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on 23 November 2010
Apart from the brilliant start, this series just turns into the Dirty Dozen, with hundreds of Germans just dropping dead like cannon fodder lol, hardly any American casualties, if this was real life the war would've been over after the first week of D-Day... lame.
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on 3 March 2010
Please be aware I would give the content of this Blu Ray disc a definite five stars my complaint is about the functionality of the discs. Namely that if I stop the play back and come back to it later the disc does not remember where I was and I have to go right back to the start and spend some minutes, selecting the language, watching the copyright notice, the disclaimer about the interviews, loading the disc, the film studio logos and then jump forward / fast forward to reach the point where I stopped the playback. This annoying flaw does not seem to be widely reported but it was confirmed to me by Sony. Now I am no doubt unusual in that I like to watch a disc for a while then stop it to return later. However to me the the disadvantage of not being able to stop and restart at the click of a button outweighs the relatively slight improvement in picture quality. I am unlikely to buy any more Blu Ray discs and I think it is shameful that this design flaw is not highlighted. According to Sony it is the discs rather than the player that is at fault. I am using a Sony Bravia 46 inch TV and Sony Blu Ray player with surround sound system.

Anyway if you like to stop playback and restart I'd buy the DVD set.
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on 17 November 2011
When I bought this Metalbox after publication in Germany, and that the version 18 y.o., I had this series certainly judged as the best war film series, with five stars, I was struck by equipment and visually represented. I thought the representation of the event would be authentic and objectively. But a good war movie is not only the optical quality, the historic authenticity should also not forget that. Is here but the story of the Easy-Company of the 101st Airborne Division from Normandy to the end of war authentic portrayed. As has been embellished by writers so much that it had a check to all concerned, talk to us is German.
For Example, for it may just not be that one criminal order of General Maxwell Taylor was issued with the jump in Normandy to take no prisoners. The german defenders, exactly the Parachute regiment 6 under command of Major von der Heydte leaped these Gentlemen" exactly in the soup" and the german paratroopers took hundred of prisoners, which were treated well by them. In contrast, all german prisoners should executed in this area increased Carentan! Only through well-advocate of a U.S. Captain who was previously with the german paratroopers in captivity, the survivors of the second bataillon of FJR 6 (Fallschirmjägerregiment 6) were spared! Too much to me not a single mohawk for the Yanks on the red-white skin with their huge Bowie knives massacred the enemy.
An example of the heroic struggle of the Easy" I fell on Carentan in the sequence. There, storm the U.S. Boys so by an access road to town. In truth, the procedure was generally as follows:
After the first enemy contact was immediately radiod air support from a safe position, which was then switched off in this case a point or even nationwide bombed. Even here, in this case by naval gunfire. This approach could be rapidly adjusted by changing position. The Germans als held six days long Carentan, they cleared up by the enormous material and human material superiority of this important point - and not fled. It's ridiculous when a Sherman Tank Commander with unprotected gun shooting from a lower position unfavorable one german unit with heaviest device driven before in front of him!? And so it goes....
Were also opportunities to save the honor of the Easy" is simply wasted, as at Bastogne: Here the Amis" held for days against the Panzerlehrdivision" with heaviest device (Tiger-Tanks), came to its relief. But in this episode happened in the truest sense nothing"!!??
Therefore I forgive in the original english version two points for the very good props (uniforms, buildings, vehicles etc.) that make this show worth seeing on one side. In the german translation I forgave one point because of the tenth part was the speech of the german general deliberately translated politically correct".
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on 28 June 2010
I've been a fan of Band of Brothers since I caught a few episodes of it in college. I didn't purchase the DVD version because I never seemed to catch it on sale. I saw the Blu-Ray version on sale here at Amazon and figured it would be a perfect purchase.

The series itself is, to me, a great adaptation. The inclusion of present day interviews from real members of Easy Company is a great touch that helps me realize that real people have actually gone through horrific and heroic events. If the review is for the series itself - five stars.

The reason for one star is specifically for the Blu-Ray version of this series. I cannot speak for any other versions. The Blu-Ray version has terrible audio synch. It is very noticeable at certain portions, especially during dialogue. This problem is not isolated to my own experience. I have come across others having this same issue. I have tried bitstream and PCM output, letting either my PS3 or my audio receiver do the decoding. It is the same issue on both devices. My advice, rent it before you buy it to see for yourself whether this would be too distracting for you. It has been speculated that this is due to a bad Blu-Ray "burn" during creation, but to me it points to the poor QC during production.
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on 4 May 2011
This was the second set of dvd's sent to me with exactly the same problem - the discs showed error even though they were tried in three independent DVD players (one of which was a brand new player)

I wanted to see this but found that it was not possible as even though I had had problems, Amazon were unable to check the product before sending it and therefore the risk of having it sent abroad a third time was not viable.
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on 2 October 2009
- English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
- Spanish: Digital Stereo
- French: Digital Stereo

- English
- French
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- English for the hearing impaired

I wish amazon would provide this information, but seeing as it's not even on the damn box...
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on 9 January 2012
I've ordered this along with 4 other BR box set for Christmas gift, estimated delievery was 14 Dec 2011, waited for another 2 weeks, still nothing. So I decided to contact amazon in regards to this, and apparently it got lost somewhere in the world of mail. I was highly disappointed about it, but since they were promt in sending me another set, I'll give them a 3 star. This is the first time that Amazon did not met my standard, and it's also the first time that this happen to me. I hope that it will not happen again in the future.
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on 4 April 2014
Can't believe that I bought the entire box set only to find after one episode that it's completely unwatchable. How in gods name did someone decide to employ that lad from Friends - Ross - it just didn't work. Ross is not convincing in any respect, even his gait is ridiculous - crafted for comedy. There was obvious CGI which ruined the credibility, you could tell that the background was CGI due to meteorological impossibilities. The music made me want to tear out my fingernails as a distraction; it was supposed to tug on the heart strings and evoke feelings of pride, but it was so pretentious I wanted to physically assault someone. There was a stupid green wash over everything, as if the world was a bit green in appearance in the 1940's - do the producers think that we are complete spastic's or what?
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on 6 February 2016
This extended movie covers a small group of the US Army from training for D-Day until the end of the war. As if you didn’t know.

Watching this today, for the first time, one of the most amazing things is the stunning quality of the cast. Damian Lewis is particularly brilliant, but many stars-to-be shine in this. I’d have liked to see more of David Schwimmer’s dangerous martinet as a counterpoint to Lewis’ fine, human officer. Brief monologues from veterans add to the emotion and context of the whole.

Then we get to a masterly script. It’s easy to pick on this as US flag waving, and that’s in there, but this shows more than many things how deeply human were the men who went to war. It doesn’t paint US troops as lily-white (just as Ken Burns’ masterly “The War” doesn’t).

While most of the action is tight, even claustrophobic, there is the occasional expansive shot that widens our view from the narrow focus on our group to a brief look at the big picture. Two way traffic on the Autobahn to Berlin is an awesome image.

Technical and weapons aspects are better than many, certainly good enough not to distract you from the purpose of the thing, and certainly better than M24s with black crosses fighting M24s with white stars, which can annoy even me.

The liberation of the concentration camp doesn’t initially seem as dramatic as you might expect, but it grows and fits into the nicely low key drama of the whole series where, desensitised by what they’ve already seen and one, the soldiers don’t react as quite as strongly we pampered armchair warriors might expect. Low-key: while it’s the first time I’ve used the term, it’s a good description of this masterly drama.

What a treat! Series rarely come along as good as this; savour it, and hope more as great as this will come along to counter the dross we get so often.
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on 22 January 2010
The series is, as everyone has said here, is a superb example of film-making at it's very best, The realism and gutsy story, which is indeed true, is something you will never forget once you have watched it. I admire all the soldiers who took part in the conflict, I can never understand how these people actually did what they did. I am positive I would never have been able to do so. This series makes me think of things like this all the time, it never becomes boring and makes me ask those questions of myself, and the answers I come up with are sadly lacking - I would not have made a good soldier.

This series is one that everyone should at least see once in their lives, regardless of age, once seen there is a good chance it will be bought. It is both stunning entertainment and a sobering lesson.

The visual effects are superb, the realism is astounding, the picture of the Blu-ray version, in my opinion is occasionally sharper that that of the DVD, but not enough to make a fuss about. The sound however is beyond comparison through my Onkyo amp and Yamaha 5.1 speaker system.

All this wonderful sharpness and volume are unfortunately marred by either a mastering problem or my Panasonic Blu-ray player - lip-sync was an issue with another BD I bought, 'The Thing' until I bought the U.S version which worked perfectly - this wonderful series is the same, it reared it's head in episode two and I watched it no further.

Sadly I had already given away my DVD set, which I have just bought from Amazon again. I will be selling this set if it not accepted as a faulty return - pitty, I waited for weeks for stock to come in as well.
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