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on 22 September 2011
A Bloody Good Secret is the second book in the Secret McQueen series by Sierra Dean and is out on Tuesday 20 September. Secret is a half vampire half werewolf bounty hunter who works for the Tribunal which is part of the vampire council. If you haven't read book one Something Secret This Way Comes I strongly recommend that you do so because firstly it is a really good book and secondly it also helps with the reading of this book. Please note this review will contain spoilers for the first book so now this your chance to look away now.

At the end of book one, we were left with the massive cliff hanger which was Secret being handed her next assignment for the tribunal which was to assassinate one of her closest friends and warden the vampire Holden Chancery. Book two starts with Secret taking refuge at her Grandmother's house where she has spent the last three months running away from her two werewolf lovers and orders to kill Holden. However things don't go to Secret's plan and she soon finds back in New York. Secret is convinced that Holden is not guilty of his crimes, the only problem with that is Secret doesn't know what crimes he is charged with and no one is willing to tell her. So Secret must find out what it is Holden is supposed to have done and then clear his name. It is a job she is willing to literally die for.

Once again I really enjoyed Ms Dean's voice. Like the first book this is a quick paced, fun light read. This time the story looks deeper into Secret's vampire side unlike the first book which concentrated more on her werewolf side. Her two werewolf lovers Lucas and Desmond took more of a back seat although Secret is still soul bonded to both. Secret also has sort of a romantic encounter with Holden and Sig also appears on Secret's radar. To be honest I was a bit uncomfortable with so many love possibilities and I hope that in future books this gets resolved.

The story line is well played out and I couldn't figure out the ending. I never guessed which of the characters were guilty and it was a shock to eventually discover the perpetrator. We found out more about the characters that we have met before and we were introduced to some new people who I hope make another appearance in particular Kellen Rain and Nolen. We are not given a cliff hanger exactly at the end of this book however I am very interested to find out what happens next. Congratulations Ms Dean on your second book it is a great read I would like to give this book 4 stars.

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on 2 February 2012
I like the writing style, and the sense of humour, and since I have now read quite a few of these urban-fantasy-female-tough-cookie-conflicted-vampire-hunter-werewolf-involved books, I can say that I am becoming quite experienced at picking up the threads.

The negatives:

Like all these heroines, she is amazingly good looking (this one is 'perky'), has issues (family) and has every man/vampire/were she meets gagging to get her into bed. I realise that these are probably not negatives to some readers, but... wouldn't it be refreshingly different if one of these heroines was average looking (see Laura Anne Gilman's books), or was just interested in one man (see a lot of non-urban fantasy novels), or better yet, only had one man interested in her? Oh, and she has the obligatory unusual name.

The positives:

It is actually WONDERFUL to come across one of these heroines capable of NOT mouthing off to everyone. Seriously. How refreshing. This is a woman at 22, still breathing, and employed by vampires, who knows that there are actually situations and people around whom she needs to show respect and keep her mouth shut. No uber tough p*ssing contests and trying to bully people. Not to say she is meek and mild. She does get aggressively chatty to the evil doers, but it suits the scene, and is in context.

She is also capable of admitting that she is wrong (shockingly refreshing), and will even apologise (once so far, I think).

The plot is interesting, the take on vampires is fairly standard, but with enough difference from the norm to hold my interest, and I am genuinely curious find out what happens in book 3 (I read the first two consecutively while ill at home for a few days). This is why I am writing this review to cover both books, and will post it twice.

Both books end on a tantalising cliff-hanger.

The writing is smooth and effectively sets the scene, but I would say that sometimes the author assumes that the readers know more about the emotional relationships between characters than we (the readers) actually do. In one case, when meeting someone for the second time, the individual (were body-guard) showed far more emotional connection and personal knowledge about her (Secret) than was possible. Similar things happened with the were king.

The second book was better than the first, but both were enjoyable. I will be interested to see where the series goes.
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Vampire/werewolf hybrid Secret McQueen has just been delivered her most difficult mission yet; hunt down her mentor and warden Holden. Rather than face this situation, Secret does a runner for the next 3 months until council head Sig and her werewolf mates machinate her return.

Secret has no idea of the crimes Holden is accused of, but she's convinced he's not guilty. She's immediately jumping back into bed with Desmond, but has yet to do the dirty deed with her other soul bonded werewolf Lucas. Add to this strange love triangle an additional love interest as this character is suddenly popping up in Secret's head, and the attraction that has always simmered between her and a vampire friend suddenly bursts into flames.

There is a surprising twist that follows a good amount of action but I'm surprised that Secret manages to keep her mind on the investigation to prove Holden's innocence; considering her more passionate moments with Desmond and her unexpected connection to someone else during their intimate time together. Secret reminded me increasingly of "Anita Blake" as she begins to juggle an escalating number of supernatural love interests, and she's attracted to all of them.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 February 2012
Again a wonderful offering from Sierra Dean. This second book starts off where the cliffhanger from Book one left us, Sierra has been ordered to kill her friend and mentor Holden. Not wanting to be forced into a decision she runs away from both her werewolf soulmates and the vampire council, needless to say she doesn't remain hidden for long. The writer manages to keep the story fresh, witty and interesting without resorting to graphic gore or too many intimate scenes. In this genre it is hard to create something completely new, because most of it has already been written, but she manages to put a fresh face on it anyway. The plot comes together in a perfect way and with an ending that leaves the reader waiting for the next book. I highly recommend the series and look forward to Deep Dark Secret: Secret McQueen, Book 3.
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on 22 March 2012
I absolutely love the Secret McQueen books. Book 2 in the series. Secret is a vampire assassin, and has to help Holden, her vampire friend and guardian, clear his name after being accused by the Vampire Council of a crime that will mean his death. Someone is trying to overthrow the Vampire Council, and Holden has been setup.

Through all of this she has to deal with 2 werewolves who she is soul bonded to.

I like the series as it's funny and witty, and unlike so many other vampire/werewolf books/heroines, she's not miserable, tortured or a martyr. She gets on with things, has a quick mouth (which sometimes lands her in trouble), but she's practical and knows when to fight and when to run.
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on 13 February 2012
again a really great read. just gets better and better wow wow wow. looking forward to her next secret book. to sierra dean thank you for your talent so people like me can enjoy a good laugh
while enjoying a blooming good book.
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on 30 December 2014
Another fabulous installment from Sierra Dean, who is quickly climbing to my top shelf of favourite authors!!!

The last book left me choked, a sinful ending but one that can be forgiven - ONLY because I had this book at the ready!!!

A great storyline, but more so, these books seem to get me thinking more than most... My friends know I try to second guess books and this one is the same but because there is the the wolfish double bonding extra, I'm fighting with my feelings... Lucas seems the ever 'hotness' of the book boyfriend world but he is slick with charm and maturity... Desmond, he's just delectable and my favourite of the two, so of course I am thrilled at the proposition he makes in this book that Secret can't say 'no' to!

Holden is hiding, as we know from the previous book, that cliff hanger was a doozer!!! It's up to Secret to either bring him in or sort things out... so, again, my feeling chipped away at me, I passed judgement too quickly because of the dreams.... and boy was I glad to give him a reprieve... BUT now I'm thinking about how I wanted Secret and Holden to be in a relationship from the prequel book!!! Ms Dean, what are you doing to me????

What I love about these books is that there is not just a main storyline, there is the under current of sidelines that keep you intrigued as much as the main plot and I lose myself in these pages... However, the thing that's gotten to me is that dam finishing line... this time, the cliff hanger may not be the same as the previous one, but it's one that has me thinking Oh S***!!!

Loving this series!!!
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on 1 July 2014
Another good story by the author Sierra Dean.
The storyline was this time based on Holden the warden of Secret. Who is frame d and Secret is told she must kill him.
The rest you need to read and find out what happens.
4 Stars
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on 13 July 2013
Continuing the series this is an excellent follow-up to the first book, i love secret, enjoy this book the series is excellent don't think you will be disappointed!!
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on 7 May 2013
Sorry I couldn't resist, this series really grabs you by the throat and pulls you into Dean's world making you forget everything else!
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