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on 21 August 2014
This pedal is a cheap 'clone' of the Boss SBY-5. It's important when buying bass synth pedals to look for what you want - units such as Digitech XBW, as envelope filters, are essentially autowah effects. You can also get a synthlike-sound using a fuzz and a bass wah (I use a crybaby with cap. mod). Some multieffects offer synth functions (such as ZOOM B1).
Pedals like Boss SBY-5 and Behringer BSY600 generate a new waveform separate from your original signal, which gives much more extreme synth sounds. They tend to perform better than their digital effects in multieffects (such as Zoom B1) in terms of tracking and the warmth of the sound, but still responds better to slower licks - don't expect to sound like Rick-Wakeman-mid-solo with this pedal.

I was thoroughly impressed with the range of sounds available with this pedal. For me it was exactly what I wanted, very fun to play around with, cheaper than a Boss SBY-5 providing similar level of functionality in a less sturdy case. I advise to also get an expression pedal - I use a cheap passive volume pedal with this type of connector lead (http://www.amazon.co.uk/3-5mm-Stereo-6-35mm-Audio-Cable/dp/B0034DSUMK) - it does make a difference, giving you more sound options. But do your research and find out what fits YOUR tastes - pedals can become expensive bricks, don't buy something producing sounds you'll never use.
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on 5 January 2012
I bought this pedal based on videos shown on other sites. The pedal requires a lot of tweaking to get that perfect sound,but when found it is really great. Slow playing is crucial and little is often more with this, quick series of notes become tangled and don't sound right. The tracking of the effect is great thought and works all over the fretboard on my bass, I have even plugged a guitar into it and it has tracked great. Unfortunately Behringers build quality has let them down again, the elctronics inside the pedal are great, but the button to switch the effect on is hard to press and requires a lot of force, also the hold feature, which allows a synth note to be held while unaffected notes are played over the top, comes in too fast, and can be difficult to switch the effect off without putting the hold feature on. The actually knobs on the pedal are a little stiff, but overall feel strong and robust.
Overall a great pedal for the money, considering that the closest pedal too this would be at least twice the price. Its just a shame that the button is so hard to press. I am still to try this with the expression pedal, but i have read many good things and feel it will ready add life to the pedal.
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on 29 April 2017
There are definitely limitations here, but given it's cost (it is so much cheaper than any other option) it gets 4 stars. I find when using it live I have to play with a pick, some damping and use the octave down option to allow me to play higher up to get better tracking. Playing lower down, even on a 4 string, the tracking can be too shaky. So, even for fussy me, I can get a sound solid enough to pay live with, but only by playing very much to suit it.

I'm sure eventually I'll pick up a better pedal with quicker and more reliable tracking, but for now it's doing a job for me. Can't justify buying something like the Markbass pedal at over £200 for 2 songs live!
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on 1 January 2016
In summary, I would suggest getting one of these for playing around with, but not for any kind of professional usage.

It is a fun little pedal that packs a lot of bang for the buck, particularly if you use it with an expression pedal. I also like the separate dry and wet output and level options, which can be combined with a Y-cable.

Unfortunately, the quality is pretty shoddy (thus the price) and I would never rely on this for a live performance, as I have just recently had the input jack crap out on me after no rough treatment and relatively light usage. Also, it tend to suck the volume when engaged, no true bypass switching, and it can be a little noisey.

If you can get by without the freeze-hold option, which is engaged by holding the switch down, one option would be to use this with a true bypass loop pedal that would allow you to elevate the pedal for twiddling and remove it from the signal path when disengaged, all while reducing wear-and-tear on the most vulnerable points on a cheap quality pedal - the switch and the jacks.

Again, I doubt if I would use it live, for obvious reasons, but if you buy it and find it to be something useful - and if it is actually a direct clone of the Boss syb-5 bass synth pedal - you'd probably be better off ultimately going with the Boss for live performances. If you're not sure about whether this pedal would belong in your arsenal, you might want to save ~$100 and play around with the sound palette and options.
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on 6 January 2013
A great pedal but works better on more trebley sounding basses then the low ones as it can have trouble picking it up. if your bass is very low then you have to play harder then normal.
The sounds you can get are amazing though and there is a large choice to do what you like!
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on 3 June 2013
battery compartment very fiddley to get into seem tempremental so just used an adapter which is a shame as somettimes an extension lead is just out of reach, takes a while to get used to for the settings required and on certain waveforms you can't switch it off
could be better
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on 1 March 2012
I Love this pedal .. ok its plastic but Its feature packed and for the price is just awesome... Dubstep freq on a Bass Guitar (or anything !) you got it ... a snip at just under 40 quid

nice one behringer !
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on 2 January 2013
This unit will probably please someone with the patience to fiddle it back and forth for ages but all I could get was a 70s sci fi movie pulse gun sound effect and unless the effect dial was up to max, I had to really pluck the string or would have no effect at all.

I am sure this shows up more my own inexperience but in itself suggests this is for someone with more experience - but for a few pounds more, something like the Zoom G1XN will do what this unit can and masses more.
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on 24 December 2015
Incredible value for money. Works great with comp and pre-amp.
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on 29 May 2015
This has never worked properly apart from a few times despite using various power supplied and battery. Turns on and off at will. Good array of effects when working properly. Picks up every transmission in a rehearsal studio.
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