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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on 26 April 2017
Great book!
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on 6 August 2010
She has to be the only author that I giggle all the way through her books! And this one was no different her heros and heroines are crude, rude, funny and completely insane.

Meet Bo "The Maurauder" Novikov, hybrid Polar Bear/Lion and Blayne Thorpe, hybrid Wild Dog/Wolf. Bo is facsinated with Blayne; her quirkness and eagerness (which comes from being part wild dog) and Blayne is terrified of Bo his lack of loyalty to his ice hockey teams mates and utter cruelness to eager fans.

The story is basically that Blayne is on the girls derby team but she is so nice that she doesn't rough up her opponents enough and is about to be dropped from the team. So after watching Bo massacre his opponents during an ice hockey game she seeks his help. It soon becomes clear to Bo that it has nothing to do with Blayne not being mean enough but she just lacks focus. So he teaches her how to be more focused, as he has a severe case of OCD for timekeeping, lists and schedules.

During all that they fall in love, humans try to kidnap Blayne for somekind of illegal hybrid fighting and they take a side try to Bo's home town where we meet his Uncle. His home town is full of polar bears who are very wary of wild dog/wolf hybrids as they are so unstable.

But Blayne being Blayne soon wins them all over and softens Bo up enough that he relaxes a teeny tiny amount.

If you have read the last 4 pride books then you will like this one!
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on 3 August 2010
Discovered Shelly's work with the dragon kin series, but her shifter series are amazing. This lady has such a wicked sense of the absurd and she has applied it to the shape-shifters. Not for Shelly the anguished hero, who must suffer and seek redemption, no, her shifters are loud, arrogant and just a little bit crazy. You have the dog shifters,with an attention span of 10 seconds, whose biggest pleasures in life are karaoke and chasing their tails, the wolves who love to fight, the lions, who love to eat, and expect their women to wait on them, tigers, fox's, grumpy grouchy who get on with no-body and scare everybody Bear's. The list just goes on, for anyone who has not checked out Shelly Laurenston I urge you to do so, he books are a lighthearted look at a genre which is usually very dark, and this author has a writing style all her own.
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on 11 November 2011
Blayne Thorpe, a wolf/wild dog hybrid is a whirlwind of chaos that manages to disrupt everyone else's life around her; including hockey pro and fellow hybrid (in this case polar bear/lion) Bo Novikov. When they first exchange eye contact, Blayne runs away screaming, and Bo doesn't meet her again for another 10 years. In retrospect he believes himself lucky to have avoided entrapment by what he calls `the Blayne Vortex" for a decade.

Blayne is hyperactive, painfully unsubtle and completely adorable; the hybrid doing the impossible by not only taking on Bo, but integrating herself comfortably within the notoriously `intolerant of other shape shifters' bear community. What starts out as Blayne asking for help from Bo (the infamous Marauder) as she's just not mean or vicious enough on the ice soon escalates. Blayne is convinced she can force the list obsessed OCD clean freak Bo into a personality transplant, whilst he is determined that she can at least start wearing a working watch and keep to his timetable. Add in a large number of aggressive, rude and somewhat violent shape shifters (male and female) plus a hunt to uncover illegal hybrid underground fights and there's plenty going on plot wise.

This author writes some of the funniest paranormal romance around, and "Beast Behaving Badly" is no exception. The quips and verbal sparring (particularly between Blayne and Bo) which flow fast and furious are hilarious whilst the budding romance, as Bo quietly but persistently woos the oblivious Blayne is sweet, funny, and problem filled as Bo tries to anticipate what the completely unpredictable hybrid could say or do next. Blayne may be adorable, she may have big puppy dog eyes that she uses ruthlessly to get her own way, but Blayne sure knows how to do damage with a knife in her hand. Blayne may be one of the cutest leading ladies in this series, but she proves just as aggressive and deadly as her predecessors.
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on 26 August 2011
OH my! What the other people in the airport, on the plane and on the train must have thought of me:-) I was actually crying with laughter. Meet one of THE most outrageous heroines ever created, as she stumbles from one crisis to another. Not For Blayne Thorpe the normal, average life. In a world of Animal Shifters Blayne is a hybrid- part wolf, part dog. And she is completely crazy-weird.

However, the crazy things that happen to her make a strange sort of sense. They could only ever happen to Blayne. Her many friends just accept, that if there is going to be trouble, Blayne will find it.

So, not for her a nice-normal guy to fall in love with, and keep her safe from snakes, manic badgers (LOL!), psychotic nurses and would-be kidnappers. She fall for another hybrid- the Part lion-part Polar Bear, Bo Novikov. Like Blayne, BO has 'issues': OCD list making, time keeping, cleaning, wining at Ice-hockey etc. In fact they probably have more issues than Readers Digest. But they are really lovely together. They bring out the best in each other, even when the world around them cannot really understand them.

I have been reading Shelly Laurenston's MANE series, while desperately waiting for the next Dragon Book to appear (as G.A. Aiken) . As one of her heroines might say - I am SO hooked! I really thought you could get no funnier/ crankier/ crazier a Heroine than Keita, the Dragon Princess. So I am happy to say that discovering Blayne Thorpe really has made my week/ month/ possibly year!

Read about a group of animal/ people/ beings whose life is just a little different from ours. Often violent, very crazy and unusual. I really want to know what happens next! Isn't that what a really good book should do? And I'm cheering, even though it is obvious that BO is never going to be an easy guy to love or live with.

Finally I have a heroine who I can relate to: someone who does impulsive crazy things, that makes perfect sense at the time.
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on 24 October 2013
Beast Behaving badly:

I love Shelly Laurenston/ GA Aiken. I cant remember which book i downloaded first or why but i am so grateful. I chose to write a review for this book because it is one of my stand out faves from this side of her writing. Likely because i can relate to Blayne (i get to to calm down or slow down a lot) and i have loved ones who although not completely like Bo but have some of his tendencies shall we say! Bo and Blayne just fit so well together , many would say they shouldn't but that's why they are so great! I love Blayne's father too!

I have not yet found a book by this author either as Laurenston or as Aiken that i have not loved. They all make me laugh (sometimes on a packed train, wow the looks you get) and engage me from the first page. Each is different and the characters are all fully fledged individuals which although some may have similarities they are not carbon copies from book to book. I have collections for both Laurenston and Aiken because both sides are so good they deserve their own.

I would recommend not only this book but any by the author, another personal fave is Here Kitty Kitty, i swear i cried with laughter at some of the things Miki says!


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on 6 September 2010
If you are a fan of Shelly laurenstons shifter series, you have meet Blayne before. She is the the nice and a bit crazy wolfdog who loves her friends, derby and hanging out with the wilddog pack. In this book we get her story. The book starts by going back to the highschool days and Blayne and Gwen hang out at the icerink in philly and well there is a new hockey player on the shifter team, that has everybody talking. Blayne being blayne get in her head that he is a bit weird so she runs off in a panic. But 10 years later, she meets the hockeyplayer once more and this time he is not letting her run away..

Fun to read:)
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on 1 April 2013
another from my favourite author, i have never had a bad book, from start to finish i laugh out loud with the occasional tear and once i'm finished i wait with baited breath for the next installment. the best thing is that they dont have to be read in order so if i find one i'v previous;ey missed its not a problem
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on 13 January 2013
I can't get enough of this whole series (starting with the Magnus pack!) I laughed out loud too many times to remember! Great characterisation, great plots, Shelly makes you desperate to be a Smith! This is an author that you cannot afford to miss!
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on 25 January 2014
I Can't help but love Shelly Laurenston's books they are fun, imaginative, exciting and sexy . I WISH I had managed to read them in order so I could keep all the amazing character's straight. Love them am now going to buy another!.
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