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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2013
I didn't buy this for the Playbook, but for every other MicroUSB device I own. As it is quite a high output charger, it charges most devices really well and often quicker than the chargers they came with. The bright yellow tip is also very easy to locate and the click-in foreign plug parts make it ideal for travelling abroad too.
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on 26 November 2014
And believe me, I have bought/wrecked/replaced a hell of a lot of chargers in my time- especially recently, thanks to having a teenage son!

I, like many other buyers, was a bit dubious about the price (thinking surely it CAN'T be as good as they say?) but after reading the reviews I decided I had nothing to lose (other than a few quid) so went for it and ordered.
I'm glad I did and am definitely not disappointed! The complete opposite actually. If only I found these before I wasted so much money over the years on such inferior products!!

This is a fast, reliable and very good quality, solid charger- and certainly worth much more than the mere 3 quid odds I payed for mine, of which I now have 4 of! :)

Do not think for one minute that the price reflects the quality, and that you get what you pay for- which is true in alot of cases- Not here though, in this case, you get so much more than you pay for! Buy with confidence...

This is indeed a bargain, BUT unlike so many others, it's a Quality Bargain!
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on 6 March 2015
I ordered two from the Accessory-Shop place with the most customer reviews with 5 stars standing at about 250 when ordered. The picture doesn't show that it has an OZ / NZ socket, other pictures elsewhere do. It did indeed come as advertised with all the pins. Interesting on the receipt in brackets it does say "remember Australian" so that kind of suggests that there is another model that doesn't cater for Australia. The Blackberry model number on the receipt is ACC-39344-201.

It's in a proper Blackberry for retail sale, sealed up in a dusty box where you can see it's stock that has been laying around, box dated (C) 2012, pictures attached. Seems to work fine and for £3-75 including postage it's a snip. It's not pretty mind you but you can have peace of mind that it's not likely to blow up your device. Helpful hint if you are travelling with it you can put all the parts in a plastic box that you can buy from a supermarket to keep the stuff together. The box will probably cost as much as the charger.

I believe there are bargains out there of genuine accessories from discontinued lines that work just as well with non iPad equipment, but not with i stuff that is fussy on connections. Just a question of finding the genuine stuff from the non genuine quality controlled stuff. This is genuine and the price is down since it's a discontinued main product.

So note Accessory-Shop purchase... my tail below was when I re-ordered and the order got moved to a different product. So Accessory-Shop was the people I bought it from which also goes under the name Avant Garde Distribution Ltd.

Foot note. On my Nexus 7 which the genuine Asus charger and an HP tablet charger don't keep up with it when I've had it running on power for a while (reading in bed) e.g. the battery starts dropping even thou on charge, this one is still pumping power into it so the battery doesn't start draining away with use on charge which is disconcerting. I also plugged it into a portable router which only required 1 amp and I didn't blow that up. Wanted the charger with the Australian connections for latter in the year.

To all those people plugging it into devices that should only need a 1 amp charger, best not to do that, it is a 2 amp charger so it's dependent on your device regulating the charge going into it. Since it's an ugly big charger one suspects that it's over specified with components so probably works better than other 2 amp ones. It's plastered with certification codes for around the world.


Amazon software moved the order to London Magicstore and they didn't supply the international one but a European un boxed OEM parts of charger, UK and European socket in a plastic bag, not US or OZ as what I ordered and got above. Seems to be very shoddy that Amazon can permute your order to a different supplier when you do a re-order. On the positive side for this order I only wanted it for UK use else I would be sending it back !. Clearly London Magicstore are not supplying the product as advertised whilst Accessory-Shop are. The latter is the picture above. So beware. Somewhere along the line the London Magicstore advert gives the same product code but where it says "New" goes onto to say only with European and UK plugs so it ain't an International one then.


London Magicstore refunded me the money for the European only combination of round Euro pin and 13 amp UK - so that one was resolved and I keep the charger which to me is a very good charger well built. I note that at least one other customer of theirs was supplied with the wrong parts. Clearly the Amazon Marketplace product ID and mapping isn't working well and that was underlined when I did a re-order via the Amazon tablet application which shifted to the order to the said supplier with the incorrect pins. Basically there is the International charger as I originally got and photographed above which will work in all countries apart from countries you wouldn't want to go to in the middle east I suspect which have odd pins whilst the one that I was sent was the OEM pack for just Europe. All ended well.
review image review image review image
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on 6 December 2012
The order came on time. This product was spot on. Now i can charge my playbook properly and my blackberry 9860 withing 50 mins.
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on 27 August 2014
My charger that I was using for my Android phones decided to stop working one morning. I wasn't too bothered, I'd had it about 6 years. The problem came when I started searching for a replacement. Nearly all of the "authentic" manufacturer charges on Amazon seemed to be fakes, despite many having good star ratings once I delved into the reviews it was clear that the chargers being sold were inadequate and sometimes downright dangerous. Poor charging speeds, cables lasting less than a week, explosions.

I daren't try eBay and the official replacements cost upto £25 from the likes of HTC.

Luckily someone on Reddit tipped me off to this charger and I hastily bought 2. I don't actually use it with a BlackBerry PlayBook instead with a HTC One (M7) and a Nexus 4. The chargers are of great build quality and to my delight output at 2A providing a very fast charge to my devices. Cannot fault these at this price.

Missing a star as I cannot comment on lifespan yet. Will check back in a few months.
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There are a lot of micro USB chargers out there. Many of them are brands that nobody has ever heard of and occasionally a reviewer will make a comment about smells of burning or loud noises. Sometimes known brands being sold as Original are actually copies.

None of that is true with this charger bought from DeviceFun. As far as I can tell these are the original Blackberry Playbook chargers.

As far as I know, Blackberry originally only produced these chargers for the now discontinued Playbook tablets. However, they can be used to power just about anything that uses a Micro USB 2 connection (ie Every mobile phone & tablet apart from Apple). They are rated at 2 amps (2000mA or 10W) which is about as much as any device will ever use and they come with a selection of adaptors which will work in UK, USA & Europe (and even Australia).

It comes with a long (172 cm / 5.6ft) USB cable. The only downside to this is that it is permanently attached to the charger so you can't remove it to fit either a shorter one or plug in an Apple Lightning cable in place of the Micro USB. However, they look quite good with the distinctive yellow Micro USB connector and, because there is no data transmission to worry about, it is also enabled for what is commonly referred to as 'Fast Charging'.

If I had to criticize anything, it would be that the cable exits from the top. I would prefer if it came out of the bottom of the device. Other than that, a great product at a great price (£6.73)
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on 22 October 2014
I have two playbooks and have often noticed how quick these chargers work on other devices. Now due to number of devices I need to charge (including 12Kmah EasyAcc power pack) , and two Raspberry Pi's to power, I have about 6 of them.

Of course they are great to travel with too. I keep all of the spare adapters permanently in my suitcase so I wont forget them.

I also use them to charge Mini-USB devices - buy plugging a Mini/Male to Micro/Female adapter on the end (I bought this one - B0057UVH5A - I little chunky - I had to trim the casing with a knife)

My only criticism is that with vertical wall sockets, the wire comes out of the top, so this may stress the cable, and it makes them a bit awkward to use on power strips with two rows of plugs, but aside from that great value it this price.

One of these(with country adapter), a good power pack(EasyAcc), and a Mini/Micro usb adapter, and a micro USB cable, and that's most of my charging needs covered when travelling (no Apple stuff here!)
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on 6 October 2012
These devices are wonderful and well worth the above-average cost.

You get a rugged standard USB charger capable of pushing a consistent 2A. It comes with international adaptors and seems to be able to charge just about any device. I've owned a few of these and even though they are expensive they are universally useful.
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on 1 February 2012
This charger is a great buy as it not only charges the Blackberry Playbook but will charge most Blackberry smart phones which use a micro usb. The charging rate is higher than the standard supplied charger and is very distintive by it yellow end fitting from the standard charger. A worthwhile buy as the standard phone chargers are not compatable with the Playbook. Highly recommended.
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on 14 January 2015
I'm really glad I bought this to add to my growing collection of usb chargers - it does offer something a bit different in its combination of features.

It is a high-current charger - rated on the device as 2.0A - and will charge my Asus Transformer T100A while I'm using it (these are notoriously "picky" about chargers and cables.) I have other chargers which will do this, but the big benefit of this one is the long attached cable; I've found that with other chargers, using longer detachable usb leads (including charge-only ones) give less good results. It also, as expected, quickly charges phones with micro usb ports.

I am planning to take the charger on holiday and use the continental adapter. I've recently found that in some places in Spain and Portugal it's been difficult to push a couple of my phone and tablet OEM chargers into the sockets using standard travel adapters as the plastic Earth pin has protruded a bit too much. The adapter supplied with this one just replaces the UK one so should be fine. The long lead will be a bonus in all those hotel rooms where the spare sockets are in the least convenient places possible!

It also had the benefit of being at such a reasonable price - I would have bought several if I needed them!
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