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These accurate scales have painstakingly plotted my steadily packing on 14 pounds after moving back to my parents' house.

Without them, I'd be living in blissful ignorance. I'd be blaming my jeans' recent snugness on mum's tumble-dryer, telling myself they'd shrunk. I'd be thinking that dad simply bought a freakishly narrow bath. I'd be assuming that my car is slowing down because it's older, not because it's struggling to transport my MASSIVENESS these days.

But luckily, I have these scales to tell me the truth! Wahoo.

I weigh myself every morning and needed a really reliable scale after my previous set was crushed to death. These are perfect - stylish, compact, and accurate every time. And best of all, there's no faffing around with buttons or pre-sets -- you just step on and get the bad news straight away. Perfect for the Busy Eater on the Go, who wants to get down to the breakfast table as soon as possible.

I regret many things (meals, especially), but I don't regret buying these.

Oh and just to really rub it in, these scales have a clever memory feature that (rather unkindly) reminds you how much you weighed the last time you stepped on them, so you can be left in no doubt that you've got fatter.

I'd better go - firemen are coming round to cut me out of my bedroom in a minute. But DO buy these scales if you want to face the truth about your weight. They look great in the bathroom (something that can no longer be said about me), and they're cheap (something that also can't be said about me anymore, especially if you're buying me dinner).
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 5 August 2015
I bought these for my partner who has been going to Slimming World for the past few months, we have a set of digital Salter bathroom scales and she always complains that the results at her weekly weigh in at class are different to those recorded on our bathroom scales. As she has being doing so well I thought would buy her set of BalanceFrom MemoryTrack scales, everyone else seems to rate them so I decided to buy a set.

The first decision when buying these scales is what colour to get, they all look nice, but I decided to play safe an order the Silver. Out of the box they look really nice, I think I made the right choice in choosing the silver. The tempered glass measures 8mm thick, it feels nice and chunky which gives you confidence when you stand on them, but yet they are surprisingly light. The LCD is nice, big and bright, it's very easy to read. The scales are powered by 4 x AAA batteries which are supplied, they are a make I have never heard of before so I am not sure how long they will last. You also get a free retractable measuring tape, which is nice.

The great thing about the scales is you don't have to touch them, unless you want to change from Lb's, to Stone or KG. Simply place them on a level surface (a hard floor is best, we found that if trying to use the scales on carpet, the result would vary), then stand on them, instantly the scales turn on and begin reading your weight, after a few seconds the weight settles and flashes up the result, your weight is then stored in the memory.

My partner insists that the results on her new scales are very similar to the professional scales used at Slimming World, they are far more accurate than our old Salter scales, she is very happy, so I'm happy and therefore I must recommend these scales, they are really good value.
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I bought this a couple of days back and I am impressed with it so far.

It looks stylish and well made. It's main construction is glass of which is about 7-8mm thick making it something of durability. I'm impressed.

Four chrome topped supports make it stand out on the bathroom floor. Just as well as may miss it as it rests in the black floor in my bathroom.

The supports/mounts upon which it rests are black and have rubber feet as to not scratch or move across the floor.

Comes supplied with batteries. Upon insertion I clicked the unit button the back to KG( you can have stone or lbs as alternatives).

To calibrate I then just stood on it and stepped off. It went to zero and that'd calibration complete.

I then stepped on again and it shows my weight it bold black text upon a blue lit up background.

Once set it the turns green and this screen shows the previous weight recorded. Great if your the only one to use scales as you can track your weight from one reading to the next. It doesn't record anything further back that your last. I thought it would from reading the product description. That's okay though as I enter it into my health app.

This then turns off automatically.

I am happy with these scales and look stylish upon my black floor. There are two gloss black bars on the sides and matt black bars at the top and bottom.
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on 14 November 2014
I studied reviews before buying these scales and chose them despite some negative comments from others. All reviews are based upon individual experiences and each individual may therefore praise or criticise for different reasons. I review equipment for a technical magazine so I try to be 'neutral' and 'generic', basing comments on performance rather than aesthetics and cosmetics. Having said that, these are far from the sophistication of the usual products I look at so I have to dumb-down my appraisal accordingly!

Their apperance is pleasing, what isn't immediately obvious from the on-line images is that the top is clear glass, the centre is completely see through. The glass is quite thick and heavy so I would have no concerns about it breaking if someone jumped on it or tipped it by stepping on the edge. The four feet are under the round silvered discs in the corners and close enough apart to make it very stable on the ground. Like all scales, it measures displacement against the floor underneath it so it is still necessary to ensure all feet are grounded. I couldn't tell if the weighing instrument was under just one corner but applying presure anywhere in the glass produced a reading so it is either rigid enough that the whole top moves as one, or it weighs in more than one corner. The display is large enough that even I could see it clearly, I'm very short sighted and can't read the dial on my old mechanical scales without specs. The button to change measurement units is a little fiddly to reach and requires the scales to be turned over, it cycles between lbs, stones/lbs and Kg but it remembers the last units used so probably doesn't need to be operated often. It self calibrates when you step off the glass and I found the zero to be quite stable. The weight it shows is also quite consistent and it doesn't have the 'memory effect' i have seen on similar units which seem to have problems recovering if used repeatedly within a short time. I agree with other reviewers that it lacks the facility to memorise more than one persons weight. After a few seconds of weighing, the display changes from a blue to green backlight and shows the previous weight it measured. Text on the LCD tells you what it is doing so there is no danger of confusing new and old readings but if a different person uses it, the weight is shows is theirs and not the present user. It seems a silly omission that could be added at almost no cost and would make them far more versatile. The only other issue I can see with them is they don't stand on edge well. The glass top extends beyond the workings underneath and if propped up against a wall for storage it tends to slide down. It could be fixed by glueing a rubber strip around the edge but that may detract from it's cosmetic appeal. In all, I think they are excellent value for money and have no regrets about buying them.
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on 26 June 2014
The bathroom weigher arrived promptly BUT it would not convert from lbs to stones & lbs or kgs. I contacted the supplier, who without any quibble said you have a faulty machine. We will replace it but keep the original weigher. The replacement weigher came as promised and does all the instruction manual says it should.

I cannot praise enough the attitude and customer care of this Company and would not hesitate to purchase from them in the future,
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on 11 September 2014
My old scales even when placed on a flat surface would often give different weights over an 8lb range, but other times would give the same weight 3 times in a row, so you never knew the correct value.

I picked this model based on the claim of repeatable weighing, and so far they have lived up to that claim. I also like the way the display flashes and holds once a stable weight has been measured, so those with poor eyesight can get a little closer to read their weight.

The last weight comparison feature is only of value if only one person is using the scales, as there are no separate memories for different users, so the last weight will be for the last person who used the scales.
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on 20 February 2014
I bought these to replace a broken set of Salter scales, like everyone accuracy is my first priority and I tried these several times in several ways and they were accurate every time. I love the step on and weigh immediately feature.

These are larger than I expected, based on my old set, but this isn't a problem.

I recommend these to anyone looking for accuracy.
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on 9 May 2015
This is a very nice looking set of scales but they go through a set of batteries every week. As it takes 4 batteries it works out very expensive so unless you like changing batteries and have a free supply don't buy!
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on 20 February 2016
I wanted some new scales to track my progress since joining slimming world in January. My husband is also following the plan with me, he doesn't weigh in each week so we wanted something accurate to track his progress.
We both also struggled to read the old style dial read out on our old style bathroom scales and we wanted something contemporary and slim enough to slide under the cupboard when not in use.
I read a lot of reviews of various models but liked the look of these, and seemed right for us for our budget.
The item arrived quickly and safely and it was well packaged. The instructions were easy to follow and we quickly inserted the batteries and altered the read out to show stones and pounds (our preferred measure.)
We weigh once a week and as it turns itself off after use, the batteries are still going strong - the read out is bright blue and clear, it also shows the last weight to have got on the scales when the screen goes green. As both of us know each others weight it's not a problem.
I would highly recommend these scales as they are so easy and clear to use, don't be put off by other users comments as ours have been consistent in our weight and the batteries have lasted well.
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on 1 October 2014
These are a fantastic set of scales!
I had previously been through various sets of Salter digital scales all of which were useless because they would reading would jump all over the place and never settle. I will never buy Salter again! But that's for another review.

These BalanceFrom's are a breath of fresh air. They are stylish. They settle and arrive at your weight quickly. They are consistent and they seem to be accurate. They agree with the readings I get from the pro scales used by the Slimming World group I attend.

My only problem now is that my readings are far too high. But that's not a problem with the scales, is it? LOL
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