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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 14 October 2011
You probably know the story of Beverly Hills Cop, so you don't need me to tell you what a groundbreaking film this was for Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley - a renegade cop trying to find out who killed his friend in Detroit, which leads him to spend his time out there in Beverly Hills, with Rosewood and Taggart as his pals.

This Blu-Ray is good, with an average of 40Mbit/s AVC video - and the soundtrack comes in 5.1 English, at around 3mbit/s. There's a version in French and Spanish, but sadly it's still 2.0. The scenes look much more brighter with this new transfer - and it is the original, no substitutes for music. There are subtitles in English, French, Spanish and other languages too.

The image is very good, yet it still looks spotty. This is probably the best it will ever look though, and no artefacts anywhere on the film. It does make it look more fluid during chases - especially in Detroit with the big truck.

The extras seem to be the same as 2001's release, which is disappointing, there is no upscale of them either, it's just standard definition. The only decent extras here are "the start of the phenomenon" where the cast and director talk about the film's success and how it could have been a very different picture with Stalone on board. There is also a music documentary, but there is no Harold Faltermeyer, which really defeated the purpose of it. Of course, director Martin Brest describes his arguments with the record company, but otherwise this is a bit of a mess.

Worth a look if you're a big fan.
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on 10 December 2002
If you haven't seen Beverly Hills Cop you HAVE to watch it. If, like me, you've always loved the film and seen it plenty of times, make sure you get this DVD. I genuinely forgot quite how good a film this is and laughed harder than I have at a new movie for ages. The extra's are slightly dissapointing compared to some of the double-disc sets available for classic films now but I was happily surprised at quite how long the Cast & Crew Interviews are. The good thing is as well is that all the main characters & crew are interviewed and there's some really interesting information about how another massive 80's action-hero very nearly played Axel Foley !
I loved watching this film again - It's a true joy to experience and if you enjoy action films or comedies then you really should have this in your DVD Movie Collection
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on 15 June 2015
The High Definition transfer is pretty good. I purchased the first in the trilogy, and passed on 2 and 3.

Eddie Murphy is in top form. Sylvester Stallone was originally cast to play Axel Foley;
I'm glad the studio decided on Eddie Murphy.
The sound track REALLY rocks... love that song when the truck [lorie] is bouncin' all over the place.
It rocks!

I have been informed----I didn't notice it myself----
the product description says this is a 1995 movie...
when it is ACTUALLY from the year=>1985!

Thanks "mister joe"!

For an American living in Europe, THIS Region-free disc was a no-brainer purchase. Highly recommended!
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on 21 November 2002
Remember when Jerry Bruckenheimer produced quality movies? Remember his partner Don Simpson? Remember Eddie Murphy back when he was fresh and funny? Remember the Axel F. theme? Remember when Martin Brest did comedies?
Everything you remember is here on this DVD! Don't bother with the sequels or "trilogy" box. This is the one that got started the formula of "wise-cracking" cops (apart from hysterical one-liners-through-squeeezed-teeth by Dirty Harry, who was well ahead of the times) genre that bolstered Die Hard and Lethal Weapon movies. It's a perfect example of "fish-out-of-water" comedy combined with "buddy movie" genre.
Plot in a sentence or two: resolved to find his best friends murderer, Detroit cop Axel Foley follows the trail to L.A. where his "methods" drive baddies and his Beverly Hills "coleagues" crazy.
Enhanced remastered SOUND is excellent, even better than what you saw at the theater all those years ago.
DVD itself: rather entertaining, although "not-so-special" features have mostly CAST & CREW INTERVIEWS, divided in 3 parts (INTERVIEWS, CASTING and MUSIC). It's fun to see how people look and remiscent on those days about 15 years later. Also, there's DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY and THEATRICAL TRAILER. Pretty standard stuff, as I said.
Why they didn't include outttakes (they all talk how they "burned" a lot of film by laughing in the middle of shooting) or alternate scenes (there were a lot of improvisations on set, as they say) is beyond my comprehension.
Anyway... Buy this and you won't regret it! It's money well spent! You'll laugh yourself to tears, I guarantee it.
Favourite line: "Can you put it in a good spot? All this s**t happened the last time I parked here..."
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on 1 August 2016
Eddie Murphy's finest hour, and one of the great 80's films, that surprisingly stands the test of time, unlike Murphy's other early big hitters such as Trading Places and 48 Hours. It's full of loud eighties music, and shoulder pads, but Martin Brest keeps the film moving along at a brisk pace, and the action sequences are excellently filmed, and quite brutal. However, Beverley Hills Cop magic lies in the razor sharp script with Murphy having a field day with the Axel Foley character.. Judge Reinhold, John Ashton & Ronny Cox provide great back up to Murphy as the bewildered California cops. Steven Berkoff, as always solid in the bad guy role. Never gets old this one.
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Sub-titles are: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, English, English for the Hearing Impaired, Icelandic, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish and Turkish.
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on 11 March 2015
I really like this film from purchasing it originally on video years back. The quality of this is excellent, the conversion to HD is very good, some conversions are better than other, but this one is really good. At the time I purchased, Amazon had an offer for three Blu Ray's for £15, so I got the first and second Beverly Hills Cop and another Blu Ray (has I don't really like Beverly Hills Cop 3).

Eddie Murphy plays an excellent part and is extremely funny (interesting to find out from the extras on this Blu Ray, that Sylvester Stallone was originally cast to play Axel Foley, really pleased the producers decided on Eddie Murphy for the part). The other actors are excellent too and are really well cast for the parts. Inspector Todd is really funny and very blue too.

Taggart and Rosewood play a superb part too, and its nice to see them all become close friends with Axel Foley as the film progresses.

If you are a fan then I can highly recommend get BHC on Blu Ray, HD is definitely worth it.
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on 22 October 2004
Brash, crude and very funny. Murphy's third film was phenomenally succesful at the box office, aided by a hit-filled soundtrack. Beverly Hills cop is an entertaining, if empty-headed, cop film in which street-smart detective Murphysets out to avenge the murder of a friend. Basically a star vehicle designed to show off the talents of Murphy- it succeeds admirably. The comedy is deftly balanced with the stunningly staged action scenes. Surprisingly, most of the laughs are given to Reinhold and Ashton. Acting honours go to Bronson Pinchot in a brief but career-making turn.
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on 19 January 2013
It's often worth checking out Eddie Murphy in Raw and Delirious when he was a young stand up. Quick, fast, excruciatingly funny.

John Landis summed it up when he directed Murphy in Trading Places (1983) and then again in Coming to America (1988) and he admitted he felt Murphy was almost a different person. Fame changed him.

In Beverley Hills Cop you see Murphy in what was probably only his third leading role. As some of the extras show in interviews, this was a Mickey Rourke vehicle then Sly Stallone came in and it was only when Sly's action fest changes took the script over budget that they bought in Murphy.

Today Eddie is synonymous with Axel Foley. I wish the same could be said with the title song - my kids yelled 'Crazy Frog'.

In this you see Murphy almost at his best. As shown in the Extras a lot of the key 'gags' and 'Murphy bits' were ad libs. What is just as interesting is how much of the Taggart and Rosewood interaction is also from ad libs at the auditions.

So this is a step back into the 80s. How does it fare? Well as a film, surprisingly well. Especially well considering there was a lot of rewriting when Murphy came on board just two weeks before shooting started.

As a Blu Ray the picture is good. Better than I expected from a film that will soon be THIRTY YEARS old, but don't expect it to stand up to anything HD released today. Sound - strangely better with the pop music soundtrack than with normal dialogue which seemed a bit quiet. A whack up on the volume sorted that.

Let's just say I finished watching and wondered why it had taken me so long to buy it. Hopefully No.2 will appear on Blu Ray in the UK soon. Not sure about No. 3. Never seen it.
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on 4 October 2000
This film defined the action/comedy genre for a decade and cemented Murphy's position as the most bankable African-American actor of the eighties.
Watch it now and, though parts will seem dated, you will recognize set pieces that have been used in a thousand films since - and I defy you not to laugh at least once at Murphy at the peak of his powers.
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