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on 30 January 2013
Apparently in a previous life, it didn't have a tab key. Well I'm very pleased to say, they've shuffled the 'number' keys along and squeezed one in. Where the escape key might normally be on a bigger keyboard, top-left. There is now a tab key. They've doubled the nine and zero keys up with volume functions and something else. (There is also an 'fn' key). I won't try to explain unless somebody wants me to. But it works.

On to other items as it's a bit naff just to say the above and nothing else. In general I'm delighted. Pro's and cons below:

+ Looks like it's an official add-on, especially when used as a cover - it has the same patterned surface and colour scheme. Though the pattern is a slightly different scale, this is only an observation and not a complaint. If we're being extremely fussy - the silver coloured strip is a slightly different shade than that on the nexus. It's barely noticeable.
+ On-off switch included.
+ Rechargeable.
+ An orange light to indicate that it's charging, and a blue one that shows that the Bluetooth is connecting (which both time out fairly quickly).
+ I can imagine that if you wanted, you could put a very thin capacitive sylus in the recess which you normally sit the nexus in whilst in use, when it's covered and packaged away - can't confirm that though.
+ Fits perfectly over the nexus when used as a cover.
+ Does improve the speed of typing. I have middle sized man-fingers. See below for related con.
+ Connection is easy.
+ Offers "hard-shell" covering
+ Adds as little size and heft to the nexus as I think it's possible to do whilst covering and adding the functionality of a physical keyboard as well. Compared to other covers, it's very, very economical on size.
+ I have no 'switching off' issues as reported in other reviews. This was to do with a magnet. I assume this is resolved as part of an update to it's design.
+ It's a generally very nice piece of design which seems well considered in most respects - it's nice to use just because of the look and feel of it.

- Doesn't cover the back of the nexus - I don't feel so bad about that as the nexus's back doesn't seem prone to scratching.
- It's a little fiddly to unclip - but I'm getting used to it
- The keyboard deflects a little toward the centre when pressing keys. (as do many others to be fair).
- I don't think it will charge off the nexus without tinkering with software (I have a cable but as yet I've not achieved this - will update if I do).
- It is limited by the size of the nexus of course, so it's smallness whilst typing is something to overcome. I'm already noticeably better at it after 1 day's use. There may always be some typos though. Is it possible to switch on corrective typing when using a physical keyboard?? That would help. Knowing android it probably is.
- Viewing angle not movable - no issue with this so far though.
- It doesn't fix to the nexus when in use. So probably no good for use at odd angles. I have used it laying on the bed though and it was fine.
- There's no way that I know of to check the level of charge of the battery in the keyboard

A neutral point is that it "clips" to the nexus when used as a cover. This was a concern before I bought it. It sounded like it might scratch the nexus. Thankfully, it doesn't at all. I also like being able to unfasten something without friction and bending being involved - however this item is such a perfect fit that the friction and bending which is involved is extremely minor. As such I don't consider it an issue.

That's all for now. I hope it helps. I also got an el-cheapo soft black zip up skin type cover which easily covers both the nexus and the keyboard when both coupled together. This will keep debris from my bag getting between the keyboard and screen. I'm very happy with this set up.

Would I reccomend the product - yes. It's pros far outweigh it's cons in my view - which are all minor. Worthy of 4.5 stars without a doubt.
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on 21 February 2013
I am just typing this review on my new IVSO Wireless keyboard which I've bought via Amazon services. My first impressions are really positive. The keyboard is well made of high quality materials and looks really attractive once combined to my nexus 7. The typing is swift but I suppose it takes time to get used to it. My keyboard has got a Tab Key which is now where the ESC button usually sits. The quality of the keys is very good, but I think typing is possible with two fingers only . Still if you don't like the onscreen typing, it helps a great deal. I was thinking of buying the Logitech Keyboard for Android but the price and the size decided against it. The IVSO keyboard is a perfect match for your Nexus 7 as it is designed for the device. All in all, I recommend the product to anybody who is looking for a good wireless keyboard for Nexus 7 device, you won't disappointed
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on 3 February 2014
This keyboard makes typing far easier and quicker than any on-screen keyboard (even, dare I say it, Swype!). It is easy to set up (just turn the keyboard on and pair it with the on-screen instruction with Nexus), the battery life is more than ample, and has a smart, compact design.

However, there are some minor flaws:

1) The angle is fixed. This means that the Nexus would have to be just below eye level; however for a typical desk, the angle is too steep as the tablet would be too low for comfort reading. I think the designer should consider a way to make the angle adjustable some way or another

2) The tablet simply sits on the keyboard - not secure at all. This keyboard only works at a flat surface

3) The keyboard layout is US style only - which means that the all important "£" sign is missing. Most people wouldn't care, but I do use my Android for work emails, and the omission of "£" is unfortunate!

However, I have found a quick workaround:

1. Go to "Language and Input" settings within the Android Main settings
2. Select "Broadcom Bluetooth HID"
3. Go to "Set up keyboard layouts"
4. Select both "English (UK)" and "English (US)".
5. For the most part you can use English (US) as it corresponds with all the keys. But for missing symbols such as £ and €, press CTRL+SPACE any time to quickly switch to "English (UK)" and hit SHIFT+3 to get "£" and ALT+4 to get "€".

Anyway, for these minor flaws I am deducting a star, otherwise it is solid, good keyboard and works well otherwise.
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on 28 June 2016
It's a while since I bought this and it was of good quality. I bought it to fit with the first tablet I ever purchased but eventually got used to managing my tablet without it. I would say it was a good starter keyboard at a reasonable price.
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on 15 July 2013
Bought this and instantly regretted it. Product feels solid enough but keys are a little finicky - they feel like they could fall off any second and they're quite small - though obviously there is nothing that could be done about that.

Contacted seller to return it and they replied saying they'd refund 50% of the price if I kept it. Decided to take them up on it but they never emailed me back. Contacted them twice more and they didn't even bother to respond. So just sent it back for a full 100% refund.
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on 11 September 2013
Works great, battery life good, and it has a tab key which not all of these types of keyboard provide. Great protection for the Nexus too.
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on 25 February 2014
Easy to type on, fits great. Was bought as a gift, but my mother liked it so much I purchased one for my galaxy note 10.1, too!
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on 24 December 2012
A great device that serves as both a good case and a good keyboard. As a bonus it also makes a good stand. Definitely recommended.
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on 27 December 2012
I'm learning Python on my Nexus7 using SL4A and this little keyboard is just the job for short bursts of scripting. The "External Keyboard Helper pro" app from the Play store sorts out the American keyboard layout and also allows you to redefine keys, I've changed caps lock into Tab which is more useful in Python. Obviously the size is an issue if you want write for longer periods but for short emails and light scripting its perfectly fine. Also works well as stand and a case.
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on 19 February 2013
Superb quality keyboard for the price. Sturdy, and with a nice feedback from the keys whilst typing. This type of keyboard provides 3 functions:

As a case: the hard shell of the keyboard complements the Nexus 7 brilliantly. The case grasps the N7 tightly although it does take a bit of practice to get the knack of separating them but once you get used to it, it's a nice fit. It does add a fair bit of weight over the standard faux-leather cases you can get but that is compensated by being more streamlined. The upside is that where the basic case was a snug fit in my coat pocket this case slides in with ease.

As a stand: the N7 simply slots into the groove at the rear of the keyboard. The angle is good for desk usage, but a on the steep side when using it on a lap or low tray on an airplane, for instance. The beauty of a bluetooth keyboard is that you can prop the N7 up anywhere so you're not limited to keeping it connected to the stand. The other minor gripe is that when typing it is possible to tap the screen with your knuckles if you have non-dainty hands, which can misplace the cursor although once you get used to how to type on this sized keyboard it shouldn't be a problem.

As a keyboard: the keyboard is generally well laid out and with the recent addition of a TAB key you don't have to go to the trouble of mapping other keys to make up for that omission. The only flaw is with the placement of the Up cursor key and the half-sized Shift key on the bottom-right of the keyboard. As a result it's very easy to hit the Up cursor key when going for the Shift key and again misplacing the cursor. This is the only reason to drop a rating down to 4 stars and apart from this oversight, it's an easy keyboard to type on once you get used to the size which is naturally confined within the dimensions of the N7.

Overall, this is a quality product at a great price. Yes it's a Chinese product that has been rebranded by several firms, but that doesn't detract from the value you get from this keyboard.
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