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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
Blood of the Daleks: Pt. 2 (Doctor Who)
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£10.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

HALL OF FAMETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 August 2013
First released in 2006, this is the second episode of a of the first standalone series for Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor outside of the monthly range of Big Finish releases. This is a one disc release, with a single 50 minute episode. There are some interviews with cast and crew at the end of the disc that relate to this release and other releases in the first series.

This is the second part of the opening story, Blood Of The Daleks, and cannot be listened to in isolation from that story. The truth is now beginning to emerge about Martez's experiments and the real reason for the Dalek's presence on Red Rocket Rising. Lucie is starting to trust the Doctor a little, and the Doctor is starting to realise what is going on and formulate a plan. There's a lot of good adventure here as the whole thing works its way to a grand conclusion. Lucie and the Doctor really work well together, and their chemistry is excellent. Kenneth Cranham has a meaty and pivotal role as the local `the end of the world is nigh' merchant who has been proved right. It's a fun role, and he clearly has a blast getting stuck right into it. The whole episode is a great mix of big fun action set pieces and some tough moral problems. The Doctor compares Martez's work with the last time he met a Dalek creator, and he determines not to make the same mistake again. And the end of the final battle, when it comes, is a powerful moment that is a worthy conclusion to this great adventure. 5 stars for another cracking fun adventure from Big Finish.
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on 17 February 2018
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on 22 November 2015
great cd,fast delivery
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on 31 March 2013
Just like Part 1, part 2 continues this dark storyline with excellent, script and cast. There were many times when i thought it should be brought to the TV
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on 9 April 2013
Trapped on the human colony of Red Rocket Rising, the Eighth Doctor has two Dalek threats to deal with. The true Daleks have arrived upon the planet under the false guise of friendship and offer salvation from the dying planet, but have in fact arrived to purify the Dalek bloodline and exterminate the Dalek-Human hybrids created by Professor Martez. In amongst the confusion and violence, the Doctor's newest companion, Lucie Miller, has to work out who her friends really are - the strange pepper pot creatures offering salvation or the unusually dressed and slightly grumpy Time Lord with the police box...

The story continues immediately from the cliff-hanger of the last release, which is a little disorientating and abrupt. Considering how the classic Doctor Who television episodes used to have a slight over-lap of the previous scene when presenting the resolutions of the cliffhangers - a similar approach here would have both preserved the classic Doctor Who feeling and helped refresh the memory of people listening to the story some time after the previous one.

I really enjoyed how his story delved into the darker side of the Doctor, something that the Daleks always seem to bring out of him. The scenes where he coldly exacts a plan to side with the true Daleks to wipe off the beginnings of a secondary Dalek race are very effective, especially when the Daleks praise him as being an 'efficient ally'. Paul McGann really manages to convey the history between his character and the Daleks, despite never appearing on-screen with them himself.

As with the first part, I found the cast to be really strong and it was somewhat easier to tell the difference in voices between Eileen Klint and Asha this time around, since the two didn't share many scenes. The relationship between Lucie and the Doctor is fleshed out a bit more as the begins to trust him a bit more and realises that he is 'the man with a plan'. I also liked the development in the closing scenes where they begrudgingly decide to travel with each other - I think this might be the only companion who didn't want to travel with the Doctor willingly, with is a definite breath of fresh air! I also like the fact that the mystery of her sudden appearance in the TARDIS has been teased and appears to form the basis of this 'season' of adventures. I definitely want to know more about her and the 'witness protection' she seems to be part of.

As a complete story, I can happily recommend this to fans of the TV show who may not have watched any of the classic episodes (or the fairly awful 1996 movie featuring McGann's Doctor in his only televised appearance) - This audio is really strong, both in script and performances and the whole production costs seem to be a cut above the other Big Finish releases, justifying their exclusion from the main range and the new-listener friendly approach.

The CD also includes a trailer for the next episode, The Horror of Glam Rock, which seems to involve the Doctor and Lucie travelling back to 1970's and getting stuck in a motorway service station with a deadly threat outside. I am intrigued to see whether the series continues to remain strong without the draw of a big-name enemy such as the Daleks and will definitely pick it up!
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on 13 November 2007
This is the great introduction into a new series of great eighth doctor adventures, and also introduces us to Sheridan Smith, as new companion as the brilliant Luice Miller. I really like her character, shes got a lot of attitude and this is a fresh twist after so many good but fairly calm companions.

And this great story is not slow to really get moving. This is the kind of story where you have to pause it sometimes to keep up with it. Its a lightning filled space adventure with many great moments. This is a new dalek story that is far more enjoyable than some other dalek stories. Yet again we have humans wanting to become daleks again, and this of course makes the ordinary daleks mad. A fight to the death which is very well realised on this audio.

And another cool thiong with this story, is just after the poor planet gets rid of the daleks, we get visitors from the polanet tel- hmm, wonder what that could mean eh?

Not surprising this story is so good, considering Steve Lyons wrote it. One of the best of all the doctor who writers. Hes one who doesnt do any overcomplicated stories full of technobabble, rather he just presents simple but brilliant stories that really keep you hooked from start to finish. ANother classic adventure...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 February 2007
Second in a new series of audio adventures for the eighth doctor who. The previous ones were four part stories that usually lasted ninety minutes. This follows the format of the new tv series in having forty five minute long episodes that are sometimes complete stories and sometimes two part ones. This is the second half of a two part story that opened the series.

The doctor and his new companion lucie miller have arrived on the planet red rocket rising. civilisation there has been damaged by a meteor strike. and with the planet in chaos, the offer of help from an alien race has been eagerly accepted. they're called the daleks. what are they up to? and what deadly secrets does the planet hold?

These episodes move at a very past pace, and have a great doctor and companion team. lucie is a feisty teenager from the north of england, and she and the doctor don't quite get on at first. not least because she was forced on him by the time lords. they need him to look after because she saw something she shouldn't have. only her memory of this has been blocked. this is part of a story arc that plays out throughout this batch of audios. paul mcgann and sheridan smith who plays lucie are both superb in their roles and have great chemistry together.

Blood of the daleks itself is an excellent story, fast paced and epic and with some good characters, and a few surprising plot developments on the way.

The disc concludes with a few short interviews with the cast and crew. A terrific audio and well worth getting. but start with part one of the story first
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on 26 November 2008
In the second part of the Blood of the Daleks the doctor and Lucie are pitted against professor Susan Martez who has genetically engineered a new race of Dalek, and the doctor's desire to be rid of them resurfaces.

Hinting at Genocide at times, the doctor is protrayed as a darker hero than prtrayed by David Tennant, which is what makes these audio plays so enjoyable...you never know what to expect.

Both parts of this audio drama have been really well written by Steve Lyons, well worth the price of admission.
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on 27 January 2008
Following the cataclysmic part one, the doctor must not only face his oldest foes, but the monstrous creations of the crazed Professor Martez. As the tale continues, it goes from strength to strength. Martez's actress (I'm really sorry but I forget her name.) is fantastic, portraying a dalek maker who almost puts Davrosto shame, while Nick Briggs' dalek is amazing, as always. This has real suspense and menace, outdoing 99.9% of all Doctor Who stories, and introduces the enigmatic 'Headhunter'. Pure perfection!
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on 10 September 2013
After the exciting ending of part one I couldn't wait to hear part two. As I said in my last review this story is very entertaining and packed with action. The Doctor when facing the daleks is absolutely brilliant, the companion has her moments but im sure threw out this first season she becomes important for the Doctor.
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