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on 19 July 2017
Helpful in terms of marketing and finding business
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on 14 January 2014
A good book to help anyone who is interested in tutoring get started. Victoria also tackles the basic questions that tutors would like to ask when starting out. Interesting read.
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on 15 January 2015
I'm sure Victoria Olubi is a fantastic tutor and business woman. I'm also certain that she has a lot of friends who are willing to review her book for her (the "testimonial" on the back of the book is from another author, who wrote a book called "A Frugal Life" - she misspells "learn" in this testimonial, or it is a typo. Pretty smooth). However, this isn't really a book, it's a short pamphlet. I read it this evening in around 35 minutes while watching the snooker (Neil Robertson vs. Ally Carter, in case you're interested).

The book is in approximately size 18 font, with size 18 spaces between paragraphs. Miss Olubi occasionally jumps over to a new page when she has finished a particular thought, obviously feeling a new paragraph is not sufficient. She may have confused the reader of the book with one of her students as it appears to be aimed at 11 year olds (the title of my review is a quote from the book in a "chapter" about how much to charge - she goes on to say that if you work out how much money you want to make and charge more than you used to you will have more money to "travel, relax or spend time with your family" - very helpful). The tasks at the back really are like exercises you'd set in primary school.

There are spelling errors. Perhaps it is wrong of me but I am assuming English is not one of the subjects Miss Olubi teaches, or she didn't bother to proof read. I'm not surprised Miss Olubi has such a successful business when she has managed to hoodwink usually cautious buyers into purchasing what is essentially a very long leaflet or the contents of three webpages.

I got this book because it was cheap and had good reviews - at £4.20 how could I go wrong? However it's really not worth that much.

One last thing - she dedicates three or pages to web resources for teaching online - at no point does she mention Skype. She does talk about creating a powerpoint and adding your voice to it however.
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on 22 February 2014
Here we have a useful guide for anyone wondering about the possibility of tutoring. It's not as difficult as it might sound, and by all accounts its actually quite profitable. It won't make you a millionaire but it will certainly fill you with a sense of accomplishment. I've tutored in the past and this short book has prompted me to consider tutoring again. Previous problems with parents that constantly tried to push the price down were my greatest annoyance but I've picked up a few ideas about how to deal with these hagglers. Definitely worth a read.
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on 9 April 2015
Become a Private Tutor is an outstanding resource for anyone desiring to take the path to become a tutor.

The author covers all the bases – qualifications, aptitude, what to charge, advertising, and how to get started.

I found it interesting that the author got her start in tutoring when she was teaching special education classes, as I too have taught special ed. classes. She comments that “while working with the children I quickly discovered that despite all of their problems, they like most children, just wanted to be cared for, respected and treasured and I felt the same way.”

However, the problem was the fact that while she loved teaching, she hated the school environment. “Grumpy teachers, school politics and handling my new role as an adoptive mother to dozens of children was not my idea of ‘fun’.” She realized that she loved teaching but hated the teaching profession. One day a senior teacher commented, “you’re too good for this school, you should teach somewhere else.”

Of course, she found her niche in tutoring, where she could utilize her natural teacher skills, with the bureaucratic drawbacks.

A particularly useful tool was “The Tutor Plan,” an extremely practical business plan to help you to map out your ideas and aid you in strategizing your plans for building a hugely successful tutoring business. It ties all of the ideas contained in the book together and allows you to put them into practice. It gives you a jumpstart to get going with your tutoring business.
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on 5 January 2015
I read this book to give it an honest review. For someone who is interested in becoming a tutor the first thing they need to know is the difference between a tutor and a teacher. "Become a private tutor: How to start and build a profitable and successful tutoring business" by Victoria Olubi is a short but very helpful book for people interested in such a field.

Victoria starts the book talking about her own journey as a successful private tutor and the way she talks about her journey and categorizes the steps to attaining such success yourself is very easy to understand and also act upon. To be a private tutor you need to know what to charge and how to properly market yourself. The author talks about various things in the book like how referrals are a strong factor that play a very important role in making a name for yourself and you also need to know about your competition.

If you want to become a private tutor and start earning that way then give this little book a read. It will definitely help you.
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on 19 June 2014
I always thought that home tutoring would be difficult, but it isn't... well, it is, but this gem of a book makes earning a living tutoring from home child's play. The author takes you through her journey into the industry and then highlights many of the problems you may face and then offers up some great solutions to those problems.
If you are considering a change of direction, or want to take up a career as a tutor then this book is a great place to start.
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on 4 December 2015
Most of this book simply states the obvious. It also isn't really a book, the writing is HUGE! It realistically is probably only a few pages of writing. I just don't feel like I gained anything from reading this. I'm sure the intentions are there, but it just doesn't say anything that most people wouldn't have already worked out by spending 10 mins on Google!
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on 20 April 2013
Until I read this book, I had no idea that private tutoring was such big business (an estimated $5 billion globally). As far as home-based, freelance businesses go, this must be one of the most underhyped and less well-known. Even the author admits to have entered it "by accident" (word of mouth spreads when you're a terrific teacher). The author shares her knowledge and secrets (I particularly liked how she deals with potential clients who claim that they can't pay her asking price and want to bid her down; her answer to them can be applied to any similar business transaction) and not only covers how to choose subjects to tutor in but also the growing world of online tutoring which dispenses with having to confine your business to the local geography and the need for travel to conduct a face-to-face tutoring session. There's a lot to think about here in this compact guide.
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on 20 June 2014
I've been teaching Maths for nine years working both in schools and doing a bit of private tutoring on the side. However, I'd never considered the possibility of turning my tutoring work into a proper business until recently. This book was short, quick and incredibly enjoyable to read. The author has clearly built a very successful tutoring business and it's inspiring to read a detailed account of how she built up her business and made it a success. This book not only inspired me but it made me realize that us teachers can build amazing businesses if we put our minds to it. I feel like this book has given me the push that I needed to take my tutoring business far more seriously. I'm also loving the newsletter that the author has created and I feel like I have most (if not all) of the resources that I need to make my 'side job' a full time career.
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