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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2016
First off, I'm a novice. This is the second model I've built, with the only other under my belt being a Revell Saturn V 1/144 scale model. It's relatively easy to put together. I built the main body but left the flights off until everything else had been done. As others have pointed out, the manual must be outdated, and the model itself revised, because some things don't translate directly. The bow/head of the model for example has to be put together in a completely different way than stated in the manual. Luckily, you can find videos on YouTube of other people building this, and how they went about it. The decals on the flight deck aren't properly purposed, and you'd know what I meant when you see it--so you'd have to take some measurements or eyeball things, and bust out a hobby knife.

Other decals are just plain fiddly or too long to place (such as the stripes), and so I threw those away completely, opting to hand paint them on--very thin coat, masking down.

You might think that because of these negatives, I'd give it a low rating. My biases aside, it still was a fun model to put together and paint. I deviated from the suggested paint scheme. I also wanted something with more of a worn/weathered look. 5/5
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on 1 January 2014
I bought this model kit after watching the new series on DVD. I've been modelling for around 20 years or so and have gone though most genres of kits.

The price is easily the cheapest out there - that includes ebay where sci-fi models seem to be a general rip-off (traders banking on modellers not doing their research).

This is a great kit for the inexperienced and experienced modeller.

For the inexperienced it goes together really well, almost no flash at all and the level of detail is great. Decals are good too - and if you compare this to the Mobeus original kit - why would you buy Mobeus? You can easily finish it in a simple two tone colour scheme with no weathering and it will look fab.

For the experienced modeller the level of detail on the kit it great (although it is small ish kit) so there is a lot of room for going to town on the paint job, and if you've watched the series then there is a lot of scope for weathering too.

I'm lighting my kit, the engines are easy to do - this kit is built so the engine can be lit (4 leds can be inserted easily enough with minimal drilling etc). I'm also lighting the crew compartment at the front/head with fiber optic and lighting the pods as well with fiber. There is enough space to put all the electronics - you'll need to chop the insides around a little but it's not too much of a headache.

If you to light where the landing pods retract red, as per the cgi model, then it is tricky. I'd recommend small leds and you will spend a lot of time trying to get the right effect, as I have. There will be a bit of kitbashing involved and judicious use of the craft knife.

Overall this is an outstanding kit. Makes any old AMT/ERTL/MPC kit look like rubbish - mostly because they are.

Battlestar Galactica 1:4105 Scale Revell
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on 26 March 2016
Great model. Fairly easy to put together, although the instructions I think might be out of date as the head of the ship now has an extra clicky bit that you need to attach to the body of the ship before you stick the body together. This was not in the instructions, so I had to cut that extra bit off to fit the ship together. Hey ho though. The Chief did say that the Galactica's construction was difficult and corners were cut. Lol.
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on 12 April 2017
Been after one of these for a while, yet to build, living in anticipation lol.
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on 29 May 2016
Model is a superb version of the ship and has everything you need to make it great. I will take it a bit further trying to light it etc etc
It is 66 parts, instructions are well made, lot's of good decals... Will become a nice display :)
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on 14 June 2016
Fantastic kit! My first ever build
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on 3 March 2013
I bought this kit as its half the price of the Moebius kit & Revell have joined up with Moebius to sell this this model in Europe.

But looking at the picture on the outside of the box & on Amazon, it looks like the whole model has been painted in just one colour (a grey/silver) and in the instructions it says 90% light grey/10% silver for the armor plating & 90% dark grey/10% aluminium for the rest of the model, to which I didnt mix the colours, I simply decided to go with the light grey & dark grey un-mixed.

I did have a problem however with painting the model as I use acrylic paint, as the paint wouldn't stick to the model, even acrylic primer wouldn't stick either.

So I bought some black matt enamel primer spray paint & sprayed the model, making sure I got into the nooks & crannys, as I'd already glued the 4 thruster nacelles to the main body, once the spray primer dried the acrylic paint went down with no problems at all, to which I painted 2 coats of dark grey all over the model, then 2 coats of light grey for the armor plating.

But with the head section, you will find there are 4-5 peices to make the complete peice & I advise not to glue them all together until you have painted all the pieces & glued the guns in, then you may need superglue to glue the head to the main body as it is a little heavy & normal model glue might not be able to hold it into place.

One thing I did like was the decal sheet, as Revell have made it a lot better than the Moebius decal sheet.

The decal sheet includes decals for the flight pod/flight deck housing dock, where Moebius left that section blank, unless you buy the Paragraphix photoetch kit to fill that section in.

Laying the housing decals can be a pain though, as the housing is a little tight, but once layed down (using tweezers & a litte patience) the housing looks pretty sweet, I did try to buy the paragraphix small kit (the Galactica name plates/flight deck windows) but the U.S websites wanted $9.95 plus $15-$30 for postage, and all the UK websites had no stock, so I stayed with the bog standard nameplates decals & didnt use the window decals, as it would just drape over the flight deck openings & would have torn over time.

Also the flight deck decal, the instructions tell you to paint the deck itself in clear gloss, but I painted it light grey & put the decal down, but make sure you seal the decal in with your clear gloss before you put the lid on as glue might melt the decal, also on the flight deck dont be tempted to fill in the channel left by the deck plate into the bottom section of the flight pods as the top section needs that to glue down flush, also use some kind of clamp or elastic bands to hold down the both ends of the flight pods down whilst the glue is drying.

But once I assembled the kit it came down to 4 main peices:-

Main Body, Head section & the 2 flight pods/flight decks, and glueing them together wasn't hard at all, but with the flight decks arms, you have to push them into place into the main body & when you hear the click, they are in securely.

But all in all its a great kit & it wont take that long to assemble, so durabilty is not that long.

Also consider weathering if you paint models by hand (like I do), as it will look too pristine & weathering it will make it look better, as I drybrushed mine with black paint for weathering, and seeing as ive never drybrushed before, mine turned out pretty sweet considering it was my first time drybrushing.

So before you consider making the Moebius version, look at this one first, if like me your'e on a budget.
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on 9 June 2014
Revell's Battlestar Galactica kit is a superbly produced kit , featuring impressive surface detail , as well as a high quality display base . The model builds up quickly and problem free , apart from a slight error on the instruction sheet . The completed "head" section MUST be attached to the main body BEFORE the body parts ( 1+2 ) are cemented together ! With a little effort ( and a bit of modelling experience ) , brilliant results can be achieved . The model would also make a good starting point for anyone wishing to get into the hobby . I'm a modeller who usually takes weeks , if not months , to build a model , yet the Galactica was complete on my shelf within a week . I can't recommend this kit highly enough , especially at this price .
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on 1 September 2016
This is an interesting model that has made me watch a lot of BSG again to study the Battlestar in greater detail. I haven't finished the model yet, having assembled all the main components before painting. No problems with fit.
My only issue is the common one of the hangar bays. Decals are supplied, but they don't really convey the detail of the real thing. I am unhappy with this area, although had I waited and researched a little more I may not be so negative about it. I blame myself. My solution will be to retract the pods, something seldom scene on the TV series, although I do recall it being shown somewhere. Surely when a battlestar is closed-up for action, such things would be retracted. Launch and recovery of Vipers and Raptors doesn't seem to need the pods extended.
There is a lot of detail on this and like most models of ships of war such things demand time and patience to paint, especially when the model is so relatively small.
I intend to buy another one of these having learned from my own errors and haste.
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on 13 July 2013
Enjoyed building this model. It was easy to put together and with a little thought can be made to look great.
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