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on 27 October 2015
Without looking at any reviews, I bought these on Prime.
August 26th I took delivery of these headphones, I wore them at work 8+ hours a day every day without any discomfort to the ears.
October 27th and the band has failed on the control side, I did have these headphones on notch 4 on both sides, and feel that where the weakness is in the band, this issue would not have occurred if both sides were on notch 0 and flush with the main section.

My star rating would have been lower, but these headphones were, and would be GREAT for someone younger, with a SMALLER HEAD, for a great deal less than anything Beats, SkullCandy, Sennheiser etc. can offer these are most certainly great quality. The range and convenience of the bluetooth and speakers was amazing.

Perfect headphones, just not for someone with an adult-sized head.
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on 19 August 2015
Having first listened to CD’s through these headphones in their ‘out of the box’ settings, I really thought the Bluedio’s were not for me because the bass heavy sound they produced was not right. However, they do have a inbuilt equaliser and by pressing the volume + and Volume – buttons simultaneously several times, the music can be transformed to a sound balance that will suit you. Having made these adjustments, I’m now staggered at the amazing sound quality that these cheap bluetooth cans can produce, and I would suggest that many other headphones costing ten times the price would struggle to produce music any better than these.
The Bluedio’s are now a part of our night listening set up at home comprising an Arcam Alpha 7 CD Player with a coax cable to a CYP Headphone DAC, connected to a Taotronics Bluetooth Transmitter paired with these new headphones. Result – a great sound experience every time.

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on 30 December 2016
These are great headphones for the price. Mine have lasted me around 24 months and have been used for everything from winter cycling to gym to on laying on the beach. The battery lasts a very long time which is amazing.

Considering I paid £18ish for them, these are the best and most long lasting wireless headsets I have own, out lasting my much more expensive Beats headphones.

However all good things must come to an end, the power on button has finally given in. It is such a pitty as they were amazing. I have however just found that I can remove the inner workings which should give me access to the power button to fix. However if this fails I will be putting these bad boys into the don't throw away box in the back of the cupboard so that one day I can pull them out and remember all the fun we had together.
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on 12 January 2017
Great headphones while it lasted. Bought this in Nov 2015 but unfortunately the headband has finally given up and both ear pieces snapped and half dangling. I guess I can tape it back up but it's not very attractive looking as I wear them in public a lot. Battery lasts a very long time for using it almost everyday for at least 4 hours. I only have to charge it every 2-3 weeks.

Would give a 5 star for sound quality and battery life but will have to knock a star off for having bad plastic exterior.
review image
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on 19 February 2015
This is very good head set, great sound.
The Goods
1. Value for Money. Since we know the top brands can be as expensive as a Grand and normally around 300-500 range, this one beats those quite comfortably.
2. The sound is great.
3. Connectivity is simple
4. The finish of the product is high quality.
5. The buttons on the right side of the speakers are elegantly placed behind the head.

The Bads
1. Sound Quality when connect to pc/laptop through the provided cable, jack, is not as good as bluetooth sound.
2. I read the reviews left by others before buying this. I read that it keeps your ears warm and I thought that would be good but it turns out, my ears sweat badly in the gym and make me feel as if my whole body is very hot.
3. While the build overall is solid and very smooth it is a bit flimsy around the extension areas
Updated Dec 2015: Actually it broke around those areas. within 3 months of use.
4. The headphones are parallel to each other, don't twist to allow them to fit in angle correctly on top of your ears. our faces are not like boxes, at least no all of us.
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on 21 January 2015
I like them, they are fine, BUT:
- They are too tight on my head, after a while, it starts to hurt, and for some reason, it "vacuums" my ear!
- I usually struggle to turn them on! fully charged, yet it decides not to turn on.
- The sound quality after some time started to go lower, not bad for their purpose, but if you care about sound quality: it is not the best.
- It can be connected in two modes, as a headphone or as a headset. For some reason when I connect it as a headset: the sound is rubbish! but as headphones is fine.

For me: they are good only because they are wireless. I watch my stuff while doing things, moving around.

Edit: After almost a year of use, one of the speakers snapped broken (See picture)
review image
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on 22 January 2016
Sound quality of these headphone is exceptional for the price however there are flaws. Firstly the microphone is more or less useless for calls / Skype etc...it's muffled, low volume and just awful. For me that was no big deal as I really didn't get them for that. However the bigger, fatal flaw is the bit of plastic which slides in and out for adjusting the fit...it's THIN plastic and snaps very easily lasted me a couple of months but then snapped. Do yourself a favour and spend (at present) the 20p more for the Turbine 2 Shooting Brake, has folding cups (handy for fit as well as folding) BUT it has metal 'struts' instead of the thin plastic.
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on 5 February 2015
For the price I paid (£19.79) these are great headphones. I would still be happy with them at double the price! I also have a pair of Photive BTX-6 bluetooth headphones and I would choose these over the Photives any day.

1) Price!
2) Ease of use - the buttons are really intuitive and the bluetooth connection happened almost instantly
3) Sound quality - personally I love it, but I am no audiophile! They are quite bass-heavy. I like that - but not everyone will. Volume is phenomenal - you could literally use these as speakers!
4) Comfort - I've had them on for a few hours and they still feel fine.

1) Unrealistic product image on Amazon. They do not look like that! The picture makes them look metallic. In reality it's just plain white cheap plastic. Although the fake leather headband is nice. The Amazon picture looks more like CGI than a real photo. I think they look OK in real life, but quite cheap. If the product image wasn't so fake I would have given them 5 stars.
2) Blinking blue light while they're connected to a bluetooth device. It is really annoying! If I was taking these on a flight I would try to put tape over it. To be fair - I believe all bluetooth headphones do this.
3) There is a slight background hiss while connected to bluetooth. I think most (or all) bluetooth headphones do this though.

A note about the comfort - These are on-ear headphones (not over-ear), although the "holes" in the pads are quite big so they sit around the edge of your ear. The padding is nice and thick, but not especially soft. They are quite tight (I have a big head) and there is no tilt adjustment on them (only "in and out of the headband"). Having said that - I've had them on for a few hours now and they still feel OK.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these. They are 100% worth £20 and I would still buy them at £40. Maybe even more - but then they'd have to make them look/feel a bit better quality.
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on 2 May 2015
Arrived on time (Prime) Not as plastic looking as some suggest (obviously they could be better build but that would push up the price)
Out of the box and paired with Samsung S5 immediately, also with iPad and iPhone. One reason I also purchased the product was to connect to a Smart TV, they do not connect either the TV isn't "smart" enough or the Headphones are not compatible with set.
Other reviewers have talked about the sound quality. I can say that while listening to music off iTunes it was good sound quality, aal be it a bit "base" heavy; great for some music. While paired both to iPad and phone a call came through, this interupted playback on iPad and connected phone to call. This is not great, the caller sounded as though they were underwater even when turning the volume down. Had to talk really loud to be heard by caller - would draw some looks if in public - On the whole, I would say that these phones are good for the price. Watching films, listening to music is more than ok. The ear cushioning is good, but, as others have mentioned, they do get a little uncomfortable after about an hour of use. So, as a pair of phones: cost - good. Sound quality - Good ( will see how they burn in) Answering and receiving calls - not too great.
Build - better than expected. Would probably been five stars if they also paired to TV. Well packaged, on time.
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on 1 February 2015
I've bought two of these, one for myself and then another for my mother as I was quite impressed.

First of all I'll just go ahead and say the reason I'm so impressed with this headset is the price range. Had it been three times the price I'd likely still be happy but not as much.

The Good:
Can connect to two devices at the same time
It's loud, very loud
Compatibility is good with most devices
It's less than £20
3.5mm jack for normal headphone use or daisy chaining
Battery life is likely to last you until you find yourself next to a charger
Decent range before being disconnected

The Bad:
Build quality is a little flimsy
Annoying voice to tell you when you've reached maximum volume or connected a device, overrides whatever you were listening to, for a considerable amount of time.
Connecting to two devices is not full duplex and simply changes to whichever gave a command last.
Sometimes doesn't reconnect automatically to a device when in range, but this can be solved by pressing the power button briefly
Tends to leak sound at high volumes, make sure you pick music everyone can enjoy

All in all you get a lot more than what you pay for at £20 but if you're looking for a headset to compete with a premium device then you're not going to be impressed. That said you'll have to pay a lot more to find something that has this beat on all fronts.
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