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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2010
Brilliant design for cupboards (as long as your cupboard door is no greater than 25 mm thick).

Very quick and easy to fit (I did not require any tools to fit the two locks I purchased).
The first one took 10 mins whilst I worked through instructions, which are all pictures and no text.
The second one took about 2 minutes as I was confident from first one that I knew what I was doing.
The instructions do state "For max. adhesion, leave tape to harden for 24 hours. If surface is uneven it is necessary to secure the lock by screwing it into place".
I found the adhesive "tape" on the product worked fine with my flat cupboard doors and I left it for the recommended 24 hours before locking the doors and testing (a toddler and his friends could not budge the lock once it fitted as per instructions).

Note that there are lugs that keep the two parts of the lock in alignment whilst you stick it in place. Once fitted, you simply snap the lugs off so that the two parts of the lock engage freely (in case you were wondering why the lock engagement is not smooth when testing it immediately after fitting it in place). The lugs take a bit of wiggling back and forth to snap off but come away cleanly without the need to resort to tools (although a pair of long nosed pliers may help here if you have difficulty grabbing small items).

If you are frequently using a cupboard and have no need to have it locked for a period of time, you can flick a switch to lock the mechanism in its open position without the need to use the magnetic key to open the cupboard. This feature is a good idea for when you need to use contents of the cupboard frequently when children are out of the way.

The key also comes with a holder that you may stick up high out of reach of children.
You only get one key with each single lock pack but purchasing multiple locks for different doors gives you one or more spares.

I have not ever fixed the product on drawers but can see from the design that it is likely only really useful for top drawers where you can fasten the other half of lock mechanism to underneath of the unit that drawer slides into. If using on lower drawers, then your would somehow need to lock to the underside of the drawer above it, which I can see causing more trouble than it is worth. I could see it being an excellent product for the top drawer of a kitchen unit e.g. a cuttlery drawer for example.
Like I say, I did not use this for drawers, so I have no actually experience fixing to a drawer to test the above theory out.

I hope this helps you make a decision.

In summary, I would not hesitate to purchase again for further cupboard doors I want protecting and also for any top drawers too.
I would probably give this a miss if I wanted to protect lower drawers (i.e. not top drawer) as not sure how it would fit to do this.
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on 10 February 2011
I don't usually write reviews for things but had to leave one for these because having wasted quite a bit of time on locks which either didnt work or could only be fitted to the outside of the door I am very relieved to find something which does what it is supposed to, without wrecking the cupboards. Also, you can click the locks into the "off" position once the children are not around/gone to bed and use the cupboards completely normally. Fantastic! The other thing is that with other "external" locks on the market, anything fixed on the outside of a cupboard seemed to immediately catch the attention of our son who would make a beeline for it and then get himself seriously wound up trying to get it off the cupboard. Because he cannot see these, he just tries to open the door, it won't open, he goes off and does something else. Stressful flash point averted!

Now for the down side. As previous reviewers have rightly said, the sticky pads on these are SERIOUSLY effective such that even if you dont press them down very hard against the surface when first installing, they grab onto the surface so strongly that if you do need to make little alterations to the positioning (which you will), you will be reaching for a knife and trying to prize them off which of course damages the pad making it hard to reposition. I should have followed what another reviewer suggested and just cut off a little bit of the protective backing first, then marked the correct position with a pencil, before removing the rest of the backing for a permanent fix.

To get the catch bit (on the door) to line up EXACTLY millimeter perfect with the lock (on the cupboard or drawer) to prevent it fowling when you close the door does require a bit of patience to be honest and a bit of jigging them about which is impossible if you fully stick them down in the way the instructions suggest. But, I fitted them myself (busy, non DIY savvy Mum!) in about 10 minutes for the 1st one, and by the time I had done a few, they took only a few minutes to complete.

I do think these are the best locks on the market. You cannot fault the design or ease of use once they are installed. The only reason I havent given them 5 stars is because there is SO little room for error in the installation. However, if you are careful and try the "not removing all the backing" trick before final sticking down, you should be fine and these locks will give you good service.
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on 25 November 2008
These locks are brilliant, the adhesive is super strong, once applied very difficult to remove. There is a ingenious way to install them so you can't make a mistake with lining them up. There are screws if needed but the main benefit is you don't need to screw into the cupboard doors. Works on drawers or cupboards. With the lock on they don't open at all unlike the non-magnetic ones so no chance of fingers getting trapped. You can also lock them open for the evening when there are no kids around. Only think to note is to use them on lower drawers, i.e. not the top one, you need 6cm above the drawer body where it is fixed to the drawer front so the lock can stick where it can come into contact with the other part of the lock stuck to the inside of the cabinet. My lowest drawer was too shallow for this so I couldn't fit it. It is not an issue with a top drawer as the second part can stick to the top of the cabinet, this makes more sense when you see how they are installed.
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on 26 July 2010
Really good effective secure locks.
After the first day of use my 18 month old daughter gave up opening the doors. She still tries other doors but the locked ones only occasionally.
DON'T FORGET TO BUY AT LEAST ONE KEY!!! When I ordered three locks I forgot to buy a key and ended up paying P&P again :-(
Instructions are diagrammatic only - not textual. A logical mind can figure it out without the instructions. I actually installed my cupboard locks in a different way to that in the instructions but it works a treat.
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on 16 December 2008
After spending many frustrating hours trying to attach other makes of door and drawer locks I was so pleased to come across these while surfing Amazon.

I ordered 6 and within 30 minutes of delivery I had all of them installed and working.

They have this very well designed mechanism and a very easy install method so they line up and work first time. Baby Dan provide screws but I am just using the Double Sided sticky tape method and they seem very secure. (They do suggest a 24 hr drying time though).

All I can say is that these locks are brilliant and I wish they were better marketed so that I had found them first before I found the 2 other makes that I tried to install !
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on 25 January 2009
A fantastic product.
Fitting is easy < 5 minutes - But you must look at the instructions very carefully.
The adhesive is strong enough that i didnt need the screws, so no damage to the kitchen.

I hope the inventor of this product is very rich, they deserve it.
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on 25 November 2011
It's the best lock I've ever seen. When I received the package I was disappointed when I realized that this lock is suitable only for one-door cupboard or drawers. Then I looked at the drawer lock and realized that with a few adjustments they would fit in a double-door cupboard. And yes they did.
We took the drawers pieces and broke the 2 "drivers"(left and right projections) and after that everything worked perfect.
You can take a look at the video how it works.
We also placed a sticker outside the door in order to know where to put the magnet.
I will surely recommend this product!!!
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on 17 April 2013
I read a lot of reviews about all the different types of cupboard locks before committing to buying these. Having just had a new kitchen fitted I was very reluctant to start drilling holes in the cupboards, however, was put off adhesive ones because of negative reviews about them not being strong enough and falling off or being pulled off easily by determined little ones!
However, finally I went in for the Babydan Magnetic lock as it seemed to have a good number of positive reviews. I only bought two to begin with and am on here now to purchase a load more for the rest of the cupboards having tested the original two for just over a month.
I made sure to take on board other peoples advice to make sure the area you are sticking it to is clean - and by clean this means not even touching it with your fingers to get oils from your skin on the surface! I used alcohol gel (that you use to clean your hands) and a baby wet wipe to clean the surface - admittedly maybe not the ideal tools but hey, I use what I've got! I waited for it to completed dry, which only took a few minutes really, and then followed the instructions to stick it on. It's easy, really really easy. I like the fact that the two parts lock together so you can stick them on as a unit and don't waste your life trying to line the stupid things up like you have to do with a lot of these locks. It advises you to leave it in the "unlock" setting for at least 24 hours so it gets a good chance to stick. I left it 48 hours just to be on the safe side!
Having then set it in the "lock" position (all a simple click of a button really to lock or unlock) I let the kids lose on it. I have an extremely determined 1 year old and a strong 3 year old and the locks have stood their ground for a good month or so now. Having kept forgetting they are there myself they have also had a fair amount of tugging by me too and they have not budged a bit!
The lock/unlock element is a great touch so that once the kids have gone to bed you can set it to unlock so the cupboards open and close normally without the need of the "key". Also if you are cooking dinner and in and out of cupboards alot it can get annoying having to deal with cupboard locks but set it to "unlock" and your cooking, no pun intended.
The key is a bit of a pain to start with especially if your other half insists on putting it down in stupid places and you can't find it! Fortunately, as I bought two locks I ended up with two keys so I can normally find one loitering about close to the cupboard I need it for. Now I'm just used to reaching for it to open the cupboard and remembering where abouts on the door you need to hold it to line up with the lock. Sometimes I feel a little like a safe cracker, listening for the dull little "click" that indicates you've hit the spot! That of course or other people have suggested putting a little dot or sticker on the cupboard door to mark where the lock is. Again, new kitchen so no way I'm marking my new doors! I'll stick to the waving it about in the general area and waiting for the click thanks. Anyhoo, off to buy 8 more!
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on 29 June 2011
The title says it all, really. It didn't occur to me when buying these locks that they couldn't be used with inset doors (ie doors with a frame) and there was nothing on the product information to tell me that. Also to be honest when I was trying it out before attempting (failing) to attach it, the magnet seemed pretty weak and I wasn't convinced I'd be able to get into the cupboard anyway. Not Happy! Especially as these are expensive compared to other childsafe locks.
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on 24 October 2013
After reading some reviews of this Item I thought that it was just what I was looking for although I was doubtful that I could install them because many people said that instructions were not very clear and it took some time to install them. Well I decided not to attempt installing them till I fully understood the instructions. When I initially read the instructions they were a bit confusing so I put them aside and I thought I'd get someone else to install them. A couple of days later I picked up the instructions again and the penny dropped, I knew exactly what to do. I thought I would have difficulty aligning both parts so that they would lock easily but after reading the instructions again I realised you don't have to align them if you fit them as per the instructions My first attempt and I managed to install it within 15 minutes. I had decided not to trust the sticky backing but instead I screwed them to the cupboard doors after applying them with the sticky backing to get them in the position I wanted them in. They are so easy to install. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone. Brilliant idea with the magnet keys
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