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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Price:£7.86+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 8 April 2017
Cleaning chain and gears is a pain, these make the job a lot easier and quicker it's still messy if you are doing the job properly including the gears. However you can give the chain a quick wash and re-oil between services (watch out for build up of grime around the cogs and gears) putting oil on a dirty chain just makes a grinding paste..! Every cyclist should have one of these as apart of their service kit.
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on 28 February 2014
I am very lazy and impatient when it comes to fixing and cleaning my bike. This chain cleaner saves so much time and effort and my chain can be cleaned and re-oiled within about 10 minutes. The degreasing solution it comes with didn't work very well if im honest so it's a good idea to buy some but i found WD40 is by far the best. All in all i'm so glad i got this!
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on 5 March 2014
I bought this product on a whim, for the price I thought why not. Possibly the best purchase in terms of cleaning a bicycle you can have. Exceedingly easy to use and my chain has not looked cleaner. Simply, open the gizmo, pour in liquid, put chain in, close gizmo then turn the crank for about 3-4 mins, hey presto a clean chain, dry, then lube it up. so much less faffing around and time saved. A marvellous thing, I am chuffed to bits.
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on 15 August 2013
Understated product
Enjoyed using and amazed at speed and effectiveness on my bike
Truly amazed at how clean chain and gear cassette almost embarassed as normally keep clean
Mighty product
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on 6 March 2014
I bought this over 2 years ago for a fiver from Lidl or Aldi - when they do their cycling special offers. I bought another for my brother in law last year for the same price so worth a look if you get their weekly special emails because often this isn't included online.

For the price I think this is a very good device and available for under a 1/4 of a Park Tool equivalent. I own a few bikes but the method for use is the same. These are instructions on a Triple chainring set up.

1} - Put the bike in the front middle ring and one of the middle cogs on the rear cassette so that the chainline is straight - this is the most important thing for getting it to work properly!

2) You then push the bottom part up onto the chain from the bottom - the part of the chain nearest the ground.

Obviously by this stage you will have filled the chain cleaner with cleaning fluid. I recommend Fenwicks Concentrate - available from Evans Cycles at under £10 for a litre - delivered and with cashback via Topcashback.

The "bar" with the black roller - to the left of the pic is meant to be against the rear mech cog. Sometimes this is not ideal but don't worry. As long as it is more or less there it will work!

3) Now place the top part over the top of the chain and into the bottom part of the chain cleaner. This compresses the chain and ensures it is going to get covered in chain cleaning fluid and the brushes. This bit clips into the bottom bit.

4) What I do at this stage is hold the device onto the chain - not worrying about the rear bit that is meant to hold onto the rear mech.

5) Now grab the right crank arm and start pedaling backwards, slowly. If you have the chain line straight and are holding the chain cleaning tool tight the chain will run smoothly through the device and the chain won't come off or shift to another cog.

You can now increase the speed.

6) I continue doing this until the liquid in the chain cleaner starts turning to foam. This will spread onto the rear cassette and chain rings and an old toothbrush is as good a tool as any for scrubbing them up. You can also use this foam to clean the sides of the chain - this tool mainly cleans the bushes on the chain.

7) Rinse off with clean water and admire your non black chain!

8) You may need to repeat if really filthy and if it is then it is best to remove the rear wheel and clean the cassette and chain rings separately

9) Once you have rinsed off and are happy DO NOT let the chain "drip dry"! It will rust!

Use a rag - I use my old cacks and socks and hold them round the chain and again spin back until you are sure it is dry. No doubt a bit more muck will come off.

I use GT85 on my cassette as this is a water dispersant. Don't use WD40.

I probably clean my chains and drivetrain once a week during the wet and winter. This isn't strictly necessary but I like keeping my bikes running silently!

It has also taken me a lot longer to write this than it does do the actual job - which is a five minute job!

In summary this is a great product for the price I paid and I recommend it.
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on 27 June 2017
These are very nice. no leaks,my love Seems to be a high quality one!! Everyone who walked into my home instantly loved them! Arrived super fast, great quality, great price! Thanks! I really like this product and I think it is very suitable for my needs, the price and the value is also match.
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on 17 April 2012
Confession up straight - my chain and gears were disgusting. To be blunt they were black with filth and for £9 I wasn't expecting the world from this cleaner kit. I thought even if it's rubbish for only a little change I'll still have a somewhat cleaner chain/gears and still have the machine for when I stop being so cheap and buy some proper degreaser and lube.

Comes with instructions on back with couple diagrams and the 2 solutions in 2 non resealable bottles.
The machine itself seems work well. Brushes actually did a decent job of scrubbing of the crud on my chain. Problem is the degreaser supplied, while is enough for 2 upto the fill-line fills, is extremely weak. It had little better degreasing effect than soapy water as far as I could tell so the dirt just clogged up the bristles. Muc-offs standard bike cleaner does a lot better. I gave the solution a second go with a second and final refil but it couldn't even handle the stuff stuck to the bristles.
I had an extra can of brake cleaner (strong stuff for this job) which I ended up using to clean off the brushes and then to fill the machine to finish off the chain and train which of course got it gleaming clean in seconds.
The lube I would imagine is not brilliant but it is lubing ok. I did use some teflon/ptfe type mucoff bike spray on the chain first to make extra sure has a barrier against rusting ect incase the lube is as bad as the degrease but its holding out. No real complaints.

The machine itself. Instead of a handle to hold it in place by hand (as I've seen on other machines) it uses a sort or wire clip which is showing on the left of the photo. That kind of clips over the bottom gear of the 2 'derailers' which switch gears, this is to hold it in place which works to a degree but I still found it better to hold the machine as turned the pedals backwards.

As predicted a cheap relatively cheerful set. I do have the machine left in working order ready for next time and I will use it. Not too bad.
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on 24 September 2012
Saw this in a shop and thought it was worth a try. I had not bothered to clean the chain for ages. This did 3 bikes in about 10 minutes. The degreaser worked well but you can use any suitable degreasing fluid. I found I needed to hold the derailer initially as the chain was stiff to run through the machine. After a couple of turns I could feel the chain running smoothly. You are left with firty fluid and sediment in the mahine but easily washed clean. A wipe with a rag and fresh oil - job done.

Obviously you need to be careful putting it on and taking it off the chain but once clipped on it was secure. The clip over the derailer was best placed high up to avoid pulling the derailer forward.
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on 11 September 2014
This was one of those jobs I had put off for years, oh yes, years. I brought some parts washer fluid from work you also get some cleaner fluid and you get some lube.
I did the chain three times, I think my chain was pretty dirty, there is not a lot of fluid in the cleaner so it does get dirty quick, I then used my parts washer fluid and changed this also once so three washes altogether. As mentioned before it does not clean the sides.
It does work very well but be prepared to get a few splatters on the ground, it also transfers fluid to your front gear and mech. A good wash down of the bike is probably recommended after this so maybe this is the first job.
I didnt use the supplied oil as it seems quite runny, I have started using the dry lubes. But there is a vial of oil to put in the cleaner and run round after your chain is clean.
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on 25 November 2015
Purchased some 2 years ago and still going strong after weekly use.

It's recommended that a bicycle chain is cleaned properly and re-lubricated regularly to keep it working correctly and to prolong the life of the chain.

Just open the top, pour in some de-greaser (there's a level marker to show how much to put in) and attach to your chain. Well ... there's a bit more to it than that, but if you haven't ever used anything like this before you might be scratching your head for a while due to the fact that this does not come with instructions. However, God bless YouTube - where there are numerous short films showing you how to use this correctly. Once cracked, you won't look back.

This chain cleaner is pretty basic. It's made from plastic, with 2 metallic handles - one to keep the top on while in use, and the other to ... erm, well it has no real use. I personally hold the cleaner body in one hand and turn the cranks with the other, making the second handle thingy superfluous to requirements.

There are 3 stiff brushes inside which, when you revolve the chain, scrub in between the chain links and strip off the old lubricant. For a spotless chain, this needs to be done about 3 times before wiping the chain with a dry cloth. The cleaner then rinses clean in water. You can even dismantle it easily to give the brushes a really good clean too.

Certainly makes chain cleaning easier. Recommended.
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