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on 9 April 2016
The Battle Royale Manga series has been really great up to this point. My comment here isn't a review of the story or the printing though...
I just wanted to point out that i have purchased every other book in the series for between £5-10. I don't know why, but 13 seems to be a bit special, as every seller wants £30 minimum for it. Is it rare? Well, there are currently 18 used and new, so it's not really a rarity.
What's happened here is someone has put a copy up for a high price, and any new sellers then want to try to sell theirs at around that price. Suddenly all copies are highly priced, for no reason - the item is neither rare, nor in a higher demand than the other volumes. Irritating. (this happens a lot on sites like discogs too) I guess i'll have to wait it out to see if anyone wants to sell theirs at a rational price before i can find out the ending. :(
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on 16 May 2008
Following the notorious Lighthouse massacre Shuuya's (one thing I have always wondered is why is it spelt Shuuya in the Manga?) faith is pushed to breaking point as he has to face a terrified Yuko Sasaki and later the insane Mizuho Inada as well as the realisation that he may not be able to save everyone if anyone at all.

In this volume the creators of this Manga made the brilliant move of including a side story that runs along side the events of the here and now showing things from Yuko's parents point of view as they hope that their daughter "wins" The Program but they themselfs know deep down inside that their is no actual winner in The Program and they also realise that the chances of Yuko's survivial are pretty much zero but all they can do is have faith in their Daughter's return and faith that she does right.

Also included in this story is Yuko's troubled history and the revelation that She was traumatised after witnessing a violent fight in School is very effective and adds to the heart breaking tragedy.

Showing Yuko's parents was a brillaint move because it hammers home the point that not only are these childrens lives being destroyed but also the lives of those closest to them and no matter what these childrens actions are in The Program none of them deserved the terrible fate that almost all of them suffered.

Simply put The Program brought out the worst in almost all of them.

Later in the volume Shuuya comes face to face with the insane beyond reasoning Mizuho Inada and though not as strong as the early chapters Shuuya's near breakdown upon realising that saving anyone is an almost impossible task perfectly illustares the near hoplesness of the situation he has found himself in.

Also worth mentioning is Shuuya's "reunion" with Shinji Mimura that shows just how importent Shinji was to Shuuya "I needed him to be okay" is one of the most emotional things said in the entire series.

The final chapters concerning Shuuya's reunion with Noriko Nakagawa and Shogo Kawada along with Mizuho Inada's fate and not as strong as the early chapters (the parts concerning Inada are littered with the annoying fan service that the series is notorious for) but are still very good.

In short V.10 is an emotional ride and the high point of the entire series.

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on 11 April 2006
I'm writing this using my mum's account since I don't have one of my own, however...I absolutly love the film have all the manga novels, the American version of the novel and two battle royale t-shirts (Izumi Kanai and Yoshitoki Kuninobu).I am rather obssesed with it, but in my opinion it's the best thing ever!!Novel seven is one of my favourites of the manga because: there is an intense storyline line showing how pathetic some people can be;a big explosion;and of course Shinji Mimura and Kazuo Kiriyama...what else needs to be said?If you've seen the film, I totally recommend reading the manga because the story goes into more depth with the characters and can evoke many different emotions, plus the artwork is stunning!It's worth the read.
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on 5 May 2005
I've read the book and seen the film. This manga however is absolutely engrossing. Well written and gripping, it is both exciting and emotional. You empathise with certain characters, pity some and dislike others. No character feels like they were written in just to provide an interesting death.
The manga is not afraid to explore different ground storywise from the book or film it yet stays true to the original work. We see so much more of each characters inner pscyche laid bare, what makes them tick, what motivates them. It is thoroughly absorbing and works on so many levels. This is a seminal work and one that is not to be missed. I can't praise this highly enough.
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on 27 March 2004
I love Battle love love it. Excluding the clothing (I could never wear a t-shirt that said "could you kill your best friend?" because my best friend is already worried enough about my obsession)I probably own all paraphernilia that has to do with it. Now obviously since volume 7 isn't out yet I haven't read it...but in general the manga version of battle royale is pretty awesome. Except...I happen to be probably one of only a few female fans of the notorious story and unfortunately the mangas just don't appeal to me as much as they should for that very reason. I mean how many panty shots, or Mitsuko sex scenes, or even rape scenes does there have to be? There aren't nearly as many as there are in the actual novel. I like to think I don't get grossed out easily, and I've seen some pretty messed up stuff (like brutal Aisan movies) in my life but as an 18 year old girl, the idea I get from those scenes is that whoever worked with Koushun Takami to do the graphic novels must have been a dirty old man that enjoyed doing those drawings a little to much. They're so raw and well...graphic (no surprise's a graphic novel!). Buuut despite all those things I like how the mangas elaborate more on the students' pasts and I think it helps clarify alot of things, especially in the movie. However I seriously suggest you read the novel (try to ignore all the bad translations or even in some cases the lack of) before the mangas because the mangas are almost completely different from the movie and they will be more understandable if you do. Nonetheless...all the graphic novels (volume 6 is my favorite) are well worth it.
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on 20 November 2015
The item was as described, i am very pleased!
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on 20 November 2015
The item was as described, i am very pleased!
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on 1 May 2005
To anyone reading these reviews, this is not the actual Battle Royale book as some previous reviews are making it out to be, it is the 13th installment to the Battle Royale manga editions. Don't get me wrong, the book is a great thing, along with the film and yes along with all the manga, i just wanted to clarify the 'low-down' so to speak. Also, although i have rated it with 5 stars, i have not read it yet, i just put in 5 because i needed to give it some form of rating, although i presume it will be life changing along with all of the other Battle Royale manga.
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on 23 June 2004
Vol. 7 is a great example of the BR manga at it's best, great art and great story telling, You actually feel sorry for poor Keita and the interaction between Mimura and Yutaka is pure brilliance, and as usual You get a much better glimpse into the minds of each character then in the original novel.
And the big showdown between Mimura and Kiriyama is briliant and VERY brutul.
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