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on 21 June 2003
I got this book as a Christmas present as I was (and still am) suffering from depression. I started the book and immediately felt better, something my therapy sessions seriously lacked! I have since read this book on the train on the way to interviews and the confidence in me shone through. The chapter entitled: "How Attractive Are You?" was especially inspirational. Fiona Harrold's words totally changed the perception of how I thought of myself, and with her words in mind, I went to a party and met a really lovely guy who I am now dating.
This book is a must for anybody feeling low or just wnats to achieve what they have always wanted. The encouragement in her words propells you to change your life, and it does! An excellent book which you can pick up and read at anytime.
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on 1 August 2001
I first heard about this book whilst having a drink with a friend of mine. We were talking about life in general and I commented on how much happier he seemed lately and how I wished I could be happier as I wasn't enjoying my work at the time. My friend leant me a copy of this book, which I read and started to put in to practice some of its suggestions. I can only tell you that my life has completely changed for the better. I became much happier and I am now on my way to a career I'd previously only dreament about. I bought my own copy of this book as it's the type of book you can go back to again and again. If you buy this book make sure you do what Fiona suggests and TAKE ACTION.
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on 3 May 2002
Buy this book if you are in a rut and want some encouragemant to change your life. Unlike other books of its type it's straight to the point and not in cheesy american sytle. I have just handed in my notice at work and about to change direction completely... and i'm not that scared!! Read it, and do it. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 21 November 2001
This book is fantastic for anyone who needs encouragement to realise their potential. The book is written as if someone is talking you through your beliefs. Through series of exercises and narrative text you develop an improved sense of self worth and fulfillment.
The style is similar to having a life coach talk to you one on one, the effect is different to most other self help books, and is far more personal. The author makes a contract with you and promises to deliver the same effects as if you had a personal life coach. The amazing thing is she does deliver. A truely brillient book.
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on 3 August 2004
I would like to thank Fiona Harrold for writing this truly inspirational book. It doesn't matter what stage your life is at, improvements can always be made. After all, no one's perfect, but if there were more of us out there striving to better ourselves, the world would be a much nicer place. If you feel you don't have the time for Fiona's exercises throughout the book, then you're probably not ready to take control of your life but are letting your circumstances control you instead. Make time! You won't regret it. Fiona's style is direct, assertive and non-conformist. Don't expect to agree with everything she says in this book, or for everything to relate to you. If you find some of the things she says grating, perhaps it's because it's touched a chord of truth in you, and you're as yet unwilling to face up to it?
Search deep within yourself and you will find the answers are already there, just waiting to be plucked. The book merely serves as a guide to finding the answers you're looking for. Along the way, you will experience self-healing and self-discovery; you will shake off the Old You and work towards the New You - a more confident, self-assured, determined person with a "can do" attitude. You really ARE what you believe yourself to be, and you CAN do anything if you put your mind to it!
On a personal note, Fiona's book has helped me tremendously in rising out of the ashes of an abusive relationship. Whereas before I was a repressed, downtrodden, submissive partner and occasional punchbag, I am now a happy single mother with a happy toddler, moving on and taking control of my own life again, in a strange, foreign country to boot! The book helped greatly in channeling my thoughts and led to me regaining my self-confidence and respect, and gave and still gives me the courage to "carry on regardless".
Buy the book! It does exactly what it says on the cover.
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on 29 March 2005
I read this books nearly 5 years ago and it changed my life forever. I was not satisfied with my life or relationship and this book asked me all the questions I had been putting off asking myself. I left my partner, set up a new life for myself in London and have since had all sorts of incredible adventures. Whenever I get stuck in life I always ask myself those life changing questions; If I was living my dream life what would I be doing? How far away is my life from that now? What do I need to do now to move towards it? A life changer for definite!
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on 8 February 2001
To produce this work, the authour was forced to dig deep within and examine her own attitudes and beliefs in life to find robust system for living a happy, balanced life. The result is a coaching book with a truly holistic perpective.
The author demands commitment from the reader in return for her encouragement and belief and persents a contract of engagement on P15 which leaves the responsiblity for change sqarely on the reader's shoulders.
She takes the reader through a number of logical, practical exercises that examine the building blocks of confidence, self belief and personal power. The premise behind the author's thinking is that if you were not born with inate confidence or developed it through positive childhood experiences, then you have to work hard to acquire it as an adult.
The book's central argument demands faith in the concept that deeply ingrained beliefs and behaviour can be changed by force of will.
The author draws on the principles of NLP, self image pschology and her own home spun wisdom. It is a passionate and inspirational books that unfortunately looses pace when it arrives at the "how to select your work chapter". However, it is well worth the read, and doing the exercises alone will produce positive changes in perception and self awareness.
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on 26 March 2004
I was initially very sceptical when I first picked up the book. I have read many "change your life" type books. This book was very different. It was written in a style were the author acts as if she really is your own personal life coach. The book led to many personal insights. It reveals that one of the most important aspects of personal change is learning to be self-reliant. The book goes through numerous topics with the issue of self-reliance and self-worth being at the forefront throughout the discussions. The book certainly made me consider the effect of my thought on my behaviour and life. Well worth a read.
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on 22 March 2001
This is really a fantastic book, crammed full with life-changing practical advice. All of the excuses you could ever come up with for not 'having a go' or living life to the full are neatly dealt with, giving you an amazing stream of energy to quit procrastinating and just do it! Pick up this book, commit to the contents, and watch yourself transform your dull, unfulfilled life into more than you've ever dreamed of.
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on 14 February 2004
Everything this book claims to be, it is! I have had this book for about a year and a half now and it has made a phenomenal difference to my life. I am much more confident and have greater self-respect and self-worth.
There are exercises in this book which you need to do in order to achieve the results that you desire. When I first bought it I was a little cynical but this doubt is now dispelled entirely. The affirmations Fiona suggests or you create for yourself really do work!
The nice thing about this book is that Fiona does not start out with the premise that you are 'broken and need fixing.' Instead she says well you are a great person but I will help you find what is stopping you from believing that truly and teach you how to back yourself 100%
For anyone at all who believes that it is worth investing in yourself, the price of this book is only a small one to pay... If you follow the exercises and take heed of Fiona's suggestions you really can 'take control of your life and achieve your wildest dreams.'
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