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on 20 August 2017
Great story
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on 31 January 2015
Great show and waiting for season 7 to arrive now.
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on 25 May 2010
Some really good over arching storylines reminded me of the Shield in places. Although some of it is predictable, often denouments are cleverly handled. On the downside many of the female characters are annoying, and the stuff about the book is ridiculous.
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on 21 April 2010
Most motorcycle movies and shows are lets face it, poor... This really is a breath of fresh air. Very well put together, some great backing music. Can't wait for season 3 in Sept 2010 + season 2 release on DVD, soon hopefully.
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on 8 July 2015
I had heard a lot of good things about this TV show, and finally decided to give it a try. Six episodes into the first series and I think I'm all done. I don't know if it's the writing, the directing, the editing, or what, but each episode just plods along without any real excitement or drama. Scenes that should be filled with tension are simply not engaging and I found myself not caring about the outcome.

There is a lot of violence, but it's not particularly well done. In one scene the gang have an altercation with some uncooperative carnival workers, but the ensuing brawl reminded me of a scene out of The A Team, (TV show, not film), only not as well done. Come to think of it, The A Team had more depth to the characters, better writing, a better script, and was generally more entertaining.
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on 13 September 2015
Had been put off watching this because I didn't think i would be into the whole biker gang thing. But having just got prime and looking for something to watch gave it a chance... the best decision ever from the very first episode you get sucked into it, it's action packed from start to where i am now start of series 6, it is hard hitting and easily one of best tv series ever. Give it a go you will not be dissapointed
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on 16 April 2016
Brilliant best show I've watched can't wait to start watching the next Season 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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I never dreamt that an old "stick in the mud" such as me would get so totally hooked on a series about a motorcycle gang called Sons of Anarchy.
Put any predjudices you might have to one side and watch this incredible series.
It's the story of an american "Hells Angel" style motorcycle gang. Only they are also an organised crime gang, running guns, protection and prostitution rackets. SOA delves brilliantly into the personal lives of the key players and the internal politics of SOA
Then there is the determined efforts of law enforcement to bring them down and the dramas this brings.
Every episode of each series is superb, with great story lines, stunning acting and a lot of gut wrenching, brutal violence.
As long as you can stand the violence this is as good as it gets, unmissable, superb, gripping, a masterpiece of a show with a unique perspective.
I would give this 6 stars if i could. Watch it or i'll send the boys around.
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"Riding through this world all alone
God takes your soul, you’re on your own
The crow flies straight, a perfect line
On the Devil’s Bed until you die"
Curtis Stigers et al

My son-in-law turned me onto 'Sons Of Anarchy' pretty late in the game. I have viewed Season one and am about to start season two. I am now part of the family. And, what a family this is!

The aysos of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original, or SAMCRO. It is essential to know the acronyms, so you understand what the club is all about. It started as a club for Iraq Vets who didn't belong anywhere, and it turned into a gun running, violent family group of bikers. They live in Charming, Ca, yes, I know! Charlie Hunnam plays Jax Teller, the youngest of the regulars, son of the club's originator, who died under curios circumstances. His mother, Gemma, played brilliantly by Katey Segal is remarried to the President of the club, Clay Morrow, payed by Ron Perlman. Several members of the club are people you recognize, Mark Boone Junior plays a wannabe Elvis, tough guy. Kim Coates plays the hit man, not someone to get on the wrong side. And others come and go.

The storyline is to keep the town of Charming, crime free, except, of course, the gun running and the killing of competitive motorcycle clubs and other bad guys. The local Sherriff is on the club's payroll as are other members of the police. Nice, simple little town, but, of course, it isn't. The ATF comes to town with a woman determined to bring the club down, and another stalker ATF man. Lots of stories and they are good. Realistic, most of them, but some are not, you just overlook those parts. The acting is superb, characters righteous of life, and I understand that many motorcycle clubs follow SOA, Sons Of Anarchy.

Recommended. prisrob 09-08-13
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on 18 April 2010
This is my new favorite since the end of "The Shield". From the same people, it has a few of the same actors (Dutch and Lem make appearances) and the story lines are equally as good, with the same shocking "I can't belive that just happened!" and "How will they get out of this?!?!" endings. The characters are great, with old school Clay Morrow (Hellboy's Ron Perlman) as the President of an outlaw motorcycle gang, the Sons of Anarchy. His strong-willed wife Gemma is played excellently by Katy Sagal, and her son Jax (an unrecognizable Charlie Hunnam) is the good looking Vice President torn between his loyalty to his club and step-dad, and his apprehension for the way the club is doing business. Other characters are also brilliant. In the same way the Shield had the excellent psycho Shane, "Sons" has the brilliant but scary Tig, played by Kim Coates. I keep comparing this to the Shield, but it is similar in that it has the gripping but complicated storylines, but also a bit of humour. You'll find yourself rooting for the bad guys who are really the good guys. (The 19'ers even appear). This is just great quality drama which we've been waiting for.
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