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on 27 July 2013
I have the brita fill & go bottle, which are good but they are a bit bulky, especially for taking to gym etc so I thought I try this one. After reading the reviews, which seem really mixed but it appeared this type, the sports one was better than the original type bobble.

Anyway, I cannot fault it, does exactly what it says, water tastes better and it doesn't leak at all. Some of the reviews moaned that you had to squeeze the bottle, well yes you do but I fail to see how this is such a bad thing.
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on 13 December 2013
Bobble were one of the first, if not THE first, to introduce a filter system into a bottle. Much like the Apple iPad, though, it doesn't matter who is first, it is more important to be the first to get it right. Bobble have got it right.

I am very fussy about water filtering as the quality of water in my area is not good. At the office the water you get from the machine can sometimes appear murky or have bits in it. I have therefore had several Bobble bottles, small and large, for different functions (one for home, one for the office, one for travel etc). They have been great and the Bobble bottles have proved to be the best water filtering bottles I have tried. This model, however, is my favourite and I believe the best for most functions as the plastic of the bottle feels studier and more flexible - I reckon it would stand more applied pressure - and there is an attached but removable cap for extra safety from leaks in your bag. It is a little easier to lose the cap on the regular Bobble bottles as it isn't attached, but at least you got a new one with each filter. A cap is not only a safeguard against potential leaks, but is also useful to protect the nozzle from contamination when not in use.

In practice, though, a cap isn't really needed to prevent leaks, as long as you press the nozzle down firmly, the bottle is water-tight. I can turn it upside down and shake it vigourously and squeeze it without the cap and the nozzle remains perfectly dry. No leaks at all. Please note here, that I have gone through well over a couple of dozen of filters for the various bottles I own and it was only the very first one that I thought that leaked and that was because I found I didn't push the nozzle down fully because it was stiff. Reading other negative reviews that say the bottles leak, I would say either they aren't pushing the nozzle down fully (it can be very stiff when brand new)or the filter is faulty. I have never had a faulty filter, but that doesn't mean to say others haven't. The saving grace with these bottles is that the nozzle and filter are all-in-one and if you replace the filter, you also replace the nozzle. It is a shame that people have rejected the whole Bobble concept if they have been unlucky to get a faulty filter.

This bottle may be a little large for some functions such as travel, but the bottle is the best Bobble all rounder.

For reference and as a matter of interest, I tried the Brita Fill And Go bottle (see separate review)as I am a big fan of their filter jugs, but the bottle felt like a flawed prototype in comparision to the Bobble. Each filter only lasted a week too, whilst a Bobble filter lasts 8x as long. Brita can do much better and I hope they will do so.
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on 16 September 2015
It was ok while it lasted, unfortunately the cap/filter on it cracked within a week on one then two weeks on the next; this also happened to another we bought for my wife so we decided to not continue replacing them. They were getting moderate to heavy use when they cracked, but then that's what they're for. While it worked the filtration appeared to work well and there is good capacity in the sports bottle, the material of the bottle itself being less brittle and more robust. We did find they tend to make a lot of noise when drinking from them which made us self conscious in quiet public areas; additionally the sports bottle doen't fit into a standard cup holder so is not great to use in the car.
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on 13 January 2015
Bought this as I've been a Bobble fan for a while now and wanted a slightly larger bottle than the standard one. The sport versions, in my opinion, are far superior. the plastic feels much more robust, and the fact that the cap is stuck on with a rubber loop is much better than the little plastic one on the original design. I also find the sport bottles easier to drink from as you can squeeze them better and they don't feel like they might split, as the traditional ones sometimes doo. I've also dropped it on the pavement many times as it has survived well (I cracked my traditional one when I dropped it). The extra 250ml of volume makes a huge difference too as 500ml was too small, but 1l felt overkill. Would recommend to anyone wanting a Bobble.
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on 23 May 2014
I've been a fan of Bobbles from the start. They allow me to have decent drinking water when I'm travelling, without having to pay silly prices to buy (especially after security in airports), and without having to throw away hundreds of plastic bottles.

The sports ones are 750ml, which is slightly larger than the regular bottles (550ml), which for me is the perfect size, without being unwieldy and awkward to fit in a bag. Add to that the rubber cover and the bright colours (making them harder to leave somewhere by accident!), and this is a great all round product.
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on 6 June 2015
I use mine everyday at work to turn the nasty water fountain into something drinkable. I save a packet in doing so compared to buying bottled water!

I've had the normal and this Sport version of the Bobble and I'd suggest going for the Sport every time. The material on the normal version feels brittle by comparison, you end up leaving creases in it over time. This Sport version is more flexible so no such concerns. It's also larger in capacity too, which is an added bonus.
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on 14 April 2015
Had a 'normal' bobble bottle which has sustained some serious scratches and wear (mainly from use when cycling-having been dropped a few times) love the concept and super handy for uni, but the rigid plastic was irritating on occasions. This sport version completely overcomes this and has a handy cap addition (perfect for cyclists). Extremely pleased with bobble yet again. Brilliantly speedy next day delivery
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on 7 February 2015
I've been looking for this everywhere after seeing a friend using it. I have owned several bobble bottles and I wanted a sport one to keep in my bag. I love it. It's the nicest, most practical Bobble I've had. The rubber cap means I don't need two hands to drink and the "rubbery" bottle feels sturdier and more resilient than the transparent version. Note that the size is between the two transparent ones.
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on 23 July 2013
We use bobble bottles all the time, at home, car, office or on the go. The idea of not losing the cap is very welcome, but the cap was a little tight in the beginning. After some use is has become better to open.

However this has the same issues as other bobble bottles, the nozzle drips if you're not careful when drinking from it.

It would be great if they made this in a smaller size too, to carry in a small bag or put in the car drinks holder. This one doesn't fir in mine. You can of course always get a smaller bobble bottle and fit the filter/cap from this one.
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on 21 May 2014
Caveat emptor.
Have bought several of these for the family, for sport, cycling, gym, work etc.
My wife's leaks from the end of the nozzle constantly. It's leaked in her bag, on the floor - any time it's not upright.
She leaves it on her night stand now & uses a refilled evian water bottle again when she has to go on the move.
They all leak around the bottom of the cap unless you really make sure it's snug tight.
The cap of mine split when I screwed it snug, so have returned it. Now trying the camelbak groove to see if it's better.
Fingers crossed.
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