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on 25 October 2008
This product does what it says on the tin! It gives you a fitness program based on bellydance moves, not to be confused with a bellydance instructional dvd.

It comprises two workouts, one for arms and abs, and the other for hips, buns and thighs.

You have a brief warm up for each program and then right into the exercises. The arms and abs program really is effective at getting the heart rate up, because your heart has to work harder when your arms are over your heart level. The twins spend about the first 15 minutes with arm exercises, and then move down to the floor for some traditional abdominal crunches and oblique work. Then lastly of course is the cool down segment. As always, at the end of the workout portion of the program, one of the twins does a solo performance.

This program is no impact, gentle, and yet very effective. There are Veronic arms, snake arms and some side to side arms as well that would be like trying to stir up the water when you are in it. Also included in the program is a nice selection of moves for the ribs, including chest undulations (which of course work the abs).

The hips and thighs portion of this DVD is also great.

You start off sitting on the floor, and stretching out your muscles from the hips down to the toes. You move onto doing leg lifts, which work the adductor muscles (inner thigh) and then switch legs to work the abductors (outer thigh muscles). Then you stand for hip circles, and hip lifts and hip drops, along with some gluteal squeezes and then a bit more floor work and a cool down.

I found the second workout to also work the abs. Both programs do get the heart rate up to a safe target range, and do not be deceived by how gentle it all looks if you are just watching it rather than participating.

I like that this DVD is essentially a total body workout, as you have the two separate workouts for upper and lower body. I also like that you get two benefits for the price of one, muscle toning and strengthening AND cardiovascular.

I recommend that if you do these workouts, that you do them one of two ways, either do arms and abs one day and hips buns and thighs the next, or if you have about an hour, do the whole thing in one session. Each segment is approximately 30 minutes (one is 33 minutes and the other is 31 minutes) starting from the FBI warning and go see your doctor warning to the end credits which has the solo bellydance performance. These two workouts were originally separate VHS tapes and then they were put together on a DVD.

I have all of their Bellydance Fitness for Beginners workouts (which means 3 DVDs), Basic Moves/Fat Burning, and Slim Down.

If you are looking to learn Bellydance as a dance, then I recommend their Discover Bellydance series which has three programs, Basic Dance, Beyond Basic Dance, and Mystic Dance. These three were also sold as Sensual Art of Bellydance.

These workouts are an effective, sensual and feminine way to exercise. They promote cardiovascular benefits as well as toning, and flexibility.

I highly recommend all of their Bellydance Fitness For Beginners. This series is a nice alternative to mainstream aerobics. If you live in a flat you don't have to worry about annoying your neighbours because unlike traditional aerobics, you do these programs in your bare feet or sock feet. So you won't be stomping about or jumping around making a lot of noise.

The best part is that you don't need any equipment. This is a no excuses workout that gives a lot of energy - much better than drinking coffee!
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on 28 February 2012
I found this dvd helpful. I found it very difficult but very rewarding. Even if you are not getting it right all the time it doesnt matter as its all good fun and you still feel the results. This dvd is good for beginners to bellydancing and fitness
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on 23 February 2010
I love this DVD. The girls make the moves easy to understand and even though I am not that skilled at the dance moves, I felt good in myself that I had managed to achieve some of them. I will keep using the DVD as it is fun exercise to do when you have a spare 30 minutes. Pleased with my purchase. Thank you
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on 21 June 2017
Great workout. Thoroughly enjoy
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on 16 March 2012
This is exactly what I wanted, and am very satisfied with the product and also with the time frame that the transaction was concluded.
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on 20 February 2004
I love this dvd! After a warmup, the first section was very hard on the arms and pecs. I was tender the next day. The second section focused on the abs and legs. But it was so much more fun than doing standard excercise. I felt very sexy and feminine while doing this, in a non sleasy way. My husband thought it was great too! My daughter loved joining too. The voice-over narration was a change, as I am used to dvds like taebo where the instructor is speaking directly to you, but it was very clear and helpful.
The hand movements were so beautiful. Even though I was doing some of the same moves I had done on other tapes, they were far more beautifully and sensually executed. As someone who has never tried bellydance before - I'm hooked!
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on 18 April 2006
I love this vid, it's fun to do, the girls are always smiling and that and the interesting music takes your mind off the intense arm movements, which really tone! In general, it you want toned slender arms, great waist, bum, thighs and a supple neck then this is the work-out for you - and something you can do every day and have fun with (unlike a few other fitness videos I know!) Looking forward to the next session already :) Check it out folks!
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