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on 12 March 2017
Still going strong.
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on 13 July 2015
Fantastic picture quality!!! I have it projected at just over 100 inches and the picture is as good as 1080p!!! Mount it upside down if fitting this high up or the correct side up if mounting it low. Also, I recommend plugging the source player (DVD/media player/Sky Box etc.) into your sound system....don't plug the projector into your sound system as the sound is not great and there seems to be a bit of sound delay so the audio and image appear out of synch.
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on 21 May 2015
I don’t normally write reviews but in this case I just had to…..this Projector has to be the best “bang for buck” piece of technology I have ever purchased. Bought for £262 around two weeks ago (May 2015) reduced from £330.

I have this sat around 11ft away from the screen and I get a comfortable 90” display. The picture is bright in all modes I have found no problem using in the lamp saver mode which supposedly gives 10000 hours lamp life. The picture quality out of the box is spot on (I only had to drop the brightness down to 48 from 50). I was worried about it being 720p, I really shouldn't have been, the experience it EPIC.

I use this as a home cinema projector although purists would say it’s a digital projector and not up to the job….I have to disagree. The colours are natural and blacks are good as well (even better when a dimmed room obviously but totally acceptable with ambient lighting), also no problems with aspect ratios or compatibility with kit, sure I could have spent another £500 and got a 1080p projector with more bells and whistles (Lens shift for example) but I really don't believe you would get £500 more projector or be able to tell that much of a difference (at least not enough to spend that much more).

It works brilliantly with my PS4, PS3, Chromecast, SKY HD and Boxee Box, the image quality is amazing especially considering the low price tag and even more so that it’s marketed as 720p….I cannot see the difference between my Samsung 1080p Plasma and the projector its clear and easy to watch. If I had to pick fault it wouldn't be with the projector it would be with the content….you must watch from HD sources…..standard def looks rubbish…..if you blow standard def up to 90” you will find it to be blocky and uncomfortable (probably pointing out the obvious), I suspect this would be the same for other projectors in higher price brackets.

Noise is not an issue, it is much quieter than I expect it to be, I don’t notice it at all unless a really quiet scene on a film but even then it’s a gentle hum in the background (Fat PS3 much much louder).

If you are wondering whether to buy this, just get it….I was pondering between a 50” LED TV and this and I am so glad I bought this. Even with the extras I had to buy I had this all setup for sub £350.

TIPs- For cheap screen buy a £24 White Tupplur blackout blind from IKEA, use the reverse of the screen as it is an ideal surface to project onto (if on a budget). The quality on that is brilliant as well.

Also for the mount I used a £5 Lack shelf (IKEA) mounted to the wall, drilled holes into the shelf and used some 75mm M4 bolts with Wing Nuts (B&Q)to adjust the tightness to bolt the projector to the underside….I also used a L shape bracket for extra support. It was a bit of a faf getting it into place but looks much more flush and less unsightly than a proper bracket. Note:Only will work if mounted directly in front of the screen.
If you have limited HDMI outputs I bought a HDMI splitter for around £10 off amazon and that has worked flawlessly (although you may have to switch inputs back and forth if you switch to the projector after the TV is on….this renegotiates the resolution and works ok after that).

In summary just buy it you won't be disappointed.
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on 16 March 2015
Amazing value and quality. The fan noise is barely audible. Picture quality HD , detail , clarity and color awesome.
Why pay another £200 for the same result !
Recommend !! BUY THIS !! . I have replaced my old projector screen to 90" there is no loss of quality in HD. New 3d glasses are Awesome ! I have streamed many hd movies from Amazon prime through the projector and they have looked spectacular
the home cinema experience is Glorious !!
8 Months old and the HDMI source has packed in, will only work with standard resolution via my computer.... Shame.
Bought it new from Amazon 30 th November 2014. however you cannot return a projector with a fault.....
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on 30 July 2015
This projector produces a great picture- from just over 12ft I have a 90" image (7.5ft diagonal). It looks great watching 2D material and it even displays 3D- which works brilliantly and is more convincing on a screen this size than watching on a 40-50" screen. And as the image you're projecting is onto a matt surface the picture doesn't suffer from the glassy look that some TV's produce because of their glossy screen.
Originally I projected the picture onto a blank, magnolia painted wall- the projector has an option to adjust the white balance taking this into account- and the picture was impressive but it really shines when you project it onto a screen.
The real benefit of the screen I found, opposed to the blank wall, was the black borders on a screen- they absorb overspill and really help frame the image so it 'pops'.
There's only 1 HDMI input on the projector- but nothing a 4 in 1 HDMI splitter doesn't solve.

Whilst some will recommend you get a 1080P projector the difference in cost is still significant compared to a 720P projector- don't be fooled thinking you need a 1080P because it has double the pixels. 720P provides more than enough resolution for a decent 100" image that is free of pixelation.

I've uploaded 2 pictures- the screen size is 90" (7.5ft diagonal). Whilst both images show a colour band its important to point out this is as a result of how a camera captures a picture.
The same picture as you look at it with your eyes will not see the banding or scan lines.
review image review image
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on 12 March 2015
Purchased this for my church (100 congregation) and works exceptionally well. Clear picture, easy to setup and good features. Perfect option for a small presentation to a 50mtr room.
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on 27 August 2015
After doing lot of research online and trying several projector I finally settled on BenQ TW523.

This device is really good for Medium or large rooms. I currently project it from distance of 10 feet and I get nearly 90''-100'' of screen size with very clear HD quality,really happy with that. It supports 1080p, Native is 720p.
I haven't tried connecting audio system to projector as I connect audio system to my laptop directly.
There is hardly any difference in projection quality using Normal mode and Eco Mode (but in Eco mode bulb life increases by number of time)
3000 Lumen power is enough to use projection(2D) during day time.

If you are looking good projector in reasonable price go for this one!!!

Can't watch 3D video during day time(may be because of too much light in my room through 3 windows) but during night time it's Absolutely Brilliant ! ! !
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on 22 January 2015
I can't stress how great this projector is. Had it for three days now and from the moment I turned it on I was blown away. This is the second projector I've owned after having a vga one for a few years. I couldn't believe the difference when I turned it on. I brought it with a pair of signstek 3D glasses and both items worked straight out of the box. So far I've watched Star Trek Into Darkness and Frozen in 3D and the effect is far superior to my LG 3D TV which cost twice as much! Have also linked it up to my Apple TV so I can stream from iTunes and watch Netflix. If your having any doubts, don't. Get one now!

Update: The first projector I had died after about two weeks. I'd started to notice white spots on the picture. Within 48hrs it wouldn't turn on. I contacted Amazon immediately and was sent a replacement the next day. This one seems even brighter and sharper! Guess I just had a duff one, it happens. Better to find out now rather than later. Anyway, to sum up, Great projector and brilliant service from Amazon. Still five stars.
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on 18 November 2015
Well i had that projector fr a while, had loads of problems with the focus, kept losing focus at start you had to readjust it once every few days, after a while it was every half hour and it wont really go in to proper focus at all anymore.

And i wouldn't recommand this one for movies and gaming, compering it to my ViewSonic projector (PJD5234) which has lower native resolution, the viewsonic has way better picture this one missing a lot of colors in the picture
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on 7 February 2016
This 3D projector is amazing. It's the first time I've experienced 3D films outside of the cinema, and I love it. I went for the rechargeable glasses from Amazon, along side a Sony 3D Bluray player and I'm really impressed with it. The headphone-out socket means I can connect a set of normal speakers too. I've not used it for anything else yet - but if the 3D aspect is anything to go by, I think it's going to do everything I need and more.
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