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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2015
An excellent sequel to the 1985 classic, i think this sequel is just as Good as the first in my opinion anyway
screenplay/story written by both Bob Gale & Robert zemeckis but Directed by Robert zemeckis

scrap the very old dvd release of this film
get this new blu-ray quality of Back to the future II
Universal has again given the picture quality a new HD transfer & it looks beautiful in 1:85:1 widescreen
very sharp & clear picture quality just like the first Back to the future blu-ray
again a new 5.1 Master audio mix has been given to which makes a big Difference to the sound quality for sure

Universal have also added a new 30min retrospective Documentary just for this blu-ray release
new in depth interviews about the sequel
with again Bob Gale, Robert zemeckis, Steven spielberg, Frank marshall, Kathleen kennedy
Cinematographer Dean cundey, Production Designer Rick carter, costumer Designer Joanna Johnston
plus new interviews with Claudia wells who played the original Jennifer parker
she explains how she was asked to reprise her role for the sequel
but she had left the Acting business in 1986 due to very personal issues in her family
and so Actress Elizabeth shue was brought in to replace her
unfortunately Elizabeth shue was not interviewed for this Documentary maybe she was not available
but the usual Actors from the first back to the future are still interviewed
Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Marc McClure, except for Crispin Glover & Thomas F Wilson
Actress Wendie Jo sperber who played Marty's sister Linda McFly is also not interviewed
cause she passed away back in 2005 from Breast cancer

plus all the old special features from the 10 year old dvd release
making Back to the future II 1989 TV promo broadcast hosted by Leslie nielson
plus the old DVD Documentary
PHYSICS OF BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, 8min featurette about the Franchise
all the Featurettes about the Production of the film
Designing the Delorean, Hoverboard test, Evolution of the visual effects shots, Photo Galleries
Deleted scenes, outtakes with optional commentary by Bob Gale
plus the old movie length dvd commentary by Bob Gale & Robert zemeckis is still included on this blu-ray
all this one 1 blu-ray Disc, incredible

again the packaging is just standard blu-ray case
where is the U.S. edition is fold out Digi-pak but both Blu-ray versions are ALL REGIONS anyway
so you can either buy the fold out Digi-pak or this standard case version

time to upgrade for sure, get this new blu-ray version
worth 5 stars no Doubt about it.
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on 14 June 2016
We bought Back to the Future parts 1 and 2 together. Part 1 was entertaining and we looked forward to Part 2. However the story line descended into rubbish with screaming kids and absurd situations. It lasted for 10 minutes with us.

If you haven't already seen it - don't bother.
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on 5 February 2016
One of my favourite childhood favourites from the 80s, and the amount of times I have seen this film, I could never ever get bored of this sequel to the original Back to the Future (1985).

I have had this film on VHS and DVD, but now I have it on (HD) Blu-ray where both the sound and picture quality is spot on.
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on 20 April 2001
bttf 2 is the best of the 2 sequels, although bttf 3 isn't at all bad, whereas bttf 1 surpasses them both as it sets the story. however, whereas individually they may have their faults, as a trilogy they are incredible. btff 2 gave kids (i was only 6 when i first saw it) hopes of a future with flying cars and hovering skateboards, which was excellent. and the whole trilogy made me want to buy a delorean, but that's just because i'm easily influenced by brilliant films (and their equally good sequels). so buy this now (and while you're here, buy the other two- it works better watched as a trilogy rather than a single film) 5 stars!
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on 11 April 2001
This film is better than the one that came before it. Although Back To The Future was excellent, this film has a better story, better settings and better effects. And the hoverboard scenes were an excellent upgrade of the first film's skateboard scences. This film hasn't aged at all. It is just as good today, as it was in 1989. A classic movie!
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When it comes to sequels, conventional wisdom is they are pale shadows of the original. And most of the time, that is true. But Back to the Future Part II manages to be one of those films that revisits the original while still being lots of fun.

The movie picks up with the final scene of the first movie as Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) has returned to 1985 to take Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) to the future. Along for the ride is Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker (now played by Elisabeth Shue). They've gone to the future to stop Marty's kids from making huge mistakes that spiral the family out of control.

But the trip to the future also lets bully Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson) do something that completely changes the time line. Leaving Jennifer in an alternative 1985, the two must travel back in time to keep everything from unraveling. Can they correct the damages to the timeline without causing any more?

This film sounds very confusing on paper, but it actually works quite well when you watch it. You're able to follow everything that happens and everything makes sense. Well, there's one exception, but even then I let it go because the film is so much fun. As is always the case with time travel, if you think about it too hard, you wind up wrapping yourself up in contradictions and knots. But if you just sit back and enjoy, you'll find it's plenty of fun.

During the future section (set in 2015), there are plenty of great jabs at the ‘80's. They still hold up even now. And I'm so ready for hover boards and flying cars. If only, right?

What is brilliant about this film is the final act. It takes place during the final act of the first film. We get to see the action from a different point of view. No, it doesn't track with the original completely since they hadn't planned on a sequel during filming, but they do a pretty impressive job of weaving the new action around the old, and combining the two just ups the suspense.

The acting is uniformly perfect. Michael J. Fox not only plays Marty, but his two kids as well. Thomas F. Wilson manages to play two characters, both rather villainous. You just love to hate his characters. In addition to Elisabeth Shue, they also had to change actors for George McFly, but you'd never know if you didn't watch the credits. But it's Christopher Lloyd who once again steals every scene he is in as Doc. That man makes this trilogy. And watch for an early screen appearance of Elijah Wood during the scenes set in the future.

This movie needed lots of special effects between the actors playing themselves at various ages, playing opposite themselves, plus the flying cars, hover boards, and other fun stuff. Yes, there are moments when something doesn't work, but they are only on screen for a second or two. Yeah, the effects are pretty much perfect.

The film is more serious than the first in the series. There are jokes and laughs, but the story has more at stake for the characters. Along those lines, there's a pretty big cliffhanger as well, which will make you want to watch Part III right away. Fortunately, the two movies were filmed back to back so original audiences didn't have to wait very long either.

Back to the Future Part II is one of those rare times when I feel confident saying if you love the original, you'll love the sequel. It's more fun with characters we already know and love.
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on 2 December 2015
Bought this from a seller claiming uk exclusive but it's a Dutch bluray so not quite what I was expecting but it did work and play in English. It's just the box in Dutch so not really a collectors item so I give the seller a zero but the movie 5 stars.
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VINE VOICEon 7 August 2014
A film who’s plot sounds more confusing when written down to explain the various jumps back and forward through time, but one that plays out far easier and enjoyable on screen with nearly no confusion whatsoever! It may not have that original, innocent charm and spectacle as the original did, but this sequel is more than worthy to follow-up an already exciting story with brilliant imagination, ground-breaking visual effects and more of that winning humour and character development that once again makes the film what it should be: FUN.

One of the winning segments in this high-speed adventure through time is the action and perception of the future; 2015. We are just over one year away from the day Marty arrives in 2015 and the iconography is something we can only dream out and it’s a wonder to think was this REALLY a future director Zemeckis and producer Steven Spielberg envisioned or simply one built around fiction. From the memorable hoverboards to the pulp Café 80s, the surreal and visually stimulating future Hill Valley cheekily recreates events from 1955, this time with a new generation of McFly’s and Tannen’s but with plenty of ground-breaking visual effects pioneered through the film (and also ‘Part III’).

Such effects make use of the VistaGlide, basically enabling actors to play various characters and appear in the same shot with a moving camera, so we can enjoy Wilson playing old and young Tannens interacting in 2015 or Fox playing most of his future family sat around for dinner in 1985. It’s something that makes the narrative more fun with the interpretation of our characters we follow over 60 years and is wonderfully captured. Also is the transition from digital effects to real shots, such as a CG flying DeLorean smoothly passing by a seamless cut to become an actual DeLorean driving down the street. It looks dated now in the era of CGI, but back in 1989 it opened up the possibilities for telling more imaginative and exciting stories with great imagination and interpretation of the future and past. Also enhancing the depth of this sequel is the cast and crew recreating the high-school dance of the first film in their 1955s guises to enable a new perspective blending both Marty’s and both Doc’s in a clever and entertaining twist on the original finale. It’s good fun and never once gets confusing to follow.

With all original cast returning (bar Crispin Glover and Claudia Wells), we are in a comfortable place here with their passion for the characters showing even more as they use all their skill and talent in creating 3 different decades of stories amongst a brain-teasing, time-spanning plot and a host of ingenious set design and gadgets, mostly in 2015.

Alan Silvestri carries things along with his iconic main theme, and the sharp humour and family-friendly fun is never lost as this is a solid sequel that takes the firm foundations and builds great things above it to really expand the concept of what ‘Back To The Future’ is all about; sheer entertainment. And also being one of the first films to go into back-to-back production with the next sequel, it wouldn’t be long before fans would see just how much thought and passion went into making a fitting and satisfying conclusion
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on 7 March 2016
Quite a good film, not quite hitting the same heights as the original, some bits are a little repetitive and they weren't quite able to get the full cast back but overall it's still a memorable one to watch, their imaginative tongue in cheek take on the future provided plenty of moments for madness.

The hooverboard, the self tying Nikes were all great ideas.

The film however is a little disjointed.
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on 31 March 2012
I think this film is way better than 3 which I found predictable and functioned more as a fish out of water pic than a time travel adventure. Yes the plot is a bit complicated but it does make sense! I saw this in 1989 (I was 9) and loved it, so it cant be too over kids heads at least. Critics refer to this as the worst of the three but I think its clearly a close second to the first.
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