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on 7 April 2017
My father is 90year old,he can use these when upstairs and I am downstairs.Get me a cup of tea,get me a sandwich,and on and on and on,but I don't mind.arrrrrrh.
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on 13 August 2017
We bought these as a bit of a joke so that my wife and I could communicate when I was working ou in my workshop. They have been working perfectly for several months. We did get a bit of outside chatter on the first couple of channels that we used, but it is easy to change channels and we have found one that seems to be exclusive to us. We took them out one day for fun and found that we could talk easily and clearly over a distance of about 2 miles. Great value.
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on 16 August 2016
This handy pair of Binatone Latitude 150 walkie talkies is compatible with the standard eight channel system in the 446.0 MHz band. The Amazon blurb is to the point and the Binatone website has good support info with pdf manuals for those of us who need larger print than in the leaflet enclosed.

The sensitivity and range of up to 3Kms with the standard 0.5Watt of transmit power is adequate, more and there might be too many other users breaking through. Walls and heavy woodland can reduce the range, and mountains are particularly effective at blocking the signal.

They do not have a VOX or Hands-Free capability, nor a headphone/mic socket, and require the push-to-talk button to be used. The belt clip is effective and very useful, and it needs to be carefully unclipped to gain easy access to the battery compartment.

The supplied rechargeable batteries are three standard NiMH 600mAh AAA for each radio giving a long standby time and reliable operation. The supplied charger takes the best part of a day or overnight to recharge them from flat, and does not tell you when they are full, just a red led for each phone shows that charging is happening (even after 36 hours and long since full). However being a standard type they can be taken out of the radio and safely boosted in a suitable Smart charger in just an hour or so.

We use them when walking or skiing for when the group might become spread out, or between car passengers to keep in touch if trying to reach a tricky location with traffic separating the cars. The scanning function is useful to discover if any other channels are in use, and this then allows us to choose an empty one for ourselves, or to automatically tune in to one of our own group. There are other useful features such as a Low Power option, weak signal Monitor option, Paging, etc. Use is generally intuitive.

SAFETY. As with all radio transmitters (including mobiles) they should not be placed close to Air-bags or any other explosive device fitted with electric detonators.
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on 20 November 2016
Brilliant my grandson was so pleased when I gave him this for his birthday. This is a replacement for a set by another maker from another store that were meant for kids but they made a horrible hissing sound all the time.

These however are so easy to tune to the channel, you can turn the volume up or down and the best thing is they are rechargeable so no expensive batteries to waste.

Would definitely recommend these, my grandson and I have fun with them, although letting him take it to bed not such a good idea, especially when you hear "grandma I need a drink, over"
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on 27 July 2015
These two Walkie Talkies have been through a lot! They have been dropped on gravel paths and dropped in puddles! But they still work, the 8 channels (usually about 4 are taken) are good for hearing the conversation it is clearer than Walkie Talkies that I have owned in the past. The channel scan is a great help and the power options. They have a great battery life and don't run out easily! The charger has two lights that stay on when the Walkie Talkies are in the ports, though the lights don't seem to turn off, so you don't know if they are fully charged. Very well worth the money and have used them over and over again! Great purchase!
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on 25 March 2014
I brought these for my son's 10 birthday, i have brought loads of the kids walkie talkies before and none of them have been any good.

We are extremely please with these and my sons have had so much fun with them, t and hey are very easy to set up and easy to control. we charged these ready for his birthday and didn't expect them to last all day but we was wrong the battery in these are fantastic the boys was on them constantly all day and the battery ever died on them.

They have a volume buttom on them so if out and about in the open say a park or somewhhere you can turn the volume up to hear easily. they have a call button on them so again if out and about and your son has one you can then keep one yourself and instead of shouting accross the park you can just call them these are brilliant and at such a fantastic price they are really worth it
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on 17 November 2015
Good value for money - using it to keep in touch with someone who has recently come out of hospital and can't move around much. Saves having to "hover" nearby in case they need help. Works well within our house, and from anywhere in our large garden to rooms inside the house. Only comment is that we need to change channels regularly - we didn't think anyone else would be using something similar near to us, but that's clearly not the case as we pick up fragments of other conversations a few times every day - could be annoying in the middle of the night as we leave one handset by each bed in case help is needed overnight.
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on 28 May 2013
I brought some "Kiddies Hello Kitty" walkie talkies at Xmas for my 6 year old, and they were dire. Range was a few metres and sound quality was awful.
I purchased these in the hope that they would be much better....and they are great.
Once charged ( note 1st charge is something like 12 hrs and lights on charger do not go out when charge is completed) I have used them for 5 trips so far without needing a recharge. Range is excellent, we have only used them over a distance of around 1/2 mile so far, but sound and reception were really clear. They have multiple channles so you can select a new channel if someone else is using your channel ( This has been required once so far). We found changing channel , and some of the other features a little tricky, but one done they are easy to operate.
Single on/off switch, volume control, press to speak, beeps to signal the other user has released th talk key ( so its time for you to speak)
ideal for kids ( and grownups who are adjusting their satelite dish !)
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on 16 November 2015
I recently purchased these for a ski trip. They were exactly what I needed, a cheap way to communicate with chums whilst abroad. What started out as a basic life-saving device, soon transpired into something much more fun. Once on the slopes, I could listen in on so many conversations, lots of c'mon Chelmsford from the ladies college. Even where they were going for lunch. Something my friend found most exciting...

I loved the fact I could explain the difference between Jam and Marmalade to him whilst he was busy trying to explain how "sophisticated" he was to a beautiful young lady. Whether, via this product I got him slapped around the face, or it was through his on inadequacies of mating rituals we will never know.
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on 14 June 2013
Bought these to use in our new bungalow which is quite large. They work very well inside and out in the garden.
Tried to contact my husband when he went to the local shop which is approx. 1/2 mile away, the reception wasn't great
kept breaking up, heard the odd word but not really very successful.
Having said that they do work very well inside the bungalow and I can contact my husband if he's in the garden, so overall
they do the job for our requirements. You can get occasional interference from delivery drivers etc but that's to be
expected. Tried them out at my mum's who lives in London in a block of flats and the interference was intolerable.
If you live in a quite less built up area you shouldn't have a problem, but bear in mind if you are living in the City in
a built up area you may not get good reception.
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