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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£6.42+ £1.26 shipping

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Blind Rage is the 14th full-length studio album by the legendary German Heavy Metal band Accept, and the 3rd since their triumphant reformation with the new Mark Tornillio-fronted line up. It was released on Nuclear Blast Records in 2014 and was masterfully produced (as with their previous two records) by veteran British producer Andy Sneap.

Right off the bat, let me just say that I absolutely love this record and would highly recommend that any fan of the bands previous two records buy it without hesitation. Moreover any fan of the band or even just the genre should consider buying it. On my initial listen, it sent giddy shivers up my spine and had me thinking of phrases like “album of the year” and “career highlight” straight away, and even now when the early excitement has been tempered and attempts have been made to be rational and objective, this still feels like a very strong and important record on every single listen. It is at once both an immediate hit and a massive grower.

The style on the album is more-or-less the same style of modernized pure Heavy Metal from the last two albums; teetering smoothly on brink of early Power Metal and Hard Rock, topped off with the cherry of Mark Tornillo’s gravely Udo Dirkschneider-meets-Lemmy Kilmister (by way of Brian Johnson) vocal style. If you like pounding double-kick drums and guitar solos you want to sing along to, this is the sort of stuff for you. There are big riffs and chant-along backing vocals all over the place designed to make everything feel memorable and make you want to pump your fists in the air.

There are tracks here that could neatly slot into either of their previous two albums without looking out of place at all, and so in many ways, the album is partly a continuation of what the reunion line-up has been doing so far.

In other places however, the album has its own identity and overall it isn’t just a carbon copy of either Blood Of The Nations or the superb Stalingrad. Blind Rage diversifies into softer, more melodic and anthemic directions as well. Tracks like “Wanna Be Free” and “Dark Side Of My Heart” almost harken back to the Metal Heart spirit in a way. This makes sense as the band mentioned the classic Accept sound a lot in interviews at the time of this album’s promotion and the climax of the album-closer “Final Journey” sonically references the track “Metal Heart” itself.

Highlights include “Dying Breed” – a mid-paced number which lyrically pays tribute to other legendary bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon etc. – as well as the catchy single “Stampede” (a real grower indeed) and the speedier “Bloodbath Mastermind.” That being said this is an absolutely rock-solid album with no filler or weak moments at all.

Overall, Blind Rage is an absolutely stunning record. There are so many memorable moments and catchy riffs on here that it almost doesn’t hit you right away just how very well-written and impressive it is. The performances are great, the production is immaculate and I have nothing but praise for the songs themselves. I highly recommend picking yourself up a copy if you are in any way interested.


The edition I bought comes in a fat digipak contained within a slipcase. It is packaged with the Live In Chili 2013 concert on Blu Ray.

The tracklisting is as follows:
Intro/Hung Drawn And Quartered/Hellfire/Restless And Wild/Losers And Winners/Stalingrad/Breaker/Bucket Full Of Hate/Monsterman/Shadow Soldiers/Amamos La Vida/Guitar Solo/Neon Nights/Bulletproof/Aiming High/Princess Of The Dawn/Up To The Limit/No Shelter/Pandemic/Fast As A Shark/Metal Heart/Teutonic Terror/Balls To The Wall

Here are the Blu Ray specs:
Resolution 1080p, Sound PCM Stereo, Region All, Running Time 121mins.

This is excellent value for money as it isn’t the usual low–quality bonus disc; the performance is great, it sounds pretty decent, the editing is fairly tasteful and in all honesty it almost feels like a proper release that could stand up as its own product if it had more sound options and a few extras. Very occasionally it looks overdubbed or there’ll be a silly editing choice, but it is for the most part well-made. It is great to see the reunion line-up absolutely tearing it up live and the mix of newer material with the usual concert-favourites makes it feel vital and exciting.

If the price difference isn’t too much I’d definitely recommend getting this version.

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on 19 August 2014
Accept rode the wave of a resurgence in metal a few years ago with a German number four album in Blood of the Nations. During a period where classic acts are returning, reforming and proving that rock & roll doesn’t die, Accept have been selling out shows and playing the main stage at some of the top festivals.

Success continued with Stalingrad and two years on, we have Blind Rage.

Blind Rage starts with a “Stampede” (literally, that’s the first track) and never lets up. It’s as metal as anything Manowar ever released and anthemic as they come. Mark Tornillo‘s vocals remind me of a lower toned Brian Johnson and his voice rides comfortably over the chugging rhythm section.

The twin guitars are used to good effect – twiddly bits in the background of verses and screaming out solos during the bridges. Overall very well put together.

There are a few tracks that start out deceptively “light”, with clean or acoustic notes tinkling in the air. Rest assured, there’s no “Nothing Else Matters” on here. They all develop into crushing metal!

If I had to pick a stand-out track, I’d go for “Fall of the Empire” for its heaviness and slow pace. It’s just that bit different from the rest of the album. I can picture an army of metal-clad warriors marching to this one!

For a band to “make it” twice in their career is impressive, but on the strength of Blind Rage, Accept deserve the plaudits. This is an album of pure, distilled heavy metal.
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on 6 September 2015
Blind Rage is another expertly crafted album by the Mark Tornillo's era Accept.

However, even being majestically produced by wizard producer Andy Sneap, the freshness factor when compared to "Blood of the Nations" and "Stalingrad" is already waning (it is similar to the process that occurred with Blaze Bayley's first three albums, also produced by Sneap). The songs themselves, of course, are not bad, on the contrary, but them tend to be forgotten very soon after listening to the whole album..

The real gem here is the bonus DVD, containing a live performance in Santiago, in 2013. The sound is gorgeous (probably a lot of overdubs in the studio - whatever), making most of the songs (mainly the old ones) sound better than in the albums! Pre-Tornillo songs (I mean Udo's era) include "Monsterman", "Up to the Limit", "Fast as A Shark", "Metal Heart", "Balls to The Wall", "Winners and Losers", "Neon Nighs", "Princess of the Dawn" and "Breaker".

It is clear, watching the video, that this is guitarist Wolf Hoffmann's show (followed by bassist Peter Baltes). Second guitarist Herman Frank (no longer in the band), barely makes a guitar solo.
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on 12 March 2017
Once again,it`s taken me many a year to get back into the bands I used to love in my 20`s.i was recommended this album by a friend-thanks again Chris-and I was not disappointed at all.a cracking Hard Rock/Metal album with a couple of mid paced stompers,no ballads thankfully.well produced-great job Andy Sneap-guitars,vocals,bass,drums all sound loud/in your face plus the bonus dvd/Blu-ray of the 2013 Santiago,Chile Stalingrad Tour gig is just superb,at 2 hours it really is a fantastic extra-some bands struggle to do 2 hours on a new dvd concert release...a must buy for fans of Old School/Classic Rock/Metal....nice slipcase comes with some great live photos plus song lyrics.......this review refers to the cd/dvd version.
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on 20 August 2014
This album is some of Accept's best work to date. Blind Rage is also one of their most diverse in the same vein as Russian Roulette. There are fast songs, slow songs and everything in the middle. Mark Tornillo's voice is the best it has ever sounded in his career. As expected, Wolf Hoffmann proves once again that he is The Riffmaster offering solos that shred as well as feel. Blind Rage is a true masterpiece. Buy this album for ypurself and your friends!
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on 21 August 2014
This is a band that I first heard back in 1982 when I bought Restless and Wild on vinyl, then they blew me away and I have been a fan ever since, today I feel the same way about Blind Rage.

Accept know exactly who they are, the music is of the highest quality, all the songs are composed so well, almost like a metal version of classical music, it's also executed with absolute precision. As a guitar fan you can't help but admire the sound and quality they produce, both Wolf and Herman the two lead guitarists are at the top of their game (by the way check out Herman Franks amazing solo albums they are fantastic as well !)

The album itself has that old school metal feel, but with a top drawer modern production, its full of strong riffs, great solos and rasping vocals, the sound can be subtle and then rip your guts out take no prisoners metal.

Every song is strong in its own way but I am going to pitch for 'Bloodbath Mastermind' for the great guitar work and 'From The Ashes We Rise' for those trademark Accept backing vocals...these are guys having fun and delivering fans what they want.

Already I'm looking forward to seeing them live later this year and would encourage everyone to do the same. Accept I salute you. Definitely buy this album, crank it up to volume 10 and enjoy !
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on 19 August 2014
I can't really add anything that the previous reviewers haven't written already, it's another cracking metal monster! But I do have one very minor complaint....why have two great guitarists and only one gets to solo? I know for a fact that Herman frank can play like a demon(check out Moon doc & his solo c.D's) But on the DVD and I believe the album he is just playing rhythm. Wolf Hoffman seems to play every solo,he's good but I'd like to hear Herman. Just a comment,otherwise excellent!
Actually Herman frank does do one solo on the DVD....and it's good!
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What a storming album. Really. And like all the best records it didn't grab me immediately. But it grew and grew with each listen.

It's not a radical departure from the previous two albums at all and initially I thought it not as good - until the earworm that is 'Wanna Be Free,' ended up on a constant mental loop. After that I ended up listening through this a number of times until I got to the point where I figured that it really is one of the best that Accept have done no matter what the era.

Production values and recording are high. It's astonishing just how good compared to the older records it is.

The songs are thoughtful, often powerful and some are definitely ones you want to bang your head along too. The chorus of Wanna Be Free is so catchy that you almost find yourself singing along to it - despite the serious subject matter. Overall this is a proper old school metal record created by people who understand it at their very core - especially as they were in early on - but done with all the modern recording methods. A truly brilliant effort that stands proud with the best of Accept.
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on 2 November 2016
I love Accept.. but i love Accept more than any other band after 2010! With Mark Tornillo, they created 3 masterpieces and i think that Blind Rage is simply the highest point! If u love any type of rock, any genre of metal; buy this album. And never think that it's just an old-school metal stuff; it has all type of technical (and maybe magical) additions of today's metal with soul n' passion. For sure the reason is the real master Wolf Hoffmann (who is Accept). "The Curse" can be labelled as the best piece ever created by Accept, not a joke. But this album is a total package, all songs are killer hits; Stampede, From The Ashes We Rise, Dying Breed, 200 Years and all others.. U r gonna be cursed after listenin' this album.. and u can never ever gonna listen cheap music again...

- Wolf Hoffmann (best guitarist ever)
- The Curse (best song ever)
- Dozens of hits
- Box set has great additions

- U r gonna be cursed by Wolf's magic

I bought the box set version of this album from Rarewaves by Amazon (uk).

5/5 - 10/10
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on 20 August 2014
Totally awesome new release by the teutonic metal masters that are Accept, the third installment with Mark Tornillo at the helm and I have to admit to being well impressed, Marks really settled in as storyteller whilst Wolf Hoffman and Herman Frank duel with the famous flying V's that Accept are so renowned for with blistering riffs and licks and Peter Baltes booming bass lines leaving Stefan Schwarzmann on drums to hammer out the beat.
Most Accept fans will love this and those that have never heard them before should do themselves a huge favour and buy this, you WILL NOT be disappointed, Accept are once again inspiring future generations of musicians with their own style of Rock an roll.
Recommended for all metalheads
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