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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars

VINE VOICEon 23 September 2009
This is the concluding part of the story that deals with the character called the Red Hood, who has been revealed as the resurrected Jason Todd. Jason Todd was the second person to play Robin(after Dick Grayson - now Nightwing)and a character that DC fans voted on in a storyline that would either save his life, or end it. The fans voted and Jason was killed at the hands of the Joker, an event which Batman sees as his biggest failure.
This storyline picks up where volume one left off. Batman doesn't believe that is really seeing Jason and sets about trying to prove that it can't be home by doing what he does best i.e. using his detective skills. Finally, he accepts that it is in fact Jason and the plot moves forward to end up at a big finale. Aside from the main plotline there is a subplot which shows how and why Jason returned.
I really liked volume one, but i found this one a little bit unsatisfying. My main gripe is the fact that the ending is poorly handled. The main event takes place, and you expect something more to happen, but instead you get a background story to finish off the graphic novel. To me, this was pointless - the background story should have been before the main event of the story. The background story is actually quite good but it just doesn't belong where it should be!
Also, the main plotline just seems to stop - there is no real insight, clever twist or thought behind it.
I didn't dislike this book, but it almost feels like the writers had an idea, and didn't know what to do with it once it was up and running. There are some good ideas in here, and some good artwork too (despite the awful cover!) but all in all, it is let down by the plotline.
This is one i would recommend to people who are huge Batman fans, and to those who have read volume 1, but this is a series that doesn't quite fall into the 'essential Batman stories' and that is a shame because the basic premise was quite good. See what you think!
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on 5 September 2017
Bought for my son's birthday as thats what he asked for. It came in immaculate condition and very pleased with it.
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on 31 January 2012
A new vigilante is in town and he's shaking things up for Black Mask, the new crime boss of Gotham. But when Batman steps in he finds that this new guy happens to know lots of things about him, things his enemies don't know, couldn't possibly know. But who could know Batman so well, who could be... under the red hood?

I think most people coming to this book will know who it is under the red hood, so much so the subtitle of the book should be "The Resurrection of Jason Todd". Jason, the second Robin, was famously murdered by the Joker in the book "Batman: A Death in the Family" and became Batman's biggest failure. But hey this is comics, it's all middle story, nothing's forever. Superman died, Green Arrow died, and they're both alive, why not Robin too?

The book is actually pretty good. Besides some shaky dialogue characterising Batman as an extremely grumpy and unlikeable man (the back and forth between him and Nightwing was unlike the way their relationship has largely been written), the plot was full of action and intrigue moving forward at a blistering pace and throwing a few curve balls at the reader. I especially liked the final confrontation between Batman and Red Hood, I think what most people expected to hear wasn't what was said and that's always a good thing, that a writer can surprise like that. Think you know what motivates Jason? Think again. And of course Joker is knee deep in it as usual.

But I think the biggest problem most people have with the book is how Jason was brought back from the grave. It's included here at the end and I have to agree it was a bit convoluted. Remember that the means to resurrect the dead exists in the Batman universe, they're called Lazarus Pits, but rather than simply use this device Winick goes for an even more out there explanation that probably turned a lot of people off the story proper.

That said, this is a fine Batman book that I had a blast reading. Winick underwrote Black Mask a bit until the end when we saw his viciousness come through, and as I've said the final showdown between Batman and Red Hood is an instant classic and very moving. If you love Batman then you'll get a lot from this book, I know I did.
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on 27 August 2006
This collection is hugely underated. It is obviously the second part of the red hood saga and finishes the story nicely. Despite what you may have heard the return of Jason Todd is not the worst thing to happen to the batman comics as its cool to have a vigilante with no mercy. JT good be Dc comics Punisher if they use him correctly. As a bonus this collection contains Batman annual 25 which will set you back around a tenner, so you may as well buy this?
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on 6 January 2015
I did not expect to enjoy this that much. I expected to find out what happened to Jason Todd because I knew he died and then I knew he was back as the Red Hood which for those clever clogs out there might seem a touch odd since he had been in the ground for going on a few decades in real time.

I loved this. It couldn't have been better, except for the end which we will get to. The Red Hood is fantastically clever, witty, confident, a good tactician and most of all someone the criminals are terrified of. It is the opposite side of batman. Instead of no killing and stop all crime the Red Hood's philosophy is you can't stop crime and you can't stop people being criminals. So he kills, he tortures and he steals only to sell it to other criminals if he helps his overall cause. He isn't a villain though, he protects children, he stops crime and he hates 'the freaks'. It is a very interesting duality and there is a great sense that Batman is both happy he is back and horrified at his way 'son' has become.

The overall plot arc is very clever and moving. It is well reconned into other plot lines too so what is only one volume becomes a weaved story over multiple years of publications.

Now to the reason it has four stars. This has spoilers. The reason Todd is back is because Superboy punched reality in anger and made Todd come back from the dead. yes that is the best DC could come up with. It was utterly disappointing, i would have preferred nothing at all over that and it just hangs over the story when you think back on it.

I still wholeheartedly recommend this story, it is one of the best but keep in mind that someone at DC needed a serious smack for that last little bit.
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on 7 September 2010
No fault with the storyline itself etc, as it was a gift and so I wouldn't know. It's just I bought this comic book and it fell apart upon reading. So I ordered another one (Amazon handled it fantastically, by the way) but had the same problem.. The pages fell out again.

Must be a problem with the batch Amazon recieved, so beware of buying it until they get new stock.
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on 13 June 2007
Jason todd has been in the background of the Dc universe for the last 22 years. His death at the hands of the Joker seen as Batman's greatist faliure. It allowed DC to take Batman down a much needed darker path. However For me Jason Todd never resonated. I was born the year of his death and by the time I got interested in comics, Tim Drake had taken over as Robin and Jason Todd became the odd reference or an image of the glass case in the Batcave. He needed to come back. In his role as the Red Hood Jason todd has become more than he ever was as Robin. He is tactical and recourceful, able to take down the black masks organisation almost single handed. Despite these strenghs however Jason is shown to be a deep character, visibly in awe in watching his mentor work and showing a strong connection with the Batman as they fight both with and against each other. He is deeply hurt, not because Batman did not manage to save him but because Batman never finished the Joker for killing him. This is where the Red Hoods importance really shines through for those who are willing to look. Batman has become progresivly darker over the last twenty odd years but has never killed. something the Red Hood has few qualms about. For the first time in a long time someone is more extreame than Batman. The red hood makes Batman think like a hero again. This book is great, not because the explanation for jasons ressurection is good, its not (superboy prime fixes reality by punching a wall) but because Batmans philosophy is called into question and when it comes right down to it Jason needed to come back, as an education to the younger readers of Batman comics and as an education to the Batman himself, to show him were his dark path could lead.
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on 25 November 2011
I want to start off by saying that I did enjoy most of this graphic novel. I'm a Batman fan and have read what are generally considered the major ones to read. The Long Halloween, Year One, Hush etc...
But Under The Red Hood's main plot twist was an utter let down for me. I won't spoil it, but it sorta ruined the whole story for me.

BUT it's still worth reading. The Characters and artwork as good as they get, including a healthy dose of Nightwing. With that in mind I'm sure that alot of readers will still enjoy the story and disagree with me completely, personal taste and all that jazz. I still think it was worth reading though and I'll probably go through it a few more times yet just for all the better moments in the story.

9/10 for all the good bits
5/10 for the let down story twist
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on 24 May 2014
Batman tangles with a super slick vigilante
using the old red hood name to kill most of gotham's gangland figures.
Batsy recognises the killers moves as his own
and begins to suspect his identity.
The action is compelling and the dialogue is snappy and funny

the non ending however is a tad messy
as the fight has no victor
and events are immediately over shadowed by a major disaster
leading, im sure, to the next great cross over event
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on 20 November 2011
I've been loving following Jason Todd's return as the Red Hood. I bought this after Red Hood Lost Days and for over three quarters of this novel, I was impressed: good dialogue, humour, psychology... And I gotta admit i was desperate to find out how Todd found his way out of the grave. I wish I could erase this. It didn't fit, and it undermined Batman's thoroughness. Even with the poor explanation- this is a great read and a worthy 3 1/2 stars.
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