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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 20 August 2010
Bought this for my mum as I bought her the same bible about twenty years ago and it is now falling apart.. They say if your bible is falling apart, then you arent!!! True.. She was reluctant to swap but has now got into her newer version and loves it as she can read with ease.. (She s 88 and doesntrecommended need glasses to read this every day) little bible helps are useful to and Jesus words in red and not too heavy.. Perfect.
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on 1 March 2009
Just what I wanted. Large print, has reference section in middle. Flexible cover but hard wearing as will withstand a lot of use.
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2008
This is a red letter bible,easy to read (through not very large print),flexible leather back: all in all a great quality bible that is a pleasure to read and feels good in the hand. It also (in the footnotes) gives am myiad of alternative readings from other bible manuscripts. Text is basically a modernised 'authorised King James version'.
Great buy and great value.
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on 19 March 2012
I wanted a Bible with large print since I do struggle with my Thomas Nelson Study Bible that has small (standard) print which I certainly couldn't read it without my glasses without ending up with headache! So here are the pro's and cons of the Large Print Reference Bible ... (These Pro's & Cons are to enable you make a more accurate informed choice, I would therefore like you to not forget just how much you are getting for £8.81)

Positives ...

1 - The price I paid was £8.81 (reduced from £12 odd, around 30% discount) for The Word of God in large print with mock leather soft back, I consider this amazing value for any "Large Print" Bible.

2 - It had Amazon's 'Super Saver Free Delivery' I always opt for this option, and as usual, both products I bought with super saver delivery were with me within 3 days! This is one of the main reasons I shop with Amazon.

3 - In the front is a very useful and easy to understand "How To Use This Reference Bible". It shows 2 pages as it appears inside explaining very clearly what all the symbols and abbreviations, numbers, cross references etc ect. There is even a star shape next to text regarding prophecy, the star is solid black where the prophecy had been fulfilled and a star outline where the prophesy is not yet fulfilled. This makes for a good everyday Bible with good references. It also has 'Topical Running Heads' the top of each page.

4 - It has a concordance at the back, this is in standard print, so if your eyes are really bad you possibly may need a magnifying glass.

Cons ...

1 - The soft leather effect is the usual poor standard, I read a lot of reviews saying the finish was very good, don't get me wrong, It's not rubbish,just don't expect it to anywhere like a leather backed Bible. However, remember the excellent price!

2 - It is a 'Red Letter' Bible, however, the letters are more of a faded gold colour. This really is a minor detail, I have only commented on this because I know some people are fanatic red letter readers and rarely stray from the Words of Christ. I like the Words of Jesus in red, simply because it sets His words apart from the rest, so being a goldish colour rather than Inkjet Red doesn't bother me since the different colour is there to differentiate, but again, remember that excellent price!

3 - Some reviews comment on the thinness of the paper, allowing the text on the next page to show through, although this is true to an extent, I don't find it distracts from the reading since the print is large and clear, only if you focus on this aspect is it a problem, and most Bibles have very thin paper anyway.

4 - The description of "Giant Print" I feel is misleading, I know what giant print means to me and it is not Giant at all. However, it is best described as 'Large Print'. In my opinion the print size is more than adequate for comfortable reading, I can even read it without my glasses but to avoid headache I always use my reading glasses, in fact, if I was to read a paragraph of my Study Bible, I would really struggle without my reading glasses, and that is the real difference folks! a very noticeable difference indeed. In fact, when I go back to my study Bible, that's when I really really do appreciate the "Large Print". If you really are partially sighted then I would consider another format (I bought an Audio Bible by Alexander Scourby (KJV) to hear The word in the car or to just sit, relax and listen to The Word of God - again, excellent value at just £9.13).

This Bible is in Burgundy with the offer price and is standard measurement of 9.5 inches x 5.5 inches.

So overall ... This "Large Print" Bible offers exceptional value for money at £8.81 with free delivery to your door. I really do not think you will get a much better product at twice the price or more!. In my 'Cons List' there is only the description by Nelson (the publishers) that says Giant Print that I believe is misleading and a negative slant on Nelson as a publisher, but that does not detract from the actual product which is actually really good, all things considered. If you want a Large Print Bible I would jump at the chance whilst they're still on offer.

Hope this is useful to you all and may God bless you.
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on 24 November 2012
I always wish Amazon would provide information on the size of books and the size of the print. I'm not partially sighted and can't compare this with other large print publications, as other reviewers have done, but having reached middle age and yet not feeling ready for glasses, I find this helpfully large print - significantly larger print than my other Bibles - without being inconveniently enormous. The cover size is about 8.5" by 5.5", and 1 and 3/8" deep. Not having a printer, I can't be sure of the font size.

I particularly like the fact that, unlike in the AV, poetic layout is maintained when passages of peotry are translated. This also makes them easier to read.

On the minus side, for personal preference, all other things being equal, I would avoid red letter editions, as I don't like reading red. But this doesn't seem so hard on the eyes in the large print.

I have been surprised at one or two of the words used, and disagree with the use of "sexual immorality" for what I believe should be "fornication", for example. However, I'm only a very amateur scholar, and others can look them up in concordances if they wish to do so and come to their own conclusions.

Generally speaking I'm very pleased with it, not least because I can take it to house group meetings and see it easily enough to read aloud in dim lighting, without it being too big to carry.
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on 13 April 2011
Good bible, well set out but not quite so large a print as you would expect for a bible billing itself as 'Giant Print'.

It is standard sized book and the print is a little larger than you would find in a standard novel, which makes it reasonable for a bible. It achieves this by being printed on very fine, good quality paper but don't get it wet or dampen your fingers to turn a page! It instantly creases quite badly.

So why the 4 stars - simple. The layout and format! Thomas Nelson have used this particular layout in a few of their NKJV bibles and, for me, it works very well. There are two columns of text per page with clear verse numbers. It has the words of Jesus in red (take it or leave it) but has solid stars in the margin to mark messianic prophecy and hollow stars to mark the fulfilment (in the NT). To accompany this it then has cross references in the text, at the end of the verse but not just for the messianic prophecy. I like this feature as it has taught me all of the OT cross references to Jesus and also has a substantial subject cross reference. The cross references are very easy to pick up as you can read them as you read the verse and do not have to look elsewhere for little letters or symbols that relate to text at the foot of the page or in a centre margin.

On top of this it has a reasonable short concordance and some handy maps. The foot of the page is reserved for some notes of translators version differences from the Greek texts and some word translations e.g. place names or names of God. There is no paper wasted on reading plans or themes in the bible. This is a really good no nonsense readers bible. Handy sized, easy reading and great to study from. Have one as your working bible!
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on 17 February 2010
This is a great bible for everyday church use. It has large print for those who struggle with smaller text, and is hard backed. It a great buy and well worth the bargain price it is sold at.
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on 19 March 2009
Mine just arrived last night and I couldn't be happier. It's a small bible with giant print, amazing. Very nice, soft imitation leather. Some say this or that translation is the best, but the best translation is the one you'll read, and this is the one I love reading. Get it.
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on 29 March 2011
I sometimes require glasses to read my usual bible so I thought that a giant print would enable me to read it without them. Although this bible was nice looking and the print large it was rather condensed with not much white space between letters and lines, therefore making it no easier for me to read. I found that focusing was difficult and still required glasses. It is all to do with the white spacing as smaller print with good spacing I can read. Hope this is helpful to others although I realize that everyones eyes are different. Amazon were very good.
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on 17 March 2008
I already have a large print bible and expected 'giant print' to be bigger, instead, it is much smaller, with the concordance at the back, in minute print. Quite disapointed with this.
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