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on 2 October 2001
This book will definitely change your opinion about your self and the cause of your joint pains. On the basis that stress causes a worst negative impact in our bodies as we self-think and not the backbone itself. As I start to read this book I could only nod with my head at the beginning of almost every paragraph. This book is also an example how positive thinking (such an expression in fashion nowadays) really can improve your health and not only your life. And how to think that there "must be" something wrong with your back actually is a mirror of your mind more as the problem itself.
The most astonishing revelation for me in the book is the fact of an study made in hundreds of people with and without pack pain, revealing that the state of the spine on many people without back pain was in fact "worst" that the spine of people with back pain with the difference that people without pack pain have a different approach to stress situations and themselves as the people with back pain. Amazing!!
I have visited all kind doctors, physios, Chiropracts, Osteophats, Physical therapists, Massage Therapists, practice yoga and Pilates and all you can imagine. Make yourself a favor and buy this book. I'm so impressed with it, that I speak with everybody about it. Since I have been suffering of chronic back pain for 15 years I see this book as the real solution.
Good luck
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on 20 October 2008
Not much to say except this effectively cured me and my mum of chronic back pain. The approach is rational shifting of the way you understand your condition, which although painful is unlikely to be underpinned by a persistent spine injury (the initial accute injury having probably healed, but the fear and anxiety persisting). It made perfect sense from the outset and as I read I knew this was going to work for me.

I gradually went from daily pain to being able to return to karate, skiing and cycling.
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on 7 August 2001
At last! Back Sense is the first book, available to the public, that a person with chronic back pain could pick up and use to cure themselves.
Back Sense gives a logical, reasonable and alternative view of how back pain problems develop, what maintains them, and how an individual can break the fear/anxiety cycle that creates so much tension and suffering.
Back Sense brings radical new developments in back pain treatment to a general audience in a user-friendly format.
This book will help people to discover for themselves the way to break the cycle of chronic back pain.
Back Sense integrates the newest finding in the medical literature with up to date and comprehensive psychological treatment methods.
It has long been maintained that when humans assumed our upright posture, our backs became prone to pain problems. The good news contained in Back Sense is that we also possess the ability to reverse the process that turns it into a chronic problem.
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on 15 November 2003
I was a skeptic. After many years of spending thousands of dollars and countless hours with medical doctors and chiropractors, I could not believe that changing the way I thought about my pain could help me conquer the crippling spasms that had wracked my life for nearly 20 years. I had tried special exercises, surgical consults, CAT scans, and powerful medications- nothing could take away those episodes that left me in agony, tilting to one side as if severely wounded. These spasms attacked me repeatedly, leaving me incapacitated for weeks and months.
What I discovered through the Back Sense approach, was that the cure lay in three areas: The first, and most important, is the awareness that I should not fear the pain as something that was about to cripple me as it had done in the past. Nor should I react by favoring my back or avoiding normal activities that I worried might have strained it in the past. Finally, root causes of the pain invariably were in how I managed my own feelings, especially stress, worry, and sometimes anger.
I am now free of spasms, and no longer worry about my back. I urge you to read this book.
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on 2 August 2003
This book concentrates very much upon the psychological aspects of back pain. It seems to suggest that most chronic back pain is caused by stress, negative emotions and thoughts, along with tense back muscles. It then considers how this emotional and physical state further enhances back pain.
Much of the first part of the book tries to convince you that your back pain is related to your emotional state. In my opinion, it doesn't pay enough attention to the possibility that your back pain could be caused by an actual physical injury or condition.
The book has limited practical advice about back care, posture, excercise, pain control and the like; although it does have a section towards the end of the book which details physical training for flexibility and strength, and I found this far more useful than the contents of the book which had gone before.
The book has obviously worked for many people and it gives examples of this within. It also makes reference to literature which supports it's approach.
I am sure that some people will find this book useful, although in my case it's usefulness was limited to the physical aspects rather than to the psychological.
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