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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Price:£64.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 19 May 2014
I've been producing music both at home and in professional studios for many years and can honestly say these speakers work surprisingly well in the small home studio environment. OK, so I have a pair of serious JBL monitors too, but for everyday work on Cubase and even for rough mixing on my PowerBook or PC, they do a very creditable job.

The clarity and stereo reproduction is excellent, they're pretty loud and produce very crisp sounds. The tone controls aren't the most dynamic and yes, as most other reviewers mention, the bass doesn't boom, but once again, they're perfectly good enough for most home studio needs. And the truth is that when it comes to final mixing, I don't even use the JBLs but always reach for my Sennheiser headphones instead. Or go and reproduce the whole thing in a pro studio. So it's horses for courses.

In my view, the Behringer MS16s are your best option unless you can afford to spend £300++ and go for some professional studio monitors. But do you really need them for home use, or is it just vanity like having a never-gigged Marshall stack in your bedroom? I'll share a salutary lesson I was given some years ago. I proudly took my latest CD into a record producer's studio which was filled with enough equipment to raise the Titanic with monitors the size of monoliths. But the producer took me out to his car where he played my CD through his stereo so he could hear it in the same way as others would. That's why you'll also find the best studios have a standard radio sitting somewhere on their desk so they can play the final mix through it - and you'll be surprised how many times a mix gets changed because things have been overproduced and over-EQ'd to the point of getting lost when it comes to playback 'back in the real world'!

Remember, a great song will always stand out. And these speakers will certainly not stand in the way of you producing great sounding music and excellent demos. So yes, I would recommend them for desktop home studios.
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on 30 July 2017
Despite being called a 'Monitor System' and being labelled as 'Monitor Speakers', these are *not* studio monitor-grade speakers. However, if you are not using them for music production, what they are is actually a really good pair of computer speakers for not a lot of cash.

Paired with a decent discrete sound card, or even an on-board sound card on a higher-end motherboard, these speakers will beat most offerings from your traditional companies (Logitech, Creative, etc.).

The construction is plastic and, while some people may prefer wooden cabinets, this does not detract from these speakers in the slightest. The bass port is on the front of these speakers, meaning you can have them closer to the wall if you use them on a desk or on wall mounts. Many 3-4" speakers have rear bass ports, which can cause a 'boomy' effect when placed closed to the wall.

If you're using these for a computer for listening to music or watching movies, then you'll want to dial in the bass and treble dials (I set mine to just under 3 o'clock treble, and just under 2 o'clock bass) and then download a computer program called Equalizer APO and another called PEACE. This will allow you to adjust the balance between the frequency bands.

I find the bass on these a little muddy, but the rest of the spectrum is fairly decent for the price. I find them to be, again for the price paid, very clear and leagues ahead of any traditional PC speaker I have used when it comes to listening to music.

I got these for an excellent price on Amazon, and I am extremely happy with my purchase.
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on 25 November 2016
These are NOT great. They have a terrible mains hum when on, and the transformer is also audible when they're turned off. Can't leave them on in the studio when recording. The overall sound is also pretty lame.
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on 16 August 2017
Not the best,but for the price,you would have to go a long way to beat these,very good,
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on 29 September 2012
Ok I'm setting out to be very fair with this review. The radio station I work for has a couple of sets of these so I knew what I was getting before I ordered them.

Firstly the good:
The speakers (because that is what they are) are powered and are absolutely perfect as computer speakers or for connecting to a mobile phone, for use as AirPlay or similar via a receiver. They are reasonably priced and offer sound comparable to JBL Control One speakers without the outlay of an amp.

The bad:
The sounds quality is not of monitor standard, so the name is misleading. However the sound quality is not bad, frankly you are getting what you pay for. The bass response of these speakers is adjustable officially by the bass knob. What you are actually getting is an adjustment of the low end of the midrange as the actual bass response is quite poor.
Lastly and most importantly, the RF shielding is shocking. Believe me you will know when your mobile phone is anywhere near these.

I paid £45 for these as an Amazon Warehouse item and I am happy enough, despite the shortcomings.

Mine are wall mounted using a pair of £15 brackets from Maplin which do well enough. Side clamp speaker brackets may not be suitable because of the curve of the lower portion of the speakers.
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on 26 August 2013
I ordered these for delivery to Finland, they arrived quickly and well packaged.

Firstly if you are expecting Pro Studio Monitors for this price you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. These are not Pro Studio quality but also they are not Studio price and for the price you are paying i believe they justify a 5* rating.

Good points: The sound quality is good in general and they go very loud without much distortion. The build quality is solid (plastic) and they look professional. They have a mic input as well as audio inputs and equalizer.

Bad points: Bass Response is limited, the equalizer isn't very fussy (hence why these are not ideal Studio Monitors)

Student on a budget? These are a good buy. Small home studio set up? Good buy. Speakers for your PC / DVD / Console? Good buy. Backup set of speakers for dragging around to friends, gigs etc. Good buy.

In fact if you compare these to similarly priced (and even much more expensive) amplified PC speakers, these really blow them out the water.

Basically for the price these are excellent, maybe Behringer shouldn't have called them Monitors as this creates false expectations. However if you are in the market for amplified speakers and this is at the top end of your budget I don't think you will find anything better even if you stretch it slightly.
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on 6 January 2012
The speakers are of good quality. Sound produced is of good quality and if requred the volume is also rather loud. Although 3.5mm audio cable has become loose and causes the sound to become distourted. The cable can be replaced for as little as £1.50(AMAZON.CO.UK)
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on 30 December 2016
Was happy with quality of the product and the sound too but it came without cable to connect the two speakers, had to buy it as extra so for now everything is in mono until my cable is delivered.
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on 10 November 2016
I absolutely love these speakers, and use them for playing music most days.
IMPORTANT, to get anything like decent sound quality they do need to be paired up with a suitable bass module (subwoofer) to fill in that low end. The difference is like night and day. I use a Hyundai Multicav (8") powered subwoofer because it has an adjustable crossover frequency.
Like I say, I was after filling out the bottom end, not trying to sound like Halfords' car park at 11pm, and this requires a bit of attention with adjusting the levels. Then of course, overall volume control needs to be controlled from the volume control on the primary device, (laptop, etc).
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on 27 February 2016
The worst studio monitors.

Awful (really poor) bass and annoying, loud, humming noise which can be heard even when playing audio through the speakers.

The build quality is poor and feels cheap.

However, if the humming doesn't annoy you or the lack of bass then these monitors are okay.
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