out, though I have tried the noise cancelling ones and the technology amazes me.

Now, I used to design sound systems for very expensive cars and thirty years on, I still believe I have a keen pair of lug holes on me. Therefore, I can say that the range on these phones is the best I've heard in many a year. Tops are crisp ans bass is strong and flat (bass drum for example). I've listened to a variety of music including favourites which when I was sound testing, came on tape !

These days, I use my Sony Z1 phone and with the dynamic boost engaged in the software, these headphones sound incredible. I get about 7 hours out of a charge and of course if you wish, you can use them as corded with the adapter provided, though I've only done that once because I like the freedom of wireless.

I was amazed whilst listening to some music when my phone rang, it paused the music and I was able to talk to the called whilst wearing the headphones as there's a mic built in. This did come as a bit of a surprise first time it happened.

Additionally, the phones are nicely finished off, very light in fact if I could give them 10 stars I would. I know this kind of money is a lot of money for headphones, but this is one big ticket purchase where I have not regretted shelling out for a moment. Fantastic.
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on 12 March 2014
This is a somewhat brief review of the AE2's:

As a student who works part time, these came in at the 'affordable' level. This is going to be different for everybody, based on what they have bought previously and how much they expect to use it. As someone who listens to hours of music and podcasts a day whilst travelling or completing coursework, I found the price slightly easier to justify. Like I said, this is going to vary between person to person. £130 isn't cheap, and people are always going to argue that their '£5' headphones from Argos sound perfect! Consider how much you are planning to use them, and if the time is quite significant, then make sure your investment is also significant. I would personally based on my somewhat extensive experience of many different brands, that these headphones are some of the best for what you get. Audiophiles will argue that Sennheiser is a better option, but I personally find them to be very uncomfortable.

I also had to consider that I will use these when I go off to University in September, so they will hopefully last for at least 4 years.

This may be important to some potential buyers! As someone who is personally not very interested in 'cool' looking headphones, this was not a major factor when it came to making a decision. There are other brands out there that will 'turn peoples heads' on the street *cough* Beats *cough*, so if you are looking for some ostentatious headphones such as those, this may put you off. By no means do these headphones look ugly however, it's just that the focus of the product was definitely on sound quality and durability as opposed to style. This suits me however, and I actually like the look of them a lot. If you want something cool, first maybe try them out in a store to see if it meets your needs!

The sound quality is superb! The only real way to see if this is exactly what you want is to try them out for yourself. This is exactly what I did in my local John Lewis, and this helped to make my decision. Different headphones have different preference from their users based on the music they listen to. Some brands boast booming bass, while some higher clarity or fidelity. As someone who listens to a diverse range of music, (pop, techno, classical, rock, alternative) the AE2s seemed to come across as adept 'all rounders'. They do somewhat lack bass if you indulge in dubstep, or heavy metal is your forté, though this can be altered in most smartphone/iPod/device EQ's. As a general user who appreciates good music, I won't lie and say I am an audiophile. However, I will argue that these headphones DO sound better than a lot of the brands I have tried out. I will stress however, that this is my opinion, and it is key that you make your own decision through personal testing. That is the only way that you will know if you are happy with your choice.

The material used is hard plastic. At first touch they appear to be somewhat flimsy or poorly constructed. However, they are very strong and have taken many a journey in my coat pocket or bag unscathed. As a result of their design, they are quite light. This is nice and adds to the comfort of the headphones substantially.

This was one of the most important aspects for me when it came to choosing a pair of headphones to purchase. As much as I appreciate good quality music, there is no point if the headphones themselves cannot be worn for long periods of time or hurt your ears. These are so comfortable, I often forget them are on my head! The ear cups have a around-ear design that sits snugly around the ear and does not push hard against the head at all. If you plan to use headphones on a daily basis, this should be one of your key factors when you make a decision. Again, I would advise trying these out, then you will be able to fully experience the goodness!

The final thing I would like to note is that the AE2s have a cable that runs from the headphones to the devices. The cable DOES plug out of the headphones however! This means that if the cable snags/breaks/is chewed upon/severed, you can simply buy a new one! I have been through 6 (yes, six) pairs of earphones, each of which broke in succession through snagging on nearby furniture or on public transport. As I expect this to be inevitable with these, it is comforting to know that I can simply purchase a replacement cable for £5. This may not be of interest to you, but I though I would point it out since this greatly impacted my decision to purchase these, given the large investment.
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on 30 July 2011
I tried these headphones on in the shop, along with the older version (AE1's), Beats by dre's, and several of the other Boses and these gave such a better sound than all of them in my opinion. The bass is really defined, without being overpowering, you actually hear so much more to the song when listening on these.. Amazing sound.

I have had these about 3 months, i use them most days and would honestly say that they are the best headphones i have ever used... They say they are not noise-cancelling, however, when music is playing, you cant hear people talking in the background atall.. Not worth the extra £100 or so for the noise-cancellers in my honest opinion.

These headphones have a nice, quality feel to them, adjust to the shape/size of your head, and are so comfortable to use, even for a few hours.. And best of all, great sound!

Overall, a great product which i am pleased i purchased. I would recommend to anyone...
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on 6 June 2012
Excellent headphones with the sound quality, comfort and noise isolation I was looking for.

Music is a passion of mine, I love listening to diverse genres and I love making music. A choice of headphones was thus an important one and was rather confusing considering the number of forums and opinions thrown about.

My advise is that no matter what you read, nothing comes close to actually trying them out first before parting with you cash. There are headphones that sound truly amazing but they leak sound, or are immensely uncomfortable and can only be tolerated for a short time. Some headphones have a high impedance and thus the volume generated when driven by an ipod or mobile phone is insufficient to produce the listening experience you desire.

The Bose AE2 headphones are a great balance of all the characteristics I wanted. They are the most comfortable headphones I have ever experienced and the sound they produce is well balanced and defined. The noise isolation is excellent considering there is no active noise reduction. The fit and comfort just makes this happen.

Bose does not publish any technical information about their products but do not let this put you off considering and trying them before deciding. If you are looking for overpowering bass at the expense of definition at other frequencies, then these are not the headphones for you, try other brands. The bass on the AE2's is well balanced, and sufficient and I listen to hip hop alot.

The AE2's are considerably better than the AE1's in my opinion. Not only are they more comfortable but they sound better. I am not sure if this is entirely due to the driver as the improved isolation and fit may be contributing.

The AE2's do not look as flash as the more expensive models made by Bose, the styling is minimal and much of it is plastic. Durability may be an issue if they are not treated well.

The one major complaint I have is the cable. Bose really should have put a more substantial cable on £100 headphones. Replacement cables can be purchased for a small amount and Bose have designed the cable to pull out of the headset but all this could have been avoided if they just made a stronger cable.

Bose offers a decent warranty for 1yr and a brilliant 30 day trial option. These are worth investigating.

I would just like to say that whilst there are headphones that sound better at this price point, the overall package that the AE2's offers was the best choice for me. I can use these for 10 hours straight and feel no discomfort. Most importantly, music through these is a great experience no matter what genre. And if you wish to play about with the eq on your player to suit what you listen to, my feeling is that the result is always better if you start with a balanced sound which these headphones certainly provide.

My final thoughts, try headphones before you buy, and consider not only sound quality but also comfort, noise isolation, leakage, and impedance. Whatever you decide, enjoy the music.
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on 19 August 2015
This has been a really challenging purchase.
Having agonised between 2 Bluetooth headphones the Phillips Fidelio and the Bose AE2w, which I had purchased earlier The Phillips Fidelio which had won the what Hi fi 2014 award and produces a full sound but pairing with devices, especially Apple devices is a nightmare. After many repeated attempts it finally paired with my Iphone 6 but on Ipod Touch it was hit and miss and Macbook it just failed to pair. The sound was "predictable" ( slightly overcooked) from the Fidelio but the comfort put me off. Noise isolation was also limited as it is over ears.
Having debated between Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling to take on my travels. Bluetooth won out and then came the decision between sticking to Bose Quiet Comfort 25 this Bose Bluetooth which was nearly £100 pounds cheaper and the PSB M4U2.The PSB M42U had everything but the sound is bass heavy and the unit is too bulky for travelling. Been a big fan of PSB speakers but on headphones they are not there.
Having now tried the both this Bose with both the Bluetooth on when I am out and about, I can say the Bose wins hands down on Rock ( balanced), Jazz ( not bass heavy) and Classical ( piano & orchestra solos are picked out). Have paired it successfully with all my Apple Devices ( Iphone & ipod touch). Sound on Bluetooth is also excellent. If you are going to use this headphone without Bluetooth in case you are charging - a full charge takes 3 hours and the great thing is unlike the Fidelio you can take the bluetooth module and use it as a normal pair of headphones. Great news in that it paired with Macbook 2014 and even with my old ipod classic with bluetooth Kokkia module. Even better if you use the saving versus the noise cancelling Bose to invest in a Audio quest Dragonfly DAC (about £125) and then you have the best of both worlds. Headphone heaven with a Bluetooth and no wires and a great well nuanced sound with great comfort and value.
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on 3 February 2012
These are my first over ear phones and I must say I am very impressed with my purchase. I actually bought them for gaming quietly on my 360 and I honestly think these phones were made for gaming. All musical genres sound great through them too and they are sooo comfortable.
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on 17 October 2015
Absolutely excellent i was waiting to buy these bluetooth headphones for months. I saw the price to increase and decrease almost every month, then i decided to buy them. I absolutely love them they have the quality of Bose and the sound is crystal clear especially for someone who loves the music so much. There are bluetooth but they are giving you the choice to use them with the cord plus a nice black pouch is coming with them.
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on 3 August 2013
When i first ordered these headphones I had never tried both the ae2ws or mdr1's . I could not find any direct comparisons and since the bose were £20 cheaper than the sony mdrs i though i would give them a shot.
The packaging was sub-par and had very less emphasis however the packing doeskin really matter to me.
The quality of the headphones are average for the premium price you are paying and the side Bluetooth module should really be built in and are not attractive at all.

The sound quality was extremely disappointing for a £200 set of headphones. I could tell no difference in sound compared to my £30 Sennheiser CXC300II in ears. I swiftly returned the headphones.

After much persuasion from relatives and friends I was inclined to give the Sony MDR's a shot. I bought them at £220 shipped.
I must say i was really blown away. These are not comparable to the bose ae2ws. The bass and sound quality are far superior.
The build quality clearly reflects its premium price .
Battery life is 30 Hours compared to 8 hours with the bose!!!!

If these headphones were £100 they would be priced correctly. I own many bose items but this was a let down.
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on 12 February 2015
Saw that the price was reduced and that was the final nudge I needed - The base could be better but I think I am saying that because I had beats headphones before this - I choose these over the beats wireless because if the rechargeable blue-tooth battery runs out you can plug in the wire and get the same sound quality. I would hate the reason that I am not able to use my headphones is because I forgot to charge it..

It's Bose - quality comes as standard
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