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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2011
In the box (besides the bike) You'll get an Allen-key, and an all-in-one screwdriver/bolt tightner thingy, which saved me having to root around in my toolboxes for the right gear, so that it self was a bonus with this purchase.

Three things I'd like to highlight to you all:

1st/ PARTS -
There should be no need to panic like i did about missing screws or bolts, like in the case for the saddle and the pedals, as the screws/bolts are already attached to the saddle and the pedals are one-piece screw in's =)

2nd/ SET UP -
It's simple enough, BUT, when you come to the part where you have to hook up the tension cable (steel wire) to base, my advice is to lower the setting to 1 using the black twist dial.
I got stuck for a while trying to stretch the steel wire by hand to connect it, and as much as I am strong, and it felt like i could do it, i finally had to concede that I'm not that able to beat the steel cable. So i had to call up and this is when i learned about lowering the setting to 1 via the black twist dial as it isn't mentioned in the instructions - instructions i didn't have to read until i got to that part =(

3rd and final/ COMPUTER -
At the back of the computer unit where you put the batteries in, the battery lid can fall inside the computer unit, so my advice be careful or use tape to secure it in a way that you only have to press it open and it drops down.
I have had the lid fall inside the unit, but it fell back out again before i could even turn it around to the back to look.

As for the computer it self, it's a basic LCD display with a one touch button change that takes you through all the various display modes.
There is a time feature on the computer, but i don't see the need for it and so there's no point trying to figure out how to set the time using just the one button, which would probably just annoy you, and it's your body which will correctly determine how long you can go anyway, not the clock.

The pulse reading feature seems to be ok, i have another CPU based device which accurately shows pulse levels and the bike's computer reading is close enough to trust. However, while the pulse reading is what i use most, it's the exercise we're after here and not the computer functions really - and the bike will certainly give that to you, IF you really want the exercise that is.

One feature besides the pulse which you might find helpful will be the distance reading, this is crucial for mental discipline, something a lot of people seem to be lacking in these days.

Set yourself some goals and make it happen!


So, knowing about lowering the tension setting to one to hook that steel wire up, full set up should only take around 5-10 minutes if you're doing it yourself like i was, going from unpack to full set up and using it.


I'm 6ft and ~16stone and a leg measurement of 34 and at the maximum height on the saddle setting I can operate the bike without any clearance issues.

I'm well built and i have had this bike at tension setting 8 which is the toughest it goes, and i have been really thrashing the bike by pushing myself to my limit of pain and for how long i can take that pain and i have to say the bike holds up nicely. - There's simply no other way to test than to properly thrash it!

The tension setting on this bike when at its maximum is bang on for the type of exercise you're doing, because with a bike, you're aiming for 'Toning and Endurance' for your leg muscles - do not expect to walk away from using this bike to end up with massive unnatural bodybuilders legs because NO BIKE will give that to you, for that you must hit the gym and push the weights, I know, because this is what I have done in the past.
Honestly though, you don't need to even use this at max tension setting. You could quite happily use this bike on setting one for a few months so as to teach your muscles properly (yes i said teach your muscles) before upping the settings and i would actually recommend doing this anyway simply for your heart and lungs to get a bit of love while not stressing your legs much at all.

There is 8 height adjustments on the saddle neck, and the settings are a cinch to adjust. So even if you're shorter than 6ft there's going to be a comfortable setting for you.

I actually do sessions with the saddle lowered to as low as i can comfortably do full cycles so as to get more work into my muscles (If you choose to do this, then please take it easy if you're tall and go slow-ish. (tearing quadriceps is not nice)

In regards to comfort - The saddle does have quite a good cushion on it, i can press my thumb into it a fair amount, but like most standard supplied saddles they become uncomfortable, at which time getting a cushion off the sofa would be a good idea, or perhaps investing in one of those fancy gel saddles the trendies bang on about - but I'm a bit of a tightwad with money, so the pillow/cushion option does me fine.

I easily give the Body Sculpture BC1700 Exercise Bike a full 5 stars here, it certainly performed under the punishment i gave it during testing and it's still going, and besides the priceless workouts you'll get and benefit to your health and fitness, you also get a LCD computer which gives you fairly accurate pulse readings etc, and for the current price of £90 it's certainly worth picking this up to use now.

It would also be a great and very thoughtful gift for a young teenager as well - get them off those games consoles for an hour each day!

If i had tried this at a friends house and never heard of it before then, i would have been expecting and willing to pay around £130 or so, and I would have felt I got my monies worth as well. Some people today don't realize just how precious health is until it hits them one day that their health is failing - don't make that mistake, do something about your health today!
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on 3 January 2012
The product was easy to assemble once you mastered the instructions. Everything works and the machine is robust and stable in use. You do need a better spanner to tighten up the saddle nuts.
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on 25 September 2012
I bought this exercise bike after rupturing nearly all the ligaments in my knee, I needed to get the strength built back in the knee to cope with the operation and this bike was perfect - good price, easy to build, adjustable and varing hardness in pedaling. Knee is now a lot stronger and would recommed to anyone.
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on 23 December 2011
Bought this for my son, who is a keen cyclist and he rates this very high and you can go from easy motion to high very easy and with the computer it tells him all he needs to know.great value for money,easy assembled,everyone's a winner.
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on 8 January 2012
It was a bit difficult to assemble because the upper cable wire cannot reach the lower cable hook. The upper cable wire needed to be adjusted so it will be longer, by using a pliers (no.15 on the diagram. There are sounds coming from the paddles upon use. Apart from that, it is a nice equipment to use for a beginner. It is not very heavy and can be moved easily around the house. The electronic board works fine as well.
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on 17 February 2012
First of all there is an inaccuracy in a previous review: In Step 2 of the assembly the tension knob is set to "8" as stated in the assembly instructions and not "1" as stated in the review. Even so the cable needed a bit of a pull to get it installed correctly in the top lug. Otherwise the assembly was quick and straightforward and the assembly instructions were clear and concise: The supplied Allen key and spanner/screwdriver tool was perfect until I arrived at the seat assembly where it was only adequate. Even so I assembled it in under an hour.

In use the straps on the pedals were cumbersome to use, the main problem being that they were already fitted and lying flat on the pedal which means that I have to bend forward to wrap each in turn around my shoe. Probably after some use this problem will fix itself. The seat height is adjustable but the handlebar height is not adjustable being only adjustable for tilt so this would not be suitable for the whole family or for very short people. The exercise computer has auto on/off and automatically goes into auto scan mode where it cycles through the different functions at 6 second intervals or functions can be selected by pressing the button. I found the hand pulse function especially useful.

The bike is strong and sturdy and is stable and steady in use even when pedalling fast. I'm a leisure cyclist and this exercise bike is about equal to that, the lower tension levels about equal to cycling on the flat and the higher tensions about equal to uphill pedalling on a steady incline: Power uphill cyclists will need to look for a bike with more powerful tension. On page 7 of the manual there is an outline of an exercise regime which is adequate and simple to understand with warm up exercises and an exercise phase with a target heart rate according to age: Personally I think this is rather measly and I would have like an expanded version providing more instructions: For example I had to look up instructions for the warm up exercises on the Internet!

I give this bike 5 stars for its sturdiness, simplicity and ease of use. It does what it's supposed to do with bells on!
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on 29 May 2014
I bought this bike 8 months ago and today it finally broke beyond repair. This is from about 2 hours use per week. It eventually started to wobble more from side to side and after unscrewing it I saw that part of the chassis had cracked making it unstable.

Other minor problems were it always squeaked when on the highest setting and parts of the digital display would become faint periodically.
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on 27 August 2012
This bike has been sent back to Amazon. Firstly the pedals have a jerky movement whilst pedaling. Not at all the smooth magnetic motion as advertised and the reason for purchasing this bike. Secondly the gear wire which attaches from the handles down to the pedal box is 1cm too short, making it impossible to change gear. As usually, Amazon provide a first class service.
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on 2 April 2012
Body Sculpture BC1700 Exercise Bike - Silver/Black

I purchased this bike to help with physio after an operation, so it has been used every day since purchasing and has held up very well. It is easy to assemble and feels solid and secure during use. It offers 8 different settings of resistance on the magnetic fly wheel, I would personally prefer it if the hardest one was quite a bit more resistive. At the moment I have it set constantly in the hardest setting. My partner has also been using the bike and having an easily adjustable saddle height and handle bar mounting was very useful, but after only a few changes the screw fitting for the handlebars has broken. The thread on the screws crossed and became useless. The metal used is not the strongest so I have replaced this with my own 8mm bolt and nuts which works perfectly well. The only other point to mention would be the saddle itself, although on first appearance looks quite soft and comfortable, after a full session on the bike you will be walking like John Wayne. Overall this is a good solid bike for the price I paid. There are some bikes on the market for less than this but they are not solid and do not offer the features and resistance of this bike. I have been pleased with the purchase and if I was looking again I would probably buy this, if you want a bike that will solve the small irritations I have mentioned above you jump up quite a lot of money.
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on 8 May 2013
I had to be very careful when getting a bike, so I looked for somtime. I am a disabled person with walking difficulties, so I needed a bike that was sturdy enough for me to get onto on my own, this is perfect, the feet give it good stability and I feel very safe getting on and off. The handle bars can be adjusted which is also a plus, I can move them while I get on and then when I need to get off. The size of the bike is perfect for a bedroom, and it had enough resistance points for you to go from very low to high if your health will allow. The only thing I would say is the foot straps are held together by velcro, it is strong enough to hold your foot in place, but for me the straps collapse when you've finished and this makes putting your foot in abit difficult, I solved this by placing shoes in mine to try to mould them into staying up and it works.
All in all a good buy, so pleased with it, as I nearly got one at double the price. This ticked all my boxes
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