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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£6.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 12 March 2017
very good
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on 26 April 2017
the game is in perfect state of conservation
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on 11 June 2017
Just not my type of game..
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on 6 April 2017
Case in perfect state, disk had no visible damage.
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on 10 April 2017
Disc doesn't work black screens.
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on 29 November 2013
bought as gift
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on 25 February 2011
Fallout New Vegas is a brillaint RPG. You have the freedom to roam over the Mojave wasteland and play the game how best suits you (sneak, hack, talk or laser your way through). If you want to "blaze" through and pick up the trophies/achievements, try the more stable Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition (I platinumed that on the PS3 in 80 hours, most of the quests result in a trophy - New Vegas trophies are structured in a way to encourage you to roam, not just trophy hunt). However, if you're remotely aware of RPG's and you can look past the bugs in this game (my PS3 slim did start to crash late in the game, even after patch 1.04, especially around Camp Forlorn Hope where there's lots going on) you will find that New Vegas is brilliantly executed. By the time you get to the end you'll know that every action has a consequence and that even the "right thing to do" can leave a bad taste in your mouth. I can't remember ever caring about in-game characters so much. How different is it to FO3? The game engine has been tweaked so there are subtle differences in the gameplay but the real changes are in the way the whole game has been thought out:

- More companions with a bigger role. Be careful who your friends are.
- Reputation with different groups means you can slaughter enemies and have friends.
- Strategic depth: your reputation matters at the end.
- Multi-path and well thought-out endings. Choose your own destiny.

Don't use a guide, you only get a trophy for a few of the not-main quests and you tend to get those whatever the outcome. Many of the trophies involve you playing the game as intended - roaming the wasteland and fighting for and against different groups. Just make sure you play it in hardcore mode; constantly drinking water in-game might seem like a pain but there's nothing quite like finding yourself in the desert and realising you've only got irradiated water to drink!
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on 28 April 2011
I read a lot of negative comments and I expected a terrible game, but as a hardcore fallout fan I still bought it in March 2011. After downloading the patch I did not experience any problems for a long time. After more than 50 hours of gameplay I can say it is occasionally freezing, but not much more than Fallout 3 did, still it's good if you save often, just to be on the safe side (before your big decisions/multiple choices too). The game itself is fantastic and after playing so much I'm still very far from finishing it. It is like a mixture of the previous Fallout episodes (1, 2 and 3). The music is similarly fantastic to Fallout 3 and when I switched the radio(s) off I realized I could listen to the mystical background music of the first 2 episodes, which I really loved. You've got a huge amount of quests as well. The only thing that annoyed me was that some of them are not registered in our pipboy, so if you don't do it immediately you might forget it (sometimes some notes are added to our pipboy though). I also liked that completing some quests for somebody, which were essentially not negative, might still turn the other, rival factions against you. This way I had to make a fine balance between the parties, if I didn't want loads of mighty enemies at the beginning. The creatures (we can also have companions; Veronica and Rex were really helpful) and the atmosphere are also outstanding. I also liked the hardcore mode (though usually it did not mean much more, than a slight inconvenience) where I had to eat, drink and sleep and stimpacks, foods needed time to take effect. All in all if you loved the fallout universe or like good RPGs you have to have it.

Spoiler alert! Though you might have so many different endings (depending on your abilities and the story lines), the following PS section might contain some "spoilers".

PS: It took me well over 80 hours to "complete" it (I did the "yes man" version, where I killed Mr. House, defeated the legion by talk and the NCR by talk /using my robots for "power play"/). Nothing really changed, occasional freezing, but nothing major. I wait a bit and complete it with another storyline as well. Thanks for the game. Next time do not release it so fast. The 3 star average rating really hurts me (and with the patch it is really unfair).
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on 16 December 2010
I purchased this game around the time it was released I was sceptical about it but also excited to be getting it.
I previously played Fallout 3 but I have to say this game is really an improvement to Fallout 3 and addictive because again you can explore the enviroment freely unlike most of the RPG's ever made also its more colorful then the last fallout game and theres plenty of weapons to keep you occupied for awhile and plenty more. They also Introduced many new features like the iron sites when you aim your guns which is much better and more accurate, also you have the ability to make ammunition on a munitions bench aswell. There are a few minor bugs in the game but appart from that I would definatly recommend this game in fact I personally think its one of the best games ive played toward the end of 2010 and it has bin rated one of the best aswell.
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on 20 June 2011
First of all I'm not a english nativ and second I don't know what's happend with this game. I bought it when people said is working and after the patch 1.05. I have over 70 hours in this game and didn't have many issues with it. I say this because some people said is still a broken game after this patch. It's a very good written game, good story and a really big game. I mean, I finished the main quest and do many side quests and still have alot of thing to do. You can create weapons, meds, bullets, you can repair weapons and armor, add a component to a weapon to increase the characteristics of it. You have towns, lights, New Vegas by night, people who talk to, guns, new factions, you still have Brotherhood of Steel, robots and many things to shoot. Many are old but also new to Fallout: New Vegas. I like it more then Fallout 3 GOTY. So... I don't know what is happening to this game but for me is a good game.
A nice day to everyone.
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