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on 6 July 2015
Likes: Superb soundstage, Amazing clarity, Natural bass, Great build quality, Comfortable, Good for everyday use indoor and outdoors, Good isolation

Dislikes: Ear pads not user replaceable, prefer a hard case instead of cloth bag, expensive but can be found cheaper elsewhere

I bought these headphones after recently returning a pair of B&W P5 Series 2 as I wasn't happy with them, the review can also be found on Amazon.

I originally wanted some 'on ear' headphones but my experience with the now returned B&W P5's is they offer poor isolation, so decided on these instead after much research. I paid much less than the recommended retail price for the Black version, for the price I paid they are amazing.

My musical tastes vary from Counting Crows, Beastie Boys, Ryan Adams, Prince, Pop, Funk, Jazz to and Dance. After 2 weeks for heavy listening with them here are my thoughts...

I catch the Bus and train in London everyday to work, so I was glad the H6 isolate external noise very well and are still able to hear the detail of the music on my commute which was my main criticism of the P5s. These wont be as good as the Bose Quiet headphones which I have also tried but the sound quality is so much better on the H6.

Next comfort...these are so comfy to wear, plush leather and memory foam means I have had zero discomfort wearing these for up to two hours on a warm summer day. I would say I would like the clamping of them to be a bit stronger but my head is fairly small and its a minor issue.

Sounds quality......totally amazing and balanced. If you thought the P5's were clear you should hear these. These are the most transparent clear sounding headphones I have ever heard, the sound stage is very good and vocals shine on these. The music sounds unbelievably clear.

The bass is deep when it needs to be and underpins the music, but most of all it sounds NATURAL. Very few headphones get bass right, but the H6's have got it spot on. The bass is refined and true compared to the P5's which 'coloured' the bass frequencies to the point they become overbearing over long sessions. The H6's have no such issue and truly married the mids and lows very well effortlessly superb for hours of listening for all genres of music.

My music sounds more alive, fresh and new with these and am now hearing instruments and detail I never before noticed.

Finally I would like to say I did consider the B&W P7 but what put me off them was that they are ascetically and practically are too big and clunky for portable use. Unlike the H6 which fold flat, are lighter and can be worn around the neck as the ear cups swivel 90 degrees to lay flat against your chest. Again I listened to the P7 and found the bass too rich and the overall sound signature was 'thicker' and lacked the subline clarity of the H6.

These headphones are for people who want to hear music in its natural unadulterated form, a rare thing these days. Its even rarer to find a pair of headphones which does just that....luckily these do. :)
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on 9 June 2014
Beautifully designed and a more individualised headphone choice than the mass produced and prolific dr dre beats alternative. Sound quality is gorgeous. Highly recommended.
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on 8 February 2017
Great sound from these second gen h6's unfortunately had to return them after a few weeks because of a faulty cable dissapointed
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on 19 August 2013
The sound quality of the headphones is excellent, as expected. I can definitely hear parts of the music that I could not hear before. I've seen reviews stating the bass is not great but I disagree, It mightn't be boosted but its so clear that it sounds deeper than before.

They are also unbelievably comfortable to wear, which I hadn't expected. I thought they would be the same as any headphones but I have pillows that are less comfortable against my head.

The design is lovely, very sleek. The lettering on the side is less prominent than expected which is a good thing. The bag thing they gave with it is a bit bizzare, useless really.

My only problem is that the inline controls on the headphone wire will not work for non-apple products. A bit aggravating as the advert does not specify that. You can still use your own controls on your player but having the volume thingy there is going to drive me insane as it doesn't work. Its located right beside your chin too, so there can be no simply ignoring it. I will have to discover if they have a wire without that control on it.
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on 12 June 2014
The mid is the strength of the H6. Really beautiful and effortless. great clarity, great soundstage, I can hear every subtle detail.
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on 18 February 2015
Noise insulating on a recent trip last row in the plane very impressive. Credit the overall design of the pressure of the band and pliable the ear cups.
Sound is astounding. Details of voice and notes not noticed before. EVER!
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on 9 January 2015
I've owned a pair of these headphones for just under a year now, and my love for them has only grown stronger. I feel like I've spent enough time with them to be able to write an in-depth review, and feel compelled to explain a few things that some reviews miss, which may be helpful to prospective buyers. I've broken down my review into sub-sections for clarity.


Apart from a requirement that a headphone be durable enough to not disintegrate in the hand, the sound quality it provides is surely the second-most important aspect, especially for one of a higher-than-average price. We can tick the preliminary box. Now, the sound quality of these can be summed up as airy, light, and silky smooth in the upper-mids and lower treble. Bass is controlled, precise, and extends well into lower ranges - but it's not boomy. It's not exaggerated. It's present, but it doesn't kick. Listen for it, and it's all there.

Bass is something of a tricky issue with headphones, because people's past experiences and expectations define what they think is 'good sound'. I don't blame anyone for wanting some 'thump' to their bass; it's often a pleasant experience. However, in this case, the H6 was designed to reproduce sound faithfully, and a faithful reproduction is not one that swamps most of the sonic palette with immense bass boom. The only problem with the neutral bass characteristic of these is that, when wearing them outdoors, and when any kind of ambient noise is occurring, which of course it usually is, your perception of the bass may be slightly dulled. As such, if you're out in a busy place listening with these whilst walking, you might on some occasions find the bass to be a tad 'anaemic'. However, I've been walking almost daily with these for almost a year, and the sound has pleased me around 95% of the time.

Nothing in the audible sonic spectrum is recessed or greatly exaggerated, except for a slight mid-peak at around 1-2kHz that the reviewer Dalethorn has pointed out already. This usually has the effect of bringing forward higher-pitched, smoother-timbre vocals, which to my ears has only ever been pleasant, but which could possibly be less tasteful in some rare applications for some ears.

As for the experience with different devices, they sound great plugged straight into an iPod classic - and thus most likely all other kinds of iDevice; they were built with portability in mind, and definitely don't need an amp to shine sufficiently. However, if you plug them into an extra amp, be it a portable headphone amp or a desktop amp or speaker amp, they will sound slightly 'fuller', perhaps 'weightier' and the soundstage may be improved variably. I'm no electronics expert, but I would hazard that this has less to do with the amount of power supplied, since these are relatively low-impedance headphones anyway, and more to do with the intrinsic quality differences between low-cost dac/amps in iPods, and higher-cost dedicated dac/amps. The bottom line is that plugged straight into a portable player, these things sing very sweetly indeed.

On a more subjective note, I'd like to add that the 'silky smooth' texture I mentioned earlier is actually one of my favourite qualities of these headphones; I own the AKG K550 and the legendary Sennheiser HD 600, and though the AKG has a great soundstage and imaging, and though the HD 600 has an overall more refined sound, the H6 is the only headphone out of these three to give me an extra, subjective pleasant 'feeling' in my head; there's something I find so 'sweet' about the presentation of the mids and treble, and it strikes me every time. I'm interested to know if anyone else who owns these has the same experience.


In terms of build quality, the H6 is quite superb in most ways. These are light, yet solid-feeling. The hinges that allow the earcups to rotate are smooth and assured, the extending arms are solid and well-designed; easy to adjust. The leather on the headband is tough, yet smooth-feeling to the touch. It has a nice thickness, and looks great stitched onto the aluminium-reinforced, polycarbonate, fabric mesh-covered headband frame. Some have concerns over the unfinished-looking sides of this piece of leather, but I can assure you that this leather has been treated by B&O so well, it makes for no detriment at all.

The leather on the earcups is sheepskin, as opposed to the calfskin of the headband, so it's exceptionally soft, and feels rather like one's own skin behind the ear and around the top of the neck. Chamfered aluminium plates encapsulate the 40mm headphone drivers, and a fine-grained concentric etching produces a very eye-pleasing radial sun-burst effect against the light. The plastic this plate sits on does not feel low-quality to me; indeed, plastic does not have to mean 'cheap and nasty'; this stuff seems scratch-resistant, solid, and a good choice to reduce the weight of the headphones.

The only thing that alarms me about the earcups are the sharp-edged plastic rings around which the earpad leather is stitched to retain it. The edges of the plastic plates in the earpads themselves can be felt through the thin leather of the earpads, and produce a circular relief on the leather they meet from within. I worried about the potential for tearing here for some time, and in one unfortunate drop I experienced recently, as the headphones caught against my bedside table after slipping off it, the leather of the right earpad did indeed tear a 3 mm section against its inner retainer ring. The earpads can be removed with a firm anti-clockwise rotation about the earcups, and replaced. As a temporary fix, I used some Bostik leather adhesive to fix the leather back together.

Another potential problem with build quality can be found in the cable that comes supplied. While the cable is quite thick, and feels strong, there is some concern over quality control over the plug terminations; the termination on mine at the end furthest away from the iDevice remote has a slightly crooked plug. I should emphasise that this does not seem to be the case for most people's units, and the cable is removable and replaceable! The crooked plug my cable has does not affect sound quality, but does look annoying when sitting perpendicular from a device, against which a slightly crooked angle is visible. I have read a few other reviews mentioning the same problem. Further, I don't like the rubbery texture of the cable flex, which is very clingy, and tends to pull on clothes, potentially straining connections. The cable is also quite microphonic against clothing. This may bother me more than others, though.

Despite a couple of issues, the headphone itself is remarkably well-built, and together with the sound quality for the price for which these are available, I am very pleased overall.

As a piece of design to enjoy off-the-head, they're exquisite, as can be sampled from photos, and I challenge anyone to think differently. Jakob Wagner has excelled himself with his design.


Thanks to their lightness, the H6 is very comfortable on the head, with the memory foam earpads resting well against the ears, especially after warming up a little. Despite being closed-back headphones, the leather on these earpads breathes very well; I tend to sweat while wearing my AKG K550s, their protein leather perhaps not being so breathable. Clamping force is not too tight. I dare say the earcup openings are not quite big enough to avoid touching the entirety of the ear, but the pads and leather surrounding them are so soft, after a bit of wiggling around, you tend to ignore their presence.

Off the ear, don't worry about the lack of a hard carrying-case - extend the arms fully and hang them around your neck, cups faced against your chest, and you have a comfortable, non-intrusive style-statement (not fashion) and temporary storage solution.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Beoplay H6, and plan to continue enjoying them for a long time. If you're not a bass-head, and you've been thinking about a conveniently-sized, over-ear, closed-back headphone in this price range that works great for portable use and looks beautiful, then don't hesitate. As of January 2015, some of the World Cup special edition Pepsi-collaborative H6s in blue leather are still available on Amazon, so if you want to save some more money, you might consider those instead of the standard Black or Tan versions. For around £179, those are an absolute steal - and for the higher prices, well, I think they're well worth it.

Thanks for reading; now get listening!
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on 14 April 2015
I was a bit sceptical about this headphones. Having own a pair of b&o before I wasn't convinced by the balance of the sound. This however are amazing! I've been using them for almost 5 months non stop, sound is amazing and very comfortable to wear for long hours.
I bought these to substitute my p5 bowers and Wilkins which are great but very uncomfortable to use after long time.
Bit expensive but worth it!
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on 20 December 2015
These are an extremely comfortable set of headphones, the sound produced from them is remarkably flat without a overly boosted bass as you find all too often in consumer headphones. The cable can be plugged in to either side of the headphones which means you're not messing around with cables in your way.

The supplied cable could be a little longer, you can get a longer one from B&O and there are others on Amazon which fit and aren't so expensive like this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00LM0U8M2. Finding a cable which fits is much more challenging than it should be due to the narrow opening on the headphones for the cable.
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on 11 January 2015
Can't really put anything else that others haven't put. I have noticed I don't have the volume up past half gets way to loud which I used to do on other headphones. The packaging is much like the apple type (worth keeping) they do sound amazing and feel so comfortable and light. All in all I'm glad I went for them.
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