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on 30 April 2016
I ordered this bag to use as my work bag. I needed something which can take in a laptop, a phone, a tabletz my water bottle, notebooksz stationery and other bits like wallet glasses etc.

The bag came very securely packed in an Amazon brown box with lots of air bag padding. It only took a couple of days for delivery.

The bag as 2 small side pockets with zips and each has internal partitions. One can keep coins and mints and chewing gum etc and other one I use for my water bottle.

In the main part, you have a dedicated laptop partiton with padding so the laptop always remains safe and secure. The other part can take in tablets or books etc and it has sections into it.

There is an pocket at the front with a zip which gives some open space to throw in stuff.

There is another section in the middle which gives you lots of pockets and dedicated slots for stationery. This section is designed to keep things organised and I really like it. I use this for my glasses, mobile, wallet, small notebook, diary, pens, medicines etc.

The bag is very light weight, the material looks durable and water proof, it doesn't catch dust and is washable.

On the back there is lots of foam kind of padding to make it comfortable when you are backpacking. It's also soft and fluffly on the carrier handles. On bottom you have rubber sole and padding so keep things safe when you put it on floors or in tube or bus.

I have used many bags over the years for work but this is the one which helps keep things organised and the price is very affordable.
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on 20 January 2016
The bag you will receive looks nothing like this no crisp edges its poorly sewn and frankly is a disappointment, I wouldn't bother.

The photos submitted are with a 15.6 laptop in the for support to show the result clearly different from the ad pic
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on 24 October 2016
This review is based on first impressions only. First of all, i received a box full of 5 instead of 1 bag that i ordered, i contacted amazon to have the extra returned, i wouldnt mind extra freebies but it would be too much on my self conscience.

Anyway, the material the bag is made of is a bit different from what the images make it out to be. Cant really explain it fully, but the material is not as smooth as the pictures make it look, more of a cheapish polyester woven material. I dont know how long it will last in actual use, but if it proves to be longer lasting than it looks i will change this review, until then ive had bags made from this stuff before and would probably not have purchased this in person as they usually break quite soon.
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on 21 May 2014
This bag looks big, and it'll fit a big laptop inside, but then the space seems to run out.

It's not a bad bag, if you generally just carry around a laptop then great, but if you have a few other things then it's a bit tight. The external pockets are not padded at all, so think about how your mouse, spare batteries or other peripherals might cope if they use those frontal pockets.
The external back pocket is safer and padded, but then it's got a velcro clasp that is small and weak so things may fall out so suddenly that becomes near useless for things like hdds etc.

I have two spare batteries and my charger in here and it feels full. So what are all these other pockets for?

I put it down to bad use of the internal space. Rather than having oddles of pointless small pockets all over, just have a few decent sized blocks inside the padded area, maybe with those velcro foam walls so you can adjust to your needs.

There are pockets in this bag that if used for anything bulky they just make it hard to zip closed (no doubt leading to tearing/zip failures), and if used for anything thin then they must be pockets there mainly just for packing in dime bars or curly wurlies.
Use one of these small handy pockets for something with actual bulk and it just makes the other ones useless as the actual internal space doesn't seem to expand nicely as you fill it out.

Maybe I was expecting too much but given all the bags I have and have had for electronics equipment, the space efficiency of this bag seems pretty poor which is a shame.

It certainly seems with these kinds of products that if the sellers can't show you good pictures of the insides, or even video reviews, then you're still best going to an actual shop to try them out first!
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on 17 May 2017
I bought this bag around 7 months ago. When I received it I noticed how it was a bit different to the pictures shown here. I think because the pictures here are rendered and it looks more simplistic. But I preferred how it looked and I will give it a thumbs up.

I have been using it for 7 months nearly every day and I have been carrying around 5 - 8 kg (11 - 17 pounds) an it's great. I fit my iPad, my Macbook Pro 15" and books. It was so good that my girlfriend ask me to buy her one, and I did. She has been using it for 5 months or so, and she has been carrying clothes to books for college. It is a nice bag, it is really big and you can fit a lot of things in it. Also, it is a great bad if you want to hid things, as it has a lot of different hidden places, sometimes even difficult for me to find, which I like.

I really recommend buying it if you are a student and carry a lot of heavy things, as the materials it has been built with are really really good. I have broken many bags in my life but it seems I'm stuck with this one for a very long time. Also it is very comfy and my back never hurts. The only "bad" thing I can say about it is that it is too big when I cycle to college, because it doesn't let me look backwards, but again, if it was smaller, I wouldn't be able to fit everything I need.

I will post some pictures of how it actually looks so people don't get confused, because when I bought it I read a lot of comments of people saying it was completely different.
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on 26 March 2016
In spite of reading some not very complimentary reviews I decided to purchase this low priced bag. I am pleased I did, my 15.5" Dell laptop fits in and the zip pocket takes my travel wireless mouse and the charger including the three pin plug with ease. Reviewers queried the plastic clips holding the shoulder strap but many bags designed to carry heavier articles use this type of plastic clip and are quite adequate so they should be OK on this bag.
For the price this is a good product. Promptly delivered.
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on 30 August 2015
I've had this for about a month now and am very happy with the purchase. There is plenty of room for electronic devices, its well padded and having the little things like having the laptop compartment raised from the bottom so I don't have to worry about impact damage when putting my bag down really shows that they have thought about the design, plus the quality of the stitching and comfortability when carrying reflects that too. There are also plenty of pockets and meshes to put all kinds of things which is very helpful and also help eliminate adapters and headphone wires getting tangled etc. The only gripe I really have is that the main compartment could do with being a little wider as once you have put things in the mesh pockets it blocks the actual compartment so if you have a change of clothes or jacket in there it can make it all a little hard to access, but it is designed as a laptop bag and not really a day bag although if you don't overload it with jumpers etc, then you will have no problems. Great bag and well worth the price.
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on 16 November 2015
Really not protective against abrasion. Have to keep my documents in plastic envelopes, my books get all torn up, and I won't put my laptop in there again cause now it's all scraped and the part of the laptop that was facing downwards in the bag is in horrible condition. Also, both zips got broken after only a couple of days. I'm not a person who throws their bag around aggressively, I'm careful about my things (that's why I'm no longer going to use this piece of garbage). Nothing was safe in this bag, not even my external hard-drive which I kept in the bag's front pocket once. I took it out and it was all scratched up. What is this bag made of?? The bag can carry a ridiculously small amount of items and the one time I carried my laptop in it, the shoulder straps kept making noises as if they were being too strained and they would tear at any moment.

Do yourself a favour and buy a more expensive bag, it doesn't matter how tight your budget is, it'll be worth it if you you want to:

1. Carry all the things you need to go to class
2. Have zippers that don't get broken after a few days of mild use
3. Keep your items in good condition
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on 14 January 2018
A mediocre quality bag. The side compartment never stays shut due to tiny amount of velcro holding it down. Put your items in here at your own risk. The material used for the handle wears away quite quickly leaving bare pale material exposed. This bag is worth no more than £15 tops in my opinion but there are far better alternatives out there and I now own one of them.

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on 4 November 2015
I bought this bag in 2012 and used it over three years commuting to London, to carry my 'office in a bag', and now just for local work commuting. It easily coped with two laptops (work and personal, in case you wondered), with all associated cables and a couple of inches of paperwork. This bag has an enormous capacity and is very strong, in fact stronger than my back which caused me a lot of problems due to the weight that I carried around in the bag - it is possible to overload yourself with weight using this bag (FYI, I'm a six foot +, 200lbs bloke, so I'm talking serious weight). The straps on the bag are still in good condition after three years use, as is the bottom of the bag. I cannot praise the quality of this bag highly enough, I've put it under immense strain and it's still holding together and looking as good as when I bought it three years ago.
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