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Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2?

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Initial post: 6 Mar 2010, 15:52:30 GMT
Which do you think is better?

Posted on 6 Mar 2010, 17:41:05 GMT

Posted on 6 Mar 2010, 21:05:09 GMT
Bad company 2 MW2 is good but not as good

Posted on 6 Mar 2010, 23:56:55 GMT
Kris Ellison says:
BFBC2, i Played COD4 to 10th prestige but am struggling to finish 2nd on MW2 despite a K/D ratio 1.80. Im not doing very well so far on BFBC2 but its a lot more fun than killing campers in the same spots over and over.

Posted on 7 Mar 2010, 09:08:24 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 7 Mar 2010, 09:11:10 GMT]

Posted on 7 Mar 2010, 09:13:44 GMT
I think Bad Company 2 is better, because MW2 is very similar to COD 4. Also, Bad Company 2 seems to have better graphics and it has bigger maps online and during the campaign.

Posted on 7 Mar 2010, 15:36:38 GMT
I think the two are quite different games so a comparison is difficult. MW2 feels a bit more polished but BFBC2 seems more realistic, especially with the kick back from weapons. Plus with the environment destructiona and vehicles BFBC2 might be beating MW2 to the top spot!!

Posted on 7 Mar 2010, 17:19:19 GMT
really tho, no contest, tanks, choppers, awesome destruction on proper maps, ease of class alterations, balanced perk system....

(you can camp and sometimes for base protection its needed....otherwise they'll just take it back duh...but people will blow up whatever your camping by so it evens out)

more guns....I'm playing it now....its awesome...to be fair I HATE cod, but with this....all the love is back baby!

- The team stuff is awesome! - If your playing an awesome team then it can be hard but even with a crappy team of NOOBS, i've still managed to pwn fools and with big! lol

(as a team of course)

- personally I love being the MEDDDDDDDDIIIIIICCCCC! - kinda sucks getting lured out by snipers but if im the only medic in the area then you really feel the 'call of duty' LOL - and hence walk out to your death...

Battlefield 2 was my old fav fps and this will again be freaking hard to top...its full of goodness.

Posted on 7 Mar 2010, 22:51:18 GMT
M. Seaward says:

MW2 is too similar to COD4...I was really disappointed with it.

DICE have made huge improvements from BFBC1. Great graphics and great maps - awesome sound, awesome gameplay - in fact in almost every catereogy BFBC2 equals or betters MW2.

However, more importantly, DICE are a lot more in touch with the community. Recently running contests to let users choose the trophies they want added, rewarding 'Verten' players (people who've played other BF games), polls on new maps (on BFBC)...they've already released a map apck and will patch with weapons, new maps etc...isn't that what you want? IW suck at suppotring games. They could've done A LOT with MW1 but they did nothing! Expect for a crap map pack where the maps never came up!

BFBC2 wins hands down.

Posted on 8 Mar 2010, 11:20:09 GMT
Last edited by the author on 8 Mar 2010, 11:20:47 GMT
M. Mohsen says:
My opinion is as a follows.

BBC2 is fikin awesome! You can blow ***** up and drive tanks and quads. The best of all it feels more real not some stupid American kid running around with shotties!

BBC2 is a man's game! Yes a man's game, not for fikin noobs! You want to get excited over a few kills pop MW2 in and get that stupid overpowered attack helicopter. BBC2 you fight your ground! Players are ruthless no time for fikin campers or AC130's.

Infinity Ward had this planned out from the start

Activision - So IW how are you going to make us a billion dollars?

IW - well, we will put in some stupid overpowered kill streaks in and then chuck in some overpowered perks and not forget our beloved camping spots.

Activision - Great! Now get to work

Now BBC2

EA - How will you make this better than MW2?

Dice - well, we will make it more realistic and make people earn their stars! We will put one tank in to make the even trickier for opposing players and we will show how a real MODERN WARFARE game is meant to be played.

Posted on 9 Mar 2010, 02:16:58 GMT
John Smith says:
Bad company 2, no contest, mw2 is full of campers and is too noob friendly

Posted on 13 Mar 2010, 20:46:59 GMT
king of mcr says:
imagine if these two joined forces for the ultimate smooth action game ..

Posted on 14 Mar 2010, 17:29:31 GMT
i would pick bfbc2 over mw2 same as most of the guys here do and for mostly the same reasons. mw2 isn't a bad game i just expected more from it. plus i can't get over the general feel of lag given to it which is most noticeable from the killcams. plus mw2 has a more run and gun arcade feel whilst bf seems a little more strategic and deffo less frustrating lol

Posted on 26 Mar 2010, 23:51:36 GMT
Both are good in different ways. I think Battlefield is the nuts but I like cod cos its kinda my let off steam game - get in smash some NOOOOOOBS! lol Where as BBC2 is more strategic and the maps and weapons and vechiels are awsome. I like my little set up at the mo playing both as Its taken the edge off of me getting bored of COD, you can not just run and gun on BBC2 trust me you will last all of 2 seconds before you either have a Sniper Bullet lodged in your head or a helicopter takes you out or a tank runs you over lol. CODs good for running and gunning and massive OTT killsteaks and just genarally working towards Yourself not your team etc one person on COD can win a game for a team. BBC2 you need everyone on your team thinking on the same wave length to complete missions there is No I in team on BBC2 if you wanna win. I would suggest if you have the money own both they are both brilliant games.

Posted on 27 Mar 2010, 09:56:56 GMT
C. Johnson says:
Having played both, I was determined to not let BBC2 interfere with my MW2 time. Unfortunately, having owned BBC2 for approx 6 weeks I have not played MW2 since.

Conclusion: BBC2 is the better game.

Posted on 27 Mar 2010, 17:18:59 GMT
Last edited by the author on 27 Mar 2010, 17:19:55 GMT
Adam Hogan says:
They're very different, but having put 24 hours of actual playing time into them both I feel that BC2 has been a far more enjoyable experience. MW2 is exasperating much of the time, it's utter chaos, with almost no emphasis upon team-work. BC2 relies almost entirely upon good teamwork and crucially the game actually encourages it, being able to heal, repair, revive, rearm and spot, all helps your team and gets you points. That's a major incentive. I found the maps on MW2 to be absolutely shockingly bad, whereas BC2 has large, expansive maps, it's not like the generally confined spaces of MW2 where there's almost nowhere to hide. I thought the perks system on MW2 was unbalanced and the killstreaks bordering on ridiculous, there's just so much going on. Superficially, the greatest thing BC2 has over MW2, is that knife kills actually require at least some effort.

I haven't played MW2 in over a month and it's getting traded in very soon, I found it to be far inferior to CoD4.

Posted on 11 Apr 2010, 14:57:37 BST
L. Smith says:
MW2 has way too many problems and online is getting worse by the day! Are there actually any fair players? This is why Ive stuck to COD4. Its a lot less frustrating and more fun to play.

Posted on 25 Jun 2010, 18:02:43 BST
bad company 2 - far more detailed and realistic - i loved mw2 - i dont touch it now.

Posted on 6 Jul 2010, 12:12:20 BST
M. Elmes says:
Depends if you are a team player or not. MW2 is all about gunning on your own. Lone Wolf in BFBC2 doesn't work and you will not survive or accomplish objectives. Team work is the only way to survive.

Posted on 26 Jul 2010, 11:02:41 BST
M. Gower says:
concept of both games are pretty similar but MW2 has it down to a T.

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Aug 2010, 22:26:57 BST
BAD COMPANY!! NO DOUBT!! i have both... never played MW again!! :P
BAD COMPANY has it all... good maps.. vehicles and so on... BF kind,... 5*

In reply to an earlier post on 30 Sep 2010, 10:51:54 BST
MemphisRawr says:
medal of honor

Posted on 12 Oct 2010, 17:09:07 BST
jll_259 says:
WTF?? Am I the only one who thinks that BFBC2 is just a sell off game to make money for EA? I played the first BFBC once again last week and must say that Bad Company 2 lacks absolutely EVERYTHING I loved part 1 for!! The cool comments, for example. Bad Company 2 is just so unpersonal and without emotions. I´ve lent it from a friend of mine and there were so many mistakes in this game I thought I´d play a demo! IMy mates ran around a corner, I came around it and got shot in the face when my squad passed that guy...I couldn´t go on in the middle of the game and got stuck when opponents quit coming on and so on...I think BFBC2 was a bad experience for me!! I´d prefer MW2 but that´s only my oppinion!! Although I have to admit that the graphics in BFBC2 compared to the first part are WAY BETTER not to say brilliant! But I lack the soul of part one...I lack it VERY MUCH!!

Posted on 23 Nov 2010, 01:11:14 GMT
Shockerhippy says:
I prefer bbc2 especially for online play. I think the campaign is better in mw2 tho. However they are both very good games

Posted on 17 Jan 2011, 13:24:01 GMT
Last edited by the author on 17 Jan 2011, 13:26:35 GMT
K. MCLEAN says:
It's difficult to compare the 2 but if I had to I would have to say that BFBC2 is the better game. I was a massive fan of MW & MW2 when they first came out, but they are so full of glitchers and cheats that it kind of took the enjoyment out of it. Also, the disproportionately powerful killstreak rewards on MW2 (attack chopper for 1) made it almost unplayable (spawn - die spawn - die spawn - die 8 times on the trot!). BFBC2 has no killstreak rewards and much larger battlefields. Even though it has tanks and choppers with guns, they are much harder to use, and much easier to destroy than in MW2. All in all it depends on what you want really - if you want an arcade type shooter with lots of kills and killing then MW2 is for you, if you want a more realistic, strategic and team based game then BFBC2 is a must buy. Since getting this I haven't played on MW2. I got Black Ops for christmas but this is just as glitchy and full of cheats and lag switchers as MW2, so it has quickly been relegated to the dusty shelf in favour of BFBC2. As an aside, how do others feel that BFBC2 compares to Killzone2 (another of my favourites, which again knocks spots off of MW2 IMHO)?
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