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on 24 August 2017
Very interesting read.
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on 12 January 2013
Dr. Citro is an Italian psychotherapist and originator of a system of vibrational medicine known as Pharmacological Frequency Transfer (TFF). He is also founder and director of the Alberto Sorti Research Institute, and he lives in Turin, Italy.

In my mind, this book could be thought of as a companion book to David Wilcock's The Source Field Investigations [reviewed in New Dawn 129.]

After a short but well-written Foreword by Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Dr. Citro maintains his thesis that behind all the manifest universe is a hidden, universal field of information that forms a basic code governing what we detect with our senses and our measuring instruments. He says it is responsible for producing the hologram we call reality, with all its many facets of development, behaviour, and communications - not just for living things, but also for all inanimate objects, from the domain of the microscopic to the world of the macroscopic.

Citro ties together ancient classical ideas of the aether with more modern concepts such as Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields, Jung's collective unconscious, and Cayce's and Laszlo's "Akashic Record." Called by different names at different times in history, Citro describes this un-manifest existence as "the other side of things," "the living vacuum," and "pure matter." Pure matter is continuous, without mass, still, and non-temporal. What it produces, "combined matter," is discontinuous, coalesced into mass, and moving in space-time.

"The backstage," says Dr. Citro, "the antiworld of our world, is the vast sea of pure matter, the fabric upon which the universe is embroidered. Combined matter is continuously generated from it to renew whatever dies: this is how the universe breathes." It may be that we will never see pure matter because it is concealed by what we now call dark matter/dark energy.

Lying between pure matter and combined matter is "informed matter," the field containing the code which facilitates the exchange of information. This would be equivalent to `The Matrix' in the terms we use today.

The book identifies a large body of historical and contemporary work by numerous individuals and teams that concluded there is, indeed, a basic code of essential data that defines the field of substance. It forms a kind of map that sets the parameters of physical existence as well as sensations, emotions, and thoughts.

For instance, it is responsible for the templates that regulate the shapes, sizes, and functions of all things, from subatomic particles to human beings to galaxies. It also facilitates non-local communication and interactions between various entities. And, it governs the limits of those entities via feedback loops.

Dr. Citro gives many examples of experiments around the world that indicate the limits of our perceptions. His own investigations conclude that reality remains veiled to us, and that everything is merely the interpretation within our heads of what is going on both inside and outside of us.

He delves into the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and others with water, into the latest research on consciousness, quantum physics, DNA, animal and plant intelligence and communication, Kirlian photography, the mysteries of shamans, and a host of other findings related to the concept of fields. He emphasises that what we may call "magic" is just the science of the invisible that is as yet unknown to us.

Citro's practical work in the effectiveness of using the vibration of medicines rather than the actual medicines themselves offers fascinating and important homeopathic proof of his thesis.

The book builds to the final chapters on the holographic universe (a la Michael Talbot) and the virtual world of "the stage managers."

Dr. Citro concludes (keeping in good company with such historical figures as Plato, Jesus, the Buddha, Newton, da Vinci, and many others) that, "To human eyes the real (the backstage) seems virtual, and the virtual seems real. If we could free ourselves from the senses, we would discover that things are actually solid holograms produced by the game on the world stage. They exist in other forms. The mind, which in turn belongs to the virtual reality, cannot imagine forms that are different from those apprehended by the senses. These forms are the fields, the essence and true reality of things. This is the secret of all secrets, the secret humans have been chasing after for millennia.... The world is a virtual game in which we have agreed to represent ourselves. We continue to build it while we interact in it. The world is alchemy. What is above is similar to what is below, because everything is virtual."

- This review first appeared in New Dawn magazine issue #130
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on 23 October 2013
A book that describes in scientific , mystical and practical ways how the universe encompasses both the unknowable and the manifest
'reality' we experience with our senses.
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